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  1. bjwoody61

    Loading TERPS CTD

    With my flight from KSLC to KSEA I tried to load TERPS for KSEA and it says it's loaded but won't display then I get a CTD version .05 R2 James
  2. bjwoody61

    Seattle Approach looping

    ok. will let you know.
  3. Did a flight from KSLC to KSEA. All went well until I was told to contact Seattle Approach on 133.65. FO responded, radio changed freq. and checked in. SeaAPP responded "Contact Seattle Approach on 133.65". FO responded and the same thing happened over and over until I reached the end of the star and then it started giving vetors to final. Also the nearby freq window was blank. What gives? James
  4. bjwoody61

    FSX-SE Pausing when working in P2ATC

    In your FSX.cfg, there is a setting to stop this. PAUSE_ON_LOST_FOCUS=0 This will stop FSX from pausing when it loses focus, but you will lose the sound tho. Flight One Software has a utility called SoundStream that allows the sound from FSX to continue when working with other apps. James
  5. bjwoody61

    Minor Issues at KSEA

    I did that and checked taxi mnt. and all 3 rnwys are there along with all the taxi paths and hold shorts. ILS frequencies are all there and correct as well. The situation persists. This isn't really a game stopper tho Just a minor annoyance. Thanks James
  6. bjwoody61

    Rex Sky Force hot fix 2

    Some news from REX for upcoming hotfix2 "Fix support of Pilot2Atc flight plan import into Sky Force" Good news. I also have a topic in about metar files for P2A. Haven't heard back yet.
  7. bjwoody61

    Minor Issues at KSEA

    It is an add-on airport since the 3rd runway was added after FSX came out.
  8. bjwoody61

    Minor Issues at KSEA

    I have been having some minor issues with take off and landing at KSEA. On Take off primarily on 16L, If there is an AI on approach on 16C ATC will have me hold short until that aircraft has landed. On Landing on 16R, If there is AI on 16C ATC will give go around instructions thinking it is on my runway. Also after landing on 16R and I request Taxi instructions ground will give me hold short 16R, 16C, and 16L. I can't hold short 16R when I have just left it. Minor issues but ... Thanks James
  9. bjwoody61

    Rex Sky Force

    Any Idea as to where I can find the metar file for the new REX Sky Force weather engine? There is a file in REX Sky Force folder called LocationWeather.xml. Is this the file to use and would I give it the path including the file name in the WX section for REX Weather? In that section it shows as (...\metar_report.xml) as an example. I have REX Essentials + OD also and I cannot even find that file anywhere Thanks James
  10. bjwoody61

    Problem with Trial Version

    If you only have FSX-SE installed then that would be the correct fsx.cfg, If you have both boxed and SE the cfg file would be in C:\Users\MyName\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX-SE and the file name fsx_se.cfg. It doesn't matter where fsx-se is installed, the cfg file will still be as above.
  11. bjwoody61

    Prospective Buyer Questions

    I have FSX-SE and it works just fine
  12. bjwoody61

    Prospective Buyer Questions

    As far as the sound goes, Flight 1 has a utility called SoundStream. This solves the problem of no sound in FSX when switching to other apps.
  13. bjwoody61

    Weather from sim

    with FSX-Steam I can't seem to get the SIM weather button to work. ATIS always says "Weather not available for Kxxx". Any way to get this to work?
  14. bjwoody61

    ATC Center & database

    A couple of questions for ver 2.4. I had a flight from KSEA to KRNO. After I got out of departure distance i was told to contact Lexington Center (LEXIN). What happened to Seattle Center. I looked at the freq list and it wasn't listed. I downloaded NavDataPro version and of course I don't have it or Navigraph either can I copy the database over from the earlier version? Thanks James
  15. I ran into this awhile back with FSX. I did some research and found that all the maps do not agree. FSX was located perfectly with Google earth but to put the same coordinates in Google Maps and I came up with a different location. I some instances, it can be substantial. Its usually the longitude that is off the most. Your fix is about all you can do to solve the off course calls.