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  1. thanks for you help the location that fs2crew is the following "C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4" if this is correct i'll contact maddog but i fear that they will tell me its not there program and i'll be caught in a catch 22 sitution again . thanks
  2. ok I have done this step "push ok" but still have same issue fs2crew is not in the maddog load manager please advise? thanks
  3. Good evening I have experienced "Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Red (86x) - 14.0.24123. I click on to continue it said "One or more issues caused the setup to fail" AS this fellow simmer has. when checvking i have many of thesen c++ on my computer more up to date than this one with my fs2crew maddog reboot. The real issue i am having is that there is no option to register fs2crew in the maddog loader. I looked in all of the windows as instructed it simply isnt there. Now f.y.i. i also have pmdg 737ngx reboot installed dont know if that could be conflicting. any advise? thanks
  4. i am looking for fs2crew support having a issue please send instructions thanks
  5. dan went to this product support link and it sends me right back here with the same issue as above no activation server daniel wehrman
  6. hi all I have read these post and have noticed that you guys are talking about poh with pages above 56 The only thing that i have found with pmdg is a intro book with 56 pages. No official POH . I need more info in order to fly this beast. Earlier I have read about people that cant find alternative static source and i agree. Last night after 2.5 hours of flying at night I found classic blocked static situation at night in marginal vfr over the ocean. almost lost it twice. Pitot heat on still even after landing altimeter was still stuck at 20k airspeed also at cruise. If this is valid failure then we need a way to fix it in flight I am about to buy a official d c 6 Aircraft Operating Manual , i would rather use one that should be provided by pmdg. any thoughts?
  7. I downloaded demo but before I got it to fully function my time was up so I purchased the program. Mce sent me lic key which I have never been able to load. I have copied the key to its destination so many times it's not funny. I am running x plane 10 updated. Windows 10 now. With a raided machine. I emailed Ben in customer support but he evidently has given up on me. Any ideas?? Thanks
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