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  1. Edit: After a computer restart it looks like it should be. Today the new 1.1.0 update finally has arrived at the MSFS2020 marketplace. However, the altimeter has no scale and no alt counter anymore.
  2. Yes, thats how its done. I just was wondering why its not working. I contacted Pms50. They said its an error on their side, an they will handle it with the next update.
  3. Hello, i have the PMS50 GTN750 premium and a navigraph supscription. When i export a flight plan from navigraph (competely with departure and arrival and approach), and then load the plan from inside the GTN, only the depature and the direct way to the destination airport is shown. However, if i load the same flight plan with the MSFS the complete plan is there. Is this a bug or am i doing it wrong?
  4. When the game is released on xbox, do i own the game too, if i have bought the PC edition? Alex.
  5. If you use the sim via xbox game pass, you have to launch the sim via the xbox app. But you can save your login data, so you donˋt have to login every time you start the sim. Alex
  6. Planning a VOR to VOR flightplan, MSFS gives me all the frequencies. But the NavLog during flight doesn´t. It shows only waypoints, course and ETE. Do I miss something? PS: No garmin etc on board. Alex
  7. Hello, my previous installation (v3) gives me a lot of GTN options during the installation process. During the installation of v.4.1A i can not choose between one GTN or two or without GTN. So, at the end I have no GTN in the virtual cockpit. I have P3d v4.2 and GTN complete from flight1. Any ideas? Thank you! Alexander Edit: I have overlooked the new Management Tool. Now you have to choose the GTN options after the installation.
  8. Now it is working. I used Berts GTN mod with the new version, but it is not compatible. Without the mod I can start the engines. My fault. Alexander
  9. Same here (p3d v4.2). What are they doing? Do they ever test anything? Alexander
  10. Thank you Bert! V4.3 works wunderbar. Alexander
  11. xxd09: Have you used the carenado gtn installer? And: Shift + 3 brings up a menu where you can enable/disable the GTN too. Alexander
  12. At the left side of the cockpit, there is an audio panel. Here you can switch voice/ident and make volume adjustments. But I dont know if its working. Alexander
  13. Press Shift + 3 This opens a small menu where you can open doors, etc. Alexander
  14. If you move your mouse pointer over the altimeter knob (Tooltip), it shows you both. Alexander
  15. - AP source selector (GPS/Nav1/Nav2) does not work in VC, only pop up works. - GTN750 in VC: After some time the pup up screen freezes. VC screen not. - After engine shut down, sometimes propellors do not stop spinning. Alexander
  16. Go to your SimOjects/Airplanes/CarenadoSF34 folder and run F1GTN750S340.exe . Have fun! Alexander
  17. Hello, The TrueGlass rain effect is not working. Do I have to do special adjustments or need a special gpu? And yes, its raining outside . I have p3d 4.2 installed. Thanks, Alexander Edit: Its working! I didn´t know, that I had to run the TrueRain installation file in the Milviz folder.
  18. Thank you Roberto. I guess even if i do not have a gps installed, i can not switch?!
  19. How can i switch the VOR / Glidscope Indicator source from NAV1 to NAV2? There is nothing about it in the manual. Alexander
  20. Thanks Molly! I thought it was an current update for p3d. Alexander
  21. The latest update lists the following point: "Open windows/forward right door now admit exterior sounds to cockpit, fade in/out with aperture" So, when i am opening the cockpit window, the engines sound should increase? I have the newest update, but the volume does not change. (P3d v4) Does it work in your cockpit? Alexander
  22. Same here. The coupon thing works with my login and password, but the reinstall process fails. Have ordered new keys and password, but it says invalid key or wrong login. Waiting for ticket response, too.
  23. I found it. Sometimes you are just too blind. Embarrassing! :smile: Thank you! ----------- Alexander
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