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  1. I've noticed since the update that FS2Crew no longer automatically clicks the external power pushbutton at initiation of pre-flight, and that the automatic control of the doors no longer seems to be working (i.e. I have to close them manually through MCDU3). It seems as though something in the SDK might have changed, requiring an FS2Crew update? This was the update that added Connected Flight Deck. Thanks and please advise!
  2. Sabretooth78

    FSDG Pilots of the Caribbean - - - PIREP ?

    I may be coming in too late, but there are a couple ways to fix the hill issue: Officially, email TropicalSim support and they will provide a fix (at least they did me). As for why it's not been officially disseminated; I can't say. Unofficially, while I was awaiting a response from TropicalSim support, I diagnosed the problem and interim fixed it myself - last post on this thread over at ORBX:
  3. Sabretooth78

    Set Wipers

    Yes, latest version
  4. Sabretooth78

    Set Wipers

    On my past couple of flights (which have required wiper use), I've noticed an apparent bug with the "set wipers to ___" command - they seem to work OK, but the wiper setting knobs (on the overhead panel) seem to get pegged into the far right (clockwise) position, and no amount of left-clicking them turns them back counterclockwise towards off - only a fast scroll of the middle mouse wheel seems to free them. I don't recall noticing this before, so I'm suspecting there may have been some change in the 1.2.2.x update pushed out by Aerosoft?
  5. Sabretooth78

    Step Climb "Breaks" VNAV

    I encountered an issue today where the 3rd step climb of the flight somehow caused all the VNAV speed and altitude calculations on the LEGS page to go blank. During preflight I programmed the SimBrief steps into the LEGS and the FL330 and FL350 steps worked flawlessly. As for the FL370 step, it was programmed to TULAG but upon reaching TULAG the FMC was still recommending FL350. Finally, around YQD it was still recommending FL350 but with an OPT of FL367 and a MAX of FL375 so I judged it was pretty close to turning over (as it eventually did). I dialed FL370 into the MCP and selected FLCH and it wasn't until trying to reengage VNAV after pressing altitude intervention at FL370 that I realized something was amiss as VNAV would not activate. The ECON SPEED on the VNAV CRZ was flashing magenta and white. I made several attempts to fixing the issue by switching between RTE 1 and RTE 2 to no avail. Eventually I was able to regain the VNAV information by entering a lower FL on the VNAV CRZ page, at which point the VNAV information was still showing the FL370 data and recommending a climb to FL370. At this point the CDU was in VNAV cruise descent mode, which I could not bring it out of (until eventually descending to FL330). At this point I was just avoiding modifications in the event I ended up causing a CTD or something. Could there be a step that I'm not aware of that I missed here? I haven't flow the 777 a whole lot, but I never had this problem before! Flight plan: RKSI/33R N0488F310 SEL2A SEL Y697 LANAT Y51 SAMON Y513 KMC DCT DAIGO Y889 OATIS OTR3 PUTER/N0486F330 DCT PUGAL DCT PASRO A590 POETT/N0481F350 A590 HAMND DCT YESKA NCA13 TULAG NCA13 YQD/N0479F370 J596 YWG J89 OBK/N0479F380 J73 PXV/N0479F370 J73 BNA RMG5 KATL/08L A couple of pictures: In "CRZ DES", with speed intervention using the FL370 LEGS data: Upon pressing the MCP altitude intervention, the VNAV data disappears. Re-entering FL330 restores it: Is there a suitable way to exit CRZ DES (that I was evidently not able to find) or could this be a bug?
  6. I'm doing a series of flights in eastern Asia and using the "AS" voice set - when I call "Before Takeoff Checklist", the FO responds "Before Start Checklist". Everything proceeds properly, it just seems like perhaps the wrong audio for that response is being called.
  7. Sabretooth78

    Aerosoft Airbus Professional

    Ticket sent - but just so you know, it'll be about 12 hours before I'll be able to test anything so I might not have any meaningful feedback until tomorrow!
  8. Sabretooth78

    Aerosoft Airbus Professional

    Unfortunately I'm only able to reproduce it in the sense that it happens all the time! My last flight, I decided to try resetting Approach mode immediately after completing the After Takeoff Below the Line checklist and saw no change in behavior on approach. Therefore it would seem something isn't being done correctly during the approach. I am in descent mode as I run the Descent Prep items and the Approach Brief and have the "flashing asterisk" in the main panel. What I typically do is then begin the descent and once cleared to below FL180 I'll set the altimeter and respond "checked" to the "now" call (at which time I usually get asked "Seat Belts". Often, but not always, this is above FL180. Does it need to be below transition at all times? Below 10,000? (as reading the manual in perfect sequence would seem to indicate) Interestingly, when it does seem to "quietly" go into the Approach checklist, if I tell the FO to "restart the checklist" it seems to work and then I can call it "for real" - however, if I say "cancel the checklist", nothing happens and the green bar doesn't even report me having said anything. In any event I'm content to just reset after passing transition altitude since I haven't been able to find any "smoking gun" as to what I'm doing wrong (it doesn't help that I've never had any issue at all with the NGX or 777). Maybe it'll magically fix itself when 3.3 comes out; maybe not... ** A few other questions/suggestions: Regarding pushback, I like the features of the S.Crew/Eng Start mode but as I use GSX for pushback I will typically skip from Before Start Below straight to After Start. Any possibility of making this [skipping] an option? Is it possible to tie the FA requests to the FWD Calls pushbutton on the overhead panel? Just a thought; maybe that would cause unwanted conflicts with the Aerosoft FA and isn't worth the trouble.
  9. Sabretooth78

