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  1. chiefnwa1993

    T2Gate KSEA in P3D3.0?

    I just directed it to the V3 directory and it installed fine. The patch on their website is a separate installer but you can also download the files by themselves and just copy and paste the patch.
  2. chiefnwa1993

    My First OOM with Prepar3d 3.0

    I just did KSFO-RJAA with the PMDG 777, FB SFO and WC NRT. I have Global+Vector and had NCA active. Higher (not ultra) settings and I didn't OOM. Flew at 4x speed since I had stuff to do that day but it's my understanding the V3 alleviates this by releasing the memory so am I correct in the thinking that if I was going to OOM it would've been in SFO or departing? Flown a bunch of flights so far and haven't had an issue. I think I'll try something like CPH-LHR in the NGX and see how that goes with FTX England active.
  3. chiefnwa1993

    Terrible Performance

    I have actually seen significant improvements. For starters, things such as pumping up the setting in NI and increasing cloud coverage isn't bottlenecking the system. As a comparison I used the following. Same settings (modest-high, only difference being the 2nd test had tessellation on high) Imaginesim ATL Aerosoft A320 REX Clouds FTX Global+Vector Activesky Next running AI 10% Old setup with GTX 660 I was getting a max of 8 fps looking at the entire terminal complex. New setup with GTX 970 I was getting around 18 with the same view. Overall, much more stable sim and I no longer have to worry about the clouds or autogen killing my FPS. Performance in heavy paywares like SFO and SYD are very good (capped at 30) so it seems, like someone above said, ATL with traffic is simply a nightmare.
  4. chiefnwa1993

    Terrible Performance

    Well finally got to play around with the card. Flew in to CPH (FT) with lots of clouds and pretty high settings; very dense auto gen, tesselation, max texture res for the most part and just a little bit of traffic. Was getting a staeday 22-25 on approach and 25+ on the ground. It would drop a little in the cockpit. The AI is what seems like is killing it. Switched to WOAI and set it for 10% and used the limiter to keep it at 35 that's what cost me to go from locked at 30 to 22ish. My PC in general has been running a little slow just from all the stuff installed on it. Haven't done a clean install in about two years so once I pull the trigger on some SSDs, which is just a matter of time, I'll see if I get any improvement from that.
  5. chiefnwa1993

    Animated Waves in V3

    I noticed the same thing on my system last night. I'm reinstalling this weekend anyways once my SSD arrives so figured I'd wait until then to figure out what's wrong (if anything is).
  6. chiefnwa1993

    V3 Developer updated software thread

    Well, not 100% sure, just thought I read that somewhere earlier. I'm just moving over to P3D from FSX this week so if true, that's going to take some getting use to.
  7. chiefnwa1993

    V3 Developer updated software thread

    I did something a bit different installing them. I just created a new folder on my HDD and put it in there. Then once I installed all the patches (jetway height one and PNW one), moved it in to P3D. Pretty sure we're not suppose to install into the main but right now I'm just testing until my SSD arrives.
  8. chiefnwa1993

    V3 Developer updated software thread

    Yep, just tested VHHH and KSEA and both worked just fine. I'll test out MCO this weekend (don't have IST).
  9. chiefnwa1993

    V3 Developer updated software thread

    Has anyone heard anything from Taxi2Gate? I haven't tried installing HKG, MCO or DOH yet.
  10. chiefnwa1993

    Terrible Performance

    One other quick question, I assume at this point any significant increase in FPS would only come from improving my CPU correct? I was looking at some comparisons and it seems my current processor is probably not worth replacing quite yet. So other than the video card which is on the way and possibly a dedicated SSD for P3D, it seems like that's about all I should really improve at this point.
  11. chiefnwa1993

    Terrible Performance

    I might just focus the money on getting my PMDG planes into P3D and/or other various sceneries in that case. Maybe if P3D goes 64bit one day I'll look into more memory it seems.
  12. chiefnwa1993

    Terrible Performance

    Hey all, OP here. Couldn't get logged in to my original account (might have just been the firewall here at work, some sites simply don't work right, mostly forums). I did pull the trigger and bought an ASUS GTX 970 4GB OC. Had a spend $200 on Newegg get $50 back with Amex plus a Raise gift card for 10% off on the remaining 100 so not a bad deal at all! I did some playing around and got some decent FPS. I had pretty much what everyone suggested on minus the 2x on NI. SFO HD and FTX NorCal plus the Aerosoft 320 and party cloudy I was hitting 27ish FPS looking at the airport so not bad at all IMO. Mind you this is without the new card which should arrive Friday. One thing, once I turned AI on I noticed my FPS dropped to about 10 again. This led me to searching around for why this package was so heavy on FPS and I learned the package I had was from a company I won't name that isn't legitmate it seems. Needless to say that has been uninstalled (I in no way condone piracy or anything along those lines, believe me I understand as a part time photographer). Are there any decent AI packs out there that are fully P3DV3 compatible? I used WOAI for the longest time in FSX but ended up with that other pack when I grew tired of having to download/install each airline on its own. Other upgrades I'm looking at in the next month or so are possibly either upgrading to 16GB DDR3 2188 (I believe is the clock?) ram vs my current 8GB at 1600 and/or a dedicated SSD drive. I'm just a little hessitant to spend $150+ on a hard drive when I have other expenses to look at like buying the P3D license for my NGX (plus the 777 is on the wishlist). With P3D being 32 bit still is it even worth upgrading to the 16GB? Price wise the ram isn't bad considering I can pick it up off Newegg for ~$65 plus maybe 10% off via Raise. In terms of performance, what kind of settings will I be looking at with the new card when it arrives? Any suggestions on what to try out?