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  1. It worked here! Thank you very much for the prompt solution. Best Regards, Filipe
  2. I have the same issue and the installer is not downloading the garmin trainer and is giving the same error as Willian 516.
  3. I think posting here help me the find the solution. I simply changed the aicraft.cfg where the ADF entry was "Adf.1 = 1, 1". To make it direct to active I changed to Adf.1 = 1
  4. Folks.. Not sure if this is the right thread to post but I'm building a custom ADF bezel to run on the C208 listed on this post. However the I set the ADF1_INC/DEC it only changes the standby frenquency. Is there a way I can make it change directly the active? If I use the same code in the standard B58 or KA it does work. Not sure what changes I could make to this. Thanks, Filipe
  5. flbessa

    G600 for X-Plane & FSX/P3D

    It is already a good answer!! Thanks Looking forward for the release!
  6. flbessa

    G600 for X-Plane & FSX/P3D

    Hi There. Looking forward for the release of G600 for Xplane. This is already part of my future King Air project.Combining LJCockpit and RX G600 will be just perfect! Any chance you can say if it will be released until the end of this year or maybe beginning of 2019? Cheers,
  7. Folks, It might not be the right topic to ask this question, but I'm building the DDMP instrument (engine readings) for Carenado Seneca V, however I can't find the command that is executed when I click on the switch knob to change between the DDMP readings. The software I'm using to build this instruments uses FSX commands, but I can't find this one, even though setting logging in FSUIPC. Thanks, Filipe
  8. Hi Alfred, Any lucky with this? I'm planing to build a home cockpit for a Seneca V and have already mapped some switches, buttons using FSUIPC, but have not tested them on the Carenado Seneca V. Cheers, Filipe