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  1. Historical flight from Brig in Switzerland to Domodossola in Italy.
  2. The wrong direction of the windsock is found even in commercial products such as PHLI. Does it depend on the scenario or the simulator?
  3. Hi guys, I have Ship Traffic from ORBX (Vessels Enhanced AI & Vessels Global Shipping). Is this traffic compatible with the installed traffic from ORBX? Can I put it next to it without conflicts it in the simulator?
  4. Hmm.. I use window mode. A rollback to 418 did not solve my problem. However, driver 419 worked fine before updating Windows. I solved the problem through "Rightclick the P3D symbol, go to compatibility and deactive fullsceen optimizations".
  5. True Glass has nothing to do with it. I don't have it, but the problems are the same.
  6. As a temporary solution: VSync + Triple buffering + lock frame rate. But this is only a patch, not a complete solution to the problem. For example, I am not comfortable to fly with the included VSync, but I have to do it. This is not a problem of drivers or your hardware - this is a Windows problem.
  7. Hello, everyone! Today a little smoke over the Skagit
  8. It's P3D 4.2 + ENVTEX / ENVSHADE. Photoshop added blur and a yellow Photo Filter.
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