    Aerosoft Airbus Professional

    I don't think I am but I'll make sure I do on the next flight and see what happens - I'm still periodically experiencing problems with it. Usually I'll just cycle the flight mode off and then back to <approach> and then it works OK. One thing I have observed is that when I don't get a response from calling "Approach Checklist", if I say "Checked", the FO will respond with "Seat Belts", so it seems as if he is running the checklist, just asked me "ECAM Status" and the audio just isn't playing for some reason. Similarly, if I say "Set", I get the "MDA/DH" cue. Odd.
  10. Sabretooth78

    Taxi2Gate KMCO

    I've been running T2G KMCO in P3D v4.3 for some time now with no apparent problems, although up until my last flight all flights had been during the daytime. My most recent flight was a night arrival upon which I found a couple of problems - specifically; black squares around the taxi lights and trees, appearing to indicate some issue with an alpha map. Note that during the daytime everything appears correctly. I've isolated the culprit files to be: Taxi light squares: Tree boxes: It seems I can remove with no ill effect (that I've found thus far) aside from not being able to see taxi lights from the air (the taxi light objects still appear, so ground movements are relatively unaffected). Removing on the other hand removes the trees during both night and day. Granted, the trees aren't very visible at night anyway, so leaving them in doesn't completely kill immersion. Has anybody else experienced this and/or found a fix?
  11. Sabretooth78

    Aerosoft Airbus Professional

    Finally figured it out - I think! I ran two flights today, the first of which I again was unable to get the approach checklist to trigger, but there was a little mess up in sequencing that I thought could have been a problem in that I got the cabin secure message before running the approach flows. I chalked it up to that and it being another somewhat atypical non-precision approach. I then tried another quick flight, and this time I did not request nor manually activate the approach phase before requesting the approach checklist, and that time it worked as intended. So it seems that activating approach phase in the MCDU "untriggers" the approach checklist? That makes perfect logical sense (especially if you're familiar with the Aerosoft FO flows), but it's perhaps a little misleading as in the manual it is listed as Step 1 under Approach and Landing, before Step 2, speaking "approach checklist". Emphasis on "if" needed, I suppose. Maybe it would be more appropriate to move that line to under the Landing header.
  12. Sabretooth78

    Aerosoft Airbus Professional

    If I don't touch the main panel at all, it will automatically select, but it won't respond to my request for the checklist. The "green bar" will also confirm that the system is hearing "approach checklist". Basically, everything appears to work well up to and through requesting "Activate approach phase": Approach briefing was run Transition altitude passed, loca baro set and responded "checked" to FO call of "now" (and acknowledged by "green bar") Approach phase activated (I haven't tried activating it manually to see if that makes a difference) Is it possible I'm running it too early? I typically like to run it not long after passing 10,000 feet, depending on when a particular approach calls for flap extension (some much earlier than others). Also something to consider was my last flight was the RNAV 31R approach into SKBO (Bogota) which is an interesting non-precision approach into a very high field elevation (~8300 feet MSL), so it's quite possible that particular approach might have inadvertently thrown off some sequencing - flap extension well above 10000 feet, etc. I'm planning on running another flight again this evening so I'll see if I have any better luck.
  13. Sabretooth78

    Aerosoft Airbus Professional

    There have been a few times where I've found myself to be at fault (typically in the pushback phase trying to get the sequencing right with GSX, which I think I've finally figured out), but for the Approach Checklist, yes, every time it has annunciated the correct mode. It took me a couple tries before learning that flipping back to the prior mode and then forward again basically resets things. For what it's worth, I've also been learning the NGX flows and in contrast, I don't believe I've yet had an unresponsive FO with that package.
  14. Sabretooth78

    Aerosoft Airbus Professional

    I get this too, with Config power set to "EXT". My guess is the FO is toggling the external power switch, which is to say if you're not in the cold and dark, such as the turnaround state, he is turning it off. I've also seen this behavior with the ground crew when connecting the GPU - I would usually hit the switch as soon as I saw it light up available, and wonder why it would always cut back out after the ground crew said it's connected. (I've learned to leave my hands off that switch, lol.) Ideally I'd like to see a config option of "none" or something to the effect that would disable that FO behavior and allow a turnaround preflight without otherwise having to pick things up at the Before Start Procedure - not that starting cold and dark takes that much longer, but I've grown to prefer the turnaround startup. Presently it appears to me the only "pure" turnaround option is to use the Aerosoft FO for the cockpit preparation checklist and then pick up with FS2Crew prior to pushback. A few other issues I've been experiencing: When the headset (HS) is on, the automated approach brief doesn't play the opening line "Are you ready for the approach brief?". With HS off, it does play that opening sentence. Not a big deal but an observation. I seem to fairly regularly get a non-responsive FO at various calls to perform checklists, despite [believing I have] done all the prerequisite items. It's inconsistent, but I have yet to complete a flight where everything worked flawlessly. I seem to have the most trouble initiating the Approach Checklist. That said, if I cycle back to the previous mode and then advance forward to the current mode, it has worked every time. Just a nuisance, really. Various points where my folding table stows itself, both during the preflight (around the 10-13 minute mark it seems) and during the descent, well before the approach checklist. Whereas I've landed and the FO never folded his.
  15. Sabretooth78

    Application Hang

    I'm trying to root out a nagging CTD issue with P3D v4 and so far I've found a few potential culprits both of my own finding and in reading through the various threads here. I do not appear to have CMeteoXml, however - no reference in either DLL.xml nor does the file turn up in a Windows search. I did a clean install of v4.3, on top of a clean install of Windows 10. I'm assuming it was removed from the latest release?