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  1. I have SF installed in v5 HF2 and have for a couple of months now with no apparent issues.
  2. Wow, I had completely forgotten about that, but you're right. Heck, I even once bought MS Streets & Trips (probably still have it somewhere) just because it was so much better than the online competition. But, that's what MS does with seemingly every other project since Windows 95/98 - drop the ball. Let's hope MSFS can fully escape its pedigree - remember how FSX was supposed to "showcase" another flop, Vista? At least it has probably already surpassed the Zune.
  3. If I had any complaints it would be that the toe brakes squeal a bit (but I haven't been bothered enough to try and fix it) and they tip easily when applying brake pressure. My solution to the instability was to fasten it to a 3x2 sheet of 1/2" finish board. Now they don't tip, they're heavy enough not to move on hardwood (plus I stuck a piece of that grippy toolbox liner stuff under it) and it spaces it just perfectly far enough from the wall.
  4. I can't say enough good things about the MFG Crosswind. Not cheap but worth every penny. As a bonus their bare-bones construction and no greasy rails makes them great in a home with pets and cleaning out the associated detritus that invariably collects around them. I used to have the Thrustmaster TFRP pedals but quickly tired of having to periodically take them apart and clean/regrease the rails.
  5. Watching those videos actually took me back to the excitement I had the first time I actually landed (as opposed to crash) the default Cessna in FS4. If I'm not mistaken, it was a situation that set you up on the ILS 27R approach at KOAK. Felt like months before I got to that point lol. And that was flying by numeric keypad!
  6. Clearly there is work left to be done. In my closest city (Buffalo, NY) the skyline is unrecognizable in the sim; the tallest building (an ugly, easily modeled 40 story/529 ft/161 m concrete box) is modeled as a 1 story office building! Parts of a high-level bridge south of downtown are modeled as an apartment row for some reason - as are several toll booths (which are about to meet the wrecking ball IRL anyway). And I'm sure there are many, many more examples. So if it can't get something like that correct, I'm not surprised that it can't get something as complex and intricate as a church can be. Which is fine by me - as long as we see continual improvement and refinement.
  7. This occurs at "handcrafted" KMCO on the taxiway 'J' span over a highway (so also presumably 'E' and 'F'), so if it happens there it's probably a fairly widespread problem. Imagine my shock to see a tractor trailer climb up over the side of the bridge and come barreling towards me at full speed as I putter along in my C152.
  8. I was able to fairly easily create profiles for my CH Eclipse yoke and MFG Crosswind pedals, and now have full functionality at least until the SimConnect issues with FSUIPC7 get ironed out. My question in the meantime is, does anybody know where these profiles are saved to your PC? I'd like to back them up somewhere in case I need them for some reason.
  9. My first session bombed out while attempting to switch airports; it then bombed out after the "Press Any Key" screen on the next load. Funny enough, it's been fine since, so I'm not sure if it's something I did or what...
  10. They are particularly annoying with TrackIR, as you look around and one of the buttons happens below your idle and hiding mouse cursor. I'm trying to train myself to move the cursor into a corner or onto a second monitor, but that only makes things more annoying should you need to change a dial and your cursor is now several hundred if not thousand pixels away!
  11. Fair enough - Rome wasn't built in a day! Ultimately those updates are the key. If MS doesn't pull another FSX here, there's no reason this doesn't become the sim of choice for the next 10-20 years. Regarding the issue of "underwater boats" - the way I see it, such is the problem when you raise the bar so dramatically - the closer you get to "ultimate" realism, the more glaring those little imperfections become. I'd be willing to bet it's an actual psychological phenomenon similar to the "uncanny valley". We would have killed for more sunken boats in FS4! Similarly, during my trial last night, I was bothered by a couple of "lines" across the Niagara River and the texturing of the Horseshoe Falls just looks jumbled. Things that would be much less noticeable in previous sims. Just because I may point them out doesn't mean I don't appreciate the overall look and feel; that I can fly into a sunset and actually feel blinded, etc. Oh, and there were loads of people insinuating, if not outright stating, that this new sim was going to instantly obsolete P3D and especially XP. At least on the FSElite comments, where the "I'm not buying anything new for [P3D/XP/FSX]" comments have long become something of a meme. Unless they've all since eaten crow and redacted, they'll still be there for all to see.
  12. I thought the same thing about the p-factor. How do you feel about rudder input? I did a couple of hours last night in various locations. Either I need to revisit my sensitivity settings (I have MFG Crosswind) or I felt like rudder was almost not necessary during flight - almost as if "auto turn coordination" was enabled. My desk has a shelf underneath it (and above/behind the pedals) and I was tempted (and almost able to) land with my feet up. Scenery needs some work too. I haven't checked the area around TNCM (it is one of my favorites) but rather stuck around my hometown. For instance, the Buffalo, NY metro looks great (some inaccuracies but nothing big) but the downtown area bears no resemblance to reality - the building heights are way off on most of the taller structures (as in footprints being correct but heights way too short) in the sim. I suspect this is true of many mid-size and large cities not covered with photogrammetry, but I would need to investigate further. As great as it looks, I still found myself wanting for my US Cities X. Also, is it just me, or is there a complete lack of navigational hazards, particularly radio towers? There are a multitude of them along the Lake Erie shoreline south of Buffalo and I don't recall seeing one. I also spent some time flying around the hills of central Pennsylvania and usually there are plenty to be found on the various hilltops.
  13. Please lighten up. Your reaction is a bit much, as if I made a personal attack against you. It's an honest question directed to the developer. I'm sure there are many airlines worldwide where that would be a reasonable option to go along with the several other SOP-specific options that are already present in this and the other FS2Crew products. If the developer doesn't see reason to add it, then so be it. I can continue saying "no" at 10,000 feet without becoming indignant. It's their prerogative, not yours.
  14. Is there a possibility of making the FO's initial request of "would you like to release the cabin?" a configuration option? Possible choices being say "10000 feet", "at cruise", or "Off". My reasoning is that I typically fly SWA flights when I'm using the NGXu, and from my experience they don't turn off the seat belt signs until reaching cruise - so I'm always saying "no" when he asks around 10000 feet and then kind of feel bad for him when he replies with his rather sheepish "ok" lol. I do usually reply "yes" when he asks again within 1000 feet of cruise, unless I'm in turbulence or some other condition which would preclude turning the signs off.
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