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  1. Hi, I've decided to try to build my own overhead panel for the 737-800 and am looking for some guidance as to what works with what. I'm hoping to integrate it with the PMDG NGX but not sure what hardware works ie servo cards, input/output cards. Does anyone know a great tutorial or have any experience in doing this. My other option is to purchase ProSim and integrate the overhead with the model. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks John
  2. Ok so it's just trial and error. There's no special way to do it that I'm missing.
  3. Hi, I'm in the process of doing a repaint on the PMDG 747 and am having a little trouble aligning a logo that runs from the tail down and onto the rear fuselage. Does anyone know know how to achieve this so it all lines up perfectly on the model when loaded in the sim. Thanks John
  4. aussiesim737

    Pmdg Rain Effects P3d V4

    yeah that feature is the over all particle effect of the snow and rain system for the simulator, this does not include the windshield effect we are talking about. I think some people were under the belief the New 3D rain/snow system was implying windshield rain effects.
  5. aussiesim737

    Pmdg Rain Effects P3d V4

    FSW created this effect brilliantly in there platform and I think most thought the same would happen for this version of P3d. If it was coded into P3d by the developers it would have been easy for 3rd party developers to add it into their aircrafts plus there would be consistency with all 3rd party aircraft from other developers. Because this is not the case at the moment the only way it can be done is by each developer creating the effect themselves for each aircraft they release and that if the 64 bit limitation have been increased to allow them.
  6. aussiesim737

    Pmdg Rain Effects P3d V4

    Hi, I wanted to know if PMDG will be looking at implementing rain effects on the windshields to their aircraft's as Lockheed completely left this out in the new version. I do know there were limitations in previous flight simulators for them to be able to do this, is that still the case now.
  7. aussiesim737

    Flight Sim World First Look Video

    sorry all, i posted the wrong link. Here is the correct link
  8. aussiesim737

    Flight Sim World First Look Video

    Hi all, I recently did a stream covering this simulator. Its the first look and impressions with my thoughts on what it has to offer. Enjoy
  9. --[Now Available]-- Download -
  10. aussiesim737

    Paint Kit Question

    all good, i worked out what the problem was. I was painting GE engines but the aircraft.cfg was pointing to the PW engines.
  11. aussiesim737

    Paint Kit Question

    Is anyone having problems after painting the engines and converting to dds when loading them in the sim the engine textures are a little off. I had the inside of one engine all white, white streams on parts of outside and inside of other engines, shadows not displaying correctly. I saved the dds file the same way as the fuselage so can't work out why it's not displaying correctly
  12. Thanks, I will definately look at that. Just hit an issue with the engines. I'm trying to texture them a colour but they aren't displaying correctly
  13. Is anyone having issues painting the engines a colour as well as the engine textures not displaying correctly when converting to DDS?
  14. 747-400M Air Force One. Almost complete this.
  15. aussiesim737

    PMDG 747-400v3 QOTS II Repaint Thread

    I'm working on a few repaints at the moment. I am releasing one very shortly. Feel free to message me with requests. I'd be happy to start some new projects.