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  1. What is the best way to get a busier airspace wthout adons? (not including slider to 100%)
  2. What is the best way to make your FSX world busier with air traffic without add-ons? (not including slider to 100%)
  3. It is still there, but something has caused a mass drop in air traffic even with slider set to 100%! Think I should just replace the file!
  4. Can anyone provide a traficAircraft.bgl file to download as I seem to have messed it up! Thanks
  5. Literally have just installed it and use no other scenery
  6. Hello! I have FSX-SE and REX 4- Texture Direct DLC installed and slightly unrealistically the taxi surfaces appear brown! Any ideas on how to fix this would be thanked! FirstOfficerFair
  7. Hello A couple of months ago I installed world of ai but fell out with it and uninstalled it pretty quickly. But now I have a problem- my game seems to be lacking in traffic even with the slider set to 100%! Can someone help? FirstOfficerFair
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