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  1. I have a TeamSpeak Server if needed.Shout me up and i can sort it. EDIT. Just noticed you already have one but np its theres if its needed.TBH its there if anybody wants to use it at anytime.It used to be my old corp comms but we disbanded but still have it running so i have np if some of you guys and girls need comms at anytime,could even make a few extra channels on a permanent basis no charge. Thanks
  2. Yea I have read the Info. As i said before thanks for the info on this,it looks damn good
  3. Hi, And thanks for the fast replys it seems theres a nice and friendly community here which i appreciate. I also hope you dont think that some of my questions sound abit stupid or anything like that as i prefer to ask questions to people who know what there talking about rather than trolling forums here there and everywhere for hours on end. When i get my head into a game / sim i will play it for years ( last game eve online played for over 12years ) so i look at the long term and the bigger picture ( no pun intended lol ). With reguard to Charliearon's question my home is in North Wales 7miles east of Caernarfon Airport.So my plan is to fly South around Europe then over to USA Then South America Onto Australia and at some point end up in Asia.Using the larger aeroplanes for the long haul part and smaller ones to explore.Being a Mature gamer if only in age and have time on my hands to do this :smile: Now it seems FTX Orbx is the way to go with all the add-ons etc so i will most probably go for that. But in the mean time if i installed FreeMeshX ( 777200irf thanks for the heads up ) then in a few weeks purchase FTX would FreeMeshX need uninstalling before i could use FTX ? Thanks All for your time and patience Paul EDIT. I have just looked at some of the images from FreeMeshX and WOW what can i say the quality is amazing i have seen some payware that doesnt look that good very nice Edit 2. But in the mean time if i installed FreeMeshX ( 777200irf thanks for the heads up ) then in a few weeks purchase FTX would FreeMeshX need uninstalling before i could use FTX ? Theres a good guide included
  4. Hi am thinking about buying Orbx Globle Base and Vector to enhance my FSX-SE . I wanted to ask other players opinion on there views with this package. Is there any other packs which you would consider better value for money as the Orbx is not cheap. Also what freeware packages would you recommend. As it stands i have.... Rex Soft Clouds REX Texture Direct 4 Active Sky Next Ezdok Basicaly i want to improve my game's over all visual appearance and as i am new to this sim and i would appreciate some of your opinion's. Thanks
  5. Hi Mark, 1280x1024 also works for me it will work upto 3000 ish so i guess i will play in windowed mode so i can change the size so that it all works Names Paul Malafor is from my eve-online days i say days it was over 12 years and just had enough the way it was going. So now as i have too much time on my hands i thought i would try Flight Sims. My eve corp has but almost moved on and we have a Teamspeak 3 server just sitting there so you need any comms for you or your friends feel free to use it i can make you your channel etc Just pm me and al send info over. Thanks fr your help buddy Paul Edit. If you get bored while flying jump on anyways am usually around
  6. I did the mission in 1920 x 1080 then at 3000 res, so maybe with the game being old it doesnt like my high settings lol. But i have seen on other forums that is common problem so i will mess about check the code bla bla and post back here if i find a solution :| Worst case i can reinstall and start from fresh. What Resolution did you play that mission in Don ?
  7. Hi Doner, Its one of the stock planes Bombardier CRJ700. Nows heres a funny thing having just got the game i thought i would work my way through the missions. I played with the CRJ700 in free Flight mode so i could get a small feel of it. I didnt like the cockpit view so installed Ezdok and set up the planes i would use in the missions 4-5 planes ahead. I put the CRJ in the free game loaded it up VC was there setup the Ezdok setting i wanted and it worked just fine. Then Went to do the mission Tutorial 8 - Transitioning to Jets And No VC ,went back to Free Flight and no VC. Now the smaller planes like the Cess,Beechcraft King Ait 350 all work fine. So i thought try the AirBus in the Rome-Naples Airline Run mission and that work fine with Ezdok. Thanks
  8. Well i got FSX-SE 5 days ago and had nothing but trouble with it.Most of which has now been sorted. But the major bug i have is when i launch the game into 5760x1080. The Virtual Cockpit shows a black screen.If i launch it in 1920x1080 its all fine. I have 3x23" HP Monitors. I dont use DirectX 10 ( i have tried it ) Lowerd all my settings to lowest possable and still no VC. I have spent hours trolling here there and everywhere for an answer with no luck so far and still waiting on dovetail to answer my ticket. I have also tried both default cockpit views My set-up is AMD FX 8350 8 cores at 4ghz. 32gig of ram Nvidia Geforce GTX760 2000mb 3x23" HP Monitors Cheers All
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