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  1. Would love to see these redone for MSFS. I was endorsed on type. A beautiful aircraft to look at, and to fly. Very aggressive stance on the external views too. I used to love the Carenado representation. Would love to see it return.
  2. I've had a look in the Marketplace to see if there are any updates, but as of yet, I see nothing. Does anybody know, if I download and install ORBX Central, will it recognize the purchases that I did through the Marketplace? Thanks, Andrew.
  3. Hi community, Can anybody recommend me some good mesh or landclass scenery for Japan please? I know of most of the payware airports, but I would like the terrain to look good as well. I'm currently using FTX Global if anybody can recommend something compatible please. Many thanks, Andrew.
  4. airernie, That fixed the issue, many thanks indeed. Andrew.
  5. Sorry guys, I should have been more specific; I was talking about how the aircraft looks from an external view after you have had a collision and the sim has reset. Things appear to be dramatically zoomed in and "fish eye" looking. Thanks again, Andrew.
  6. Hi community, I've been wanting to find an answer to this for ages, but have always forgotten to post....lol. Sometimes, my FSX will restart because of invisible object collisions (usually AI that has not informed of their intended movements). Anyway, when the flight restarts, the sim is very closely zoomed-in, almost in a fish-eye camera style. I hate this because it ruins my screenshots. Is there a way to bypass this awful view? No idea what ACES were thinking with this..... Thanks, Andrew.
  7. Hi Martin, I am open on price at the moment; probably up to about $450 or so. I just want to know which GPU would best suit my new CPU :-) Many thanks, Andrew.
  8. Hi community, I need to ask a couple of questions about an intended upgrade; a little embarrassing because I work in IT, but I have not had time presently to research gaming type hardware, such as video cards. So, to my questions: I currently have an Intel i5 3570k, 8Gb RAM, and a GTX660Ti Video card with 2Gb of RAM. I run FSX from its own dedicated SSD, usually in 1920x1080 res, which is the Windows default setting. I intend to do an upgrade using a kit supplied by a local vendor, it includes a pretty good up to date mobo, 16Gb RAM, and an Intel Skylake i7 6700 stock clocked at 4Ghz. Is anybody able to point me as to which sort of video card I should go up to please? Unfortunately, I do not have a small fortune at hand. If I could keep my current resolution but just push out maybe 5 fps more, I would be a happy camper. Thanks to all in advance. Andrew.
  9. Scandinavian 407, do you intend to release this scenery at all, or is it a private project of your own? Thanks, Andrew.
  10. Hi community, I'm ready to buy this sim now, but is anybody able to confirm for me that it will work with a Saitek X52 please? Many thanks, Andrew.
  11. Which scenery package is this please? I would really like to purchase it, I do most of my flying in the UK. Can you comment on frame rates, and it's compatibility with say, UK2000 airports? Many thanks, AJ.
  12. So far at this early stage, I'm quite impressed with what I see, despite current limitations. Does anybody know if the vendor has listed anywhere what they intend to add or fix before the official release? One thing that spun me out big time, in a couple of those videos, when people are landing, the aircraft shadows and the visual sense of speed. In fact, I could probably overlook most of it's faults just because of those couple of things. So nice not to have scenery popping up around you. Cheers, AJ.
  13. Not bad, for a beginner kind of sim, but on a free flight, I noticed the following: * Autogen is still popping up! * What is it with the brightness / contrast? Snow blindness! * The sky needs to be dulled down. * Semi-robotic ATC voices. * Horrible haze layer amplifies horizon color issues. * Autogen = identical. * Aircraft ground shadows randomly dissapear. After looking at the config: * HideInfoText does not seem to work. * Enable Widescreen from 0 to 1 DOES work. * Cannot modify runway lights size. * Cannot modify street light size (far too big). Aside from all of that, I think a reasonably good start. I believe these things can all easily be fixed. On a personal note, having been a long time simmer, there is one thing that I simply do not understand about DFS, FSX, and even P3D, and that is why do so many airports have autogen going right up to the runway? To me, landing is a critical time when you want as many frames as possible to make this part of the flight fluid. I would love it if the devs out there made a "clearway" around runways so that we could achieve good frames. I can say from my real world flying, as I'm on finals I am NOT looking at anything except the runway! Cheers, AJ.
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