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  1. @Greggy_D Would I be able to use the Panel Texture Update? I just downloaded my aircraft yesterday and it is ver 3. The texture update I found says it is for ver 2.7 and below. @ThomasAH Found the lights on the wall, but still not the overhead ones :( Regarding the mod, is it possible to pick and choose what changes are implemented? I would like to use the save setting to begin with but am hesitant to load all features until I am more familiar with the plane. @scottb613 The app for managing profiles is going to happen. Purchased and installed the WX Radar. Easy breezy. Just what I was hoping for. With LittleNavMap running on a remote laptop, I have the primary bases covered. Actually in my last flight I took off using 90% thrust then, after positive climb and gear up, I engaged the AP, set VS to 2500, and was successful at managing airspeed right up to FL360. Wonderful flight from CYVR to CYYC. Thanks, everyone, for your invaluable support today. Keep it coming...
  2. @scottb613 Thanks for the quick response, and solid tips. I already have REX Texture Direct so will look into their radar. Mapping is a great idea. Two more questions: 5) Can the Altimeter be changed from metric to imperial, so it matches readings on the Alt Select? Or can the AS be changed to metric? Either way would be better than current. 6) Can the volume be tweaked? I would like to reduce in-cockpit engine noise, slightly increase ATC, and significantly increase engine sound when following the aircraft. I know a lot of this can be done in P3D, but my settings there are fine for all other planes; only the Lear needs slight adjustment.
  3. Hi: I just purchased this aircraft for P3D4, am in the learning curve, and thought one thread here for quick, random questions maybe beneficial: 1) In the previous flight I used the Hanger to return the plane to Cold and Dark (with door locked, chocks, all switches off, GPU connected, brakes on, throttles locked, etc). When I start the next flight, however, it returns to the semi-powered state. Is there a way to permanently set the plane to Cold and Dark (with the above config)? 2) I am unable to locate the cockpit overhead light. Location? 3) Can specific fuel quantities be entered using Flysimware's popups? 4) Is there an easier way to integrate radar, something like the way the installer recognized my GTN 750? (I already have Active Sky Next. And, yes, I read the devs instructions, and the posts here.)
  4. This is a great software, and the last update made it even better. I also want to thank Alexander for helping me to set up a remote machine to run the app. And, lastly, the manual provided is clear and concise. Five star rating!
  5. I was watching the Q8Pilot video and he said that Chaseplane should be allowed to clear the user's current key maps. Why is this necessary, especially for someone like me who enjoys tweaking both key and yoke assignments, most of them have nothing to do with views (for example, "A" is used to toggle the autopilot, "X" toggles the autopilot menu, and "G" toggles the Garmin 750). On another note, why does Chaseplane need a network connection? Is the connection only needed during install, or is it a permanent requirement? Just curious.
  6. Is the only way to access my pre-made cameras by right-clicking on the screen? Seems counter-intuitive, and hard to do when coming in on approach or final. A quick way to toggle through these custom views would be most welcome...
  7. I used EZdock in FSX years ago, with undesirable effects as it reset all my own key maps. It was probably my own fault as I must have clicked the wrong button during installation and setup. Nonetheless... Is Chaseplane more user-friendly?
  8. Can someone point me to the best thread for setting up my views. Specifically, I am trying to map my keyboard to the "upperhead panel 00" that is on the menu bar: Views/ Change View/ Cockpit. This view is the straight-on view of the overhead switches on Carenado's Piper PA31T Cheyenne. Also I have created some custom views and find them by right-clicking on the screen. But can these also be mapped? Really appreciate the help.
  9. @jabloomf1230 Your mod worked perfectly. Easy to do, with some nice improvements. Thanks a lot. M
  10. Shawn, My wife was looking over my shoulder when I followed this link. No words, just the look that has shut down a lot of dreams :(
  11. Thanks, Bill and Shawn. Great option. I am in exploration mode for a better ATC system, and am also encouraged to hear that the devs are working on the crossfill option.
  12. @J van E First statement brought a laugh. But no cleared take-off and landing would kill the realism, and possibly me if I hop onto a runway with a heavy coming in on final :) I will take a look at the ProATC. Thanks. I too have a current Navigraph account and, honestly, cannot believe that P3D, GTN, and Navi are not in perfect sync. Even the 750 does not slave to its 650 (though ithey are sold as "complete"). This feature is used in the real world - both aviation and marine - and offers a great way to simultaneously view the map on the large screen and the waypoint list on the small one. No complaints though; very cool apps. Just dreaming, I guess...
  13. Option two is reasonable, at least to get off the ground. Immediately after that, however, the IFR FP created in P3D would need to be cancelled. Otherwise ATC could call for changes in Flight Level, airspeed, and course. Making any of these changes would take the vehicle off the GTN FP (and defeat the purpose for having a high-end nav system). Your last para is solid as you strike at the heart of the matter. From this I recognize that, since a dev solution does not seem imminent, a work-around is necessary. Thanks.
  14. @J van E Thanks for the response. GTN is very good at creating complex IFR flightplans, including with procedures. That is not the problem. The problem is getting the P3D4 ATC to recognize that FP as an IFR FP, which it does not. So, in poor vis conditions where IFR is required, the Tower will not approve my take-off request. It says to file an IFR FP - which I already have created and active in the GTN. I am familiar with LNM. It is a great app.
  15. @Bobsk8 Thanks, Bob. You raise a good point. But at least in the sim ver and the GTN Trainer you can turn off TAWS (Terrain/Menu/TAWS Inhibit). But I do not want to turn this system off; I only want to quickly and temporarily suspend it while flying on an approved coroute that guides the pilot to safely meander through the middle of tight valleys; say, following along an inlet or river. There is no other way to fly into some of these remote locations, since you cannot lose airspeed fast enough by coming over the top of a 10,000' mountain - perhaps in a helicopter if you do a vertical drop :) Regardig safety, I wonder if it is safer to temporarily suspend the TAWS and rely on coroutes, instrumentation and experience or lose the map view at a critical point like Approach, Final, or Touch-down in low-vis conditions. My thought: the pilot should be the one who controls the warnings and tools needed.