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  1. Could you simply ignore counting the active aircrafts and just read all the multiplayer datarefs (1 to 19)? And then you could ignore datarefs with static values and only proccess the datarefs that are active/changing value.
  2. I see.. and thanks for your answer.. X-Plane really need some overhaul on the multiplayer part. :) I am using a LUA script that I made for some time a go that are exaclty doing what you describe. I made this because on some addons the TCAS targets got stuck on the ND. So I simply made a script that are resetting all the multiplayer datarefs (OpenGL coordinates x,y,z) from plane 1 to 19 every 10th seconds to "clear" unused slots. I know it can have some side effects since the target is "still out there". But its been working very well for the aircrafts with the stuck targets. Active slots are not gettings resetted because they are read-only (I guess)
  3. Hello again It worked to add some AI planes.. I can now see traffic on VATSIM.. But this is not needed on other aircraft I fly. Have a nice weekend :=)
  4. Hello I have bought and installed the latest GTN version. And tried it with latest version of xSquawkbox and X-Plane 11.11r2. But I dont see any traffic. The TCAS/Traffic working flawless with other aircrafts with TCAS. So its isolated to the GTN as I see it.
  5. Hi.. Just bought the GTN 750, but dont get any traffic on VATSIM ? Any progress on this issue ?
  6. Interesting. I did try a FL CH with a bigger altitude difference, and your right, it will command full climb thrust when doing that. Not the behaviour im used to or expected. But a smooth logic. Thanks for the explanation.
  7. Hello Is there any known issues with flight level change and thrust/N1 ? Or is it error between keyboard and chair ? N1 does not go to the max. In this case N1 is stopping at 77%.
  8. Its the only minus I have found so far with this aircraft, the grain/pixelated texture with the lighting at night. I was a bit supprised that this new aircraft also have this issue, the same as the 737 and 777. But apart from that I love the aircraft.
  9. Hi I switched to RTE 2 during flight and noticed that on the APPOACH REF page the airport dident update. Its still the destination from RTE 1. I have selected a approach for RTE 2. If I go to NAV/RAD page, the ILS for the approach for RTE 2 is correct. As expected ?
  10. From what I have experienced earlier with PMDG aircrafts is that this is often related to FSUIPC and how you assign/configurate your toe brakes. NB: I dont think this is recommended setting by PMDG, but what I do to get it to work is to assign the toe brakes with "Send direct to FSUIPC Calibration" and then calibrate the brakes with enabling the reverse option.
  11. Would be nice to have the possibility to lower the turn around down to 20 min. Even if it aint that realistic.
  12. Thanks. Using the default cold and dark as startup. Will do the change and save. Is it only TA that are affected by this ?
  13. Hello. Thanks for this beautiful aircraft. I have changed the default transition altitude to 7000ft, but its still showing 18000ft/FL180 in CLB and FORECAST pages on the FMC.
  14. Its a Alpha. what do you expect ?