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  1. switch686

    Farewell FSW

    If I only had a "Magical Software Blender" where I could put one part each of all the flight sims, then I would have what I want, lol... I thought maybe FSW would become the answer, but it didn't work out as expected. Come to think of it, this happens a lot in all aspects of life. Therfore, it is what it is. Good luck to the DTG FSW team in whatever they do.
  2. It's happened to me before. Its been reported and I thought they fixed it. Hasn't happened to me in a while...End the flight and restart it and they should appear...At least it worked for me...
  3. No, because that computer has Adobe Photoshop, and he uses that program to get his screenshots to look good so he can post them on Reddit r/flightsim...
  4. You've got a point. I tried to get my 8 year old Grandson to try FSW but he insists on P3D...
  5. X Planes first line of code was written 29 years ago...September 1988... https://www.popsci.com/military-aviation-space/article/2003-07/austin-goliath
  6. I think we just need patience. Look at all the time the other simulators took. Granted, they bought the base, but they are a small team. Let's give them time. Haters will hate and they always will..... This was an awesome update. They took away my GPS in the Cherokee so I have to fly old school, kudos. No more magenta line, I was getting lazy, lol...
  7. Dynamic weather changes over time but not "live"....
  8. Dynamic weather February 1st, live weather later. Cub with floats and tundra tyres today. IFR, jet and atc later...
  9. For those that aren't on it, why don't you you join the FSW Break discord server. https://discord.gg/2nWM57R Devs are there, though we don't bombard them with questions...they have work to do. The DTG Forums are for bugs and reports. The Discord server offers a way to interact with them in a community way within our guidelines...
  10. The bar that DTG has set for default GA aircraft in Flight Sim World, albiet some minor issues, is set pretty high.. When they release the new biz jet they are talking about, I'm just curious how it will be. Can't wait to see it...
  11. It seems the AI slinder has the most impact for me and have heard this from others as well. They are adding a biz jet, developed in-house, to the core sim...
  12. https://forums.dovetailgames.com/threads/any-orbx-product-that-is-redeveloped-for-fsw-will-be-sold-separately.2629/#post-17000
  13. Thanks for the input Kevin. By the way, the 701 is looking great. I am looking forward to this one. It's on my "to buy list" for sure...
  14. They are looking at other options for software such as Blender...
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