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  1. As long as Pro ATC still shouts 'Request takoff' instead of 'Ready for departure' it's a no go area for me. Strange, that a tool that was created AFTER the ICAO phraseology changed still uses this kind of old and incorrect terms. But I know, changing all the soundfiles is a huge job. I tried PF3, but that one can't handle SIDs and STARs in an elegant manner. Dirk
  2. It is still being sold. The only problem is, that the development is stopped 'until later' and nobody knows when that will be. Dirk
  3. From what I heard on the UTL forum, the developper has some serious medical issue in his family. He has other things on his mind. Development of UTL is stuck at the moment. Very understandable. Dirk
  4. Well, I think I'll grab the beer and live with it. 😉 Dirk
  5. According to UTLive this is something that P3D does. Of course, UTL injects, but the placement is by P3D. Even with lower settings it seems that the number of parked AI are not reduced in any way. I think the developper considers it 'nice to have' if an airport is crowded with AI. I'm not against that, I simply consider it annoying that I can't find a place to park my B787 unless I choose a gate that is not suitable. I'm reading through the WAMA documentation right now. Just not have figured out how to keep gates free on departure and arrival airport. Dirk
  6. Oops.I see that RemoveAISleepers does not work on UTLive that I use. So I have to turn to WAMA. Dirk
  7. Since even P3Dv4.4 handles AI still in a 'stone age' manner, it happens to me often that f.i. all gates for 'heavy' are filled with AI aircraft, so there is no place to park my QWB787 at my favorite gates on various airports. And... after loading P3D it happens that when I pushback, all of a sudden my place at the gate is taken by an AI aircraft. I've got just one quenstion: Can WAMA reserve various parking spots so that they are empty when I arrive after a flight and avoid that the silly remplacement of my plane by AI during pushback. If so, I'll buy it immediately. I really don't need the other functions that WAMA is advertised for, but keeping gates/parkings empty for AI is essential. Thanks in advance, Dirk
  8. I had something like it. When I click+hold the middle mouse button, I can look around by moving the mouse. But all of a sudden I'm in the look around mode without having the MMbutton pressed and no way to get out of this mode. I tried almost everything. Only a restart helped. Dirk
  9. I just tested with the default Carenado A36 (UTLive active) and transitions are smooth as silk. FPS makes not that much difference with the Q400. It's around 10 FPS lower between 41 and 53 fps.
  10. Just checked it. I also have a 60 Hz monitor (32" Philips TV). Usually on the ground, ready for enigine start, my FPS is between 55 and 70 with higher peaks. I don't see much difference when UTLive is active (after a while). Doing transitions does give a tiny drop in FSP but no longer than the duration of the transition 600 ms. and not more than 10 FPS. Sometimes it's smoothing after repeated clicks, but not always and continued. I did checked the Windows10 Gaming mode and have switched it off now. Not that it makes it any better. But it wass in the User Manual so I followed the advise. What puzzles me is, that in EZDOKv2 with the same hard- and software, the transitions were smooth as silk. So there must be something different the the usage of resources by Chaseplane. At least, that is my guess. Maybe it's just the MJCQ400. I'll give it a try with the default A36 later and see what happens. And.... it could just be the monitor although I doubt that. Dirk
  11. Hi Keven, I have not set Affinity Mask in the prepar3d.cfg and not in any add-on either by myself. Add-on are installed default. Don't know what they might do. Monitoring the Utilization of the CPU cores I've found that although Core #0 is often at 100% in flight, it is below that most of the time. I checked this during doing frequent transitions but I could not see any effect on the Core usage. At Preferences/General I had not activated Experimental versions which was the default setting I think. I switched it on, did a restart.and switched the Transition on again. While parked on the ground cold & dark and only P3D active the Transitions go smooth. However, as soon as I activate UTLive I see very tiny stutters at the beginning and the end of the transition. But I don't see much effect on the core usage at all. That might be different in flight. Today I'm busy witth other things but I'll do some more testen tomorrow. Dirk
  12. OMG... Reading the User Manual I see that Prepar3D_v4.2.21.24048 that I am using is not (yet) supported. But... the manual was last updated in November '16 so it could very well be that Chaseplane works with v4.2. I thought I'd better mention this. After all, LM might have change things that influence the Transition stutter. Dirk
  13. The next one is in flight. Transition time 600 ms. Still stuttering. I checked the Utilization of the CPU Cores and the Graphics card. Cores together go between 35% and high 90'% for a split second. Sometimes the cores flash all to 100%. De Graphics stay between 35 and 55% utilization. I checked while clicking through all tranbsitions. So imho, it is not the PC hardware to blame, nor P3D's Graphics settings. Dirk
  14. Well.... I played a bit with the transition time and with 600 ms it looks a lot better. Maybe something to set as default (which was significantly higher if I remember well) and in the manual. Still.... it should be smooth also in longer transition times. Cheers Dirk
  15. Hi Keven, To get possibly a more smooth transition I selected Sinusoidal (right) and made the recording while parked. Even then it's not smooth compared to EZDOKv2's way of doing the same. It might be the complexity in the magnetude of transition's. I have uploaded the video to my Youtube account. Cheers, Dirk
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