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  1. Unfortunately I am stereo-blind and I doubt that VR works for me, same reason that 3D glasses won't work for me. Having Seasons is very important and I would personally put the most importance on Seasons for the variety of scenery.
  2. Thank you for that info. I will keep my eyes open and I bookmarked their site. I'm in no rush. I might wait and see what develops.
  3. Thank you for the info Kevin. I will check out those links and decide about waiting until an update. I never even heard of Drzewiecki Designs. I'm looking at their site now. Appreciate your suggestions. 🙂
  4. Thank you for the suggestion Kevin. Is that out now? I have FSDT's Phoenix, San Francisco, Minneapolis, and Denver airports.
  5. I'm considering adding two more airports to my scenery, namely, KLAX and KORD. Which companies would have offer the best scenery? I've considered Aerosoft but they don't have night textures.
  6. Downloaded EF just now and look forward to using this. I was rather pleased at the price. I expected it to be much more. I will enjoy the weather changes on the fly and the shader tweaking.
  7. Maybe I'm overlooking something simple. but I can't figure out how to get the EFB QW787 to show up on my iPad. All I can see is the CDU. This is the free trial to see if it works. If I can get the EFB to work, which is what I want it for the most, I will purchase this. How do I also view the upper MFD?
  8. Thank you for replying. I submitted my ticket. Sorry about not including my full name - James Stratman
  9. and then it gives me an error code: flxActCommonRepairLocalTrustedStorage - (50044,71013, 19810) (0) after I enter my activation code. I never had this happen before. I'm using P3D V4.1.
  10. I did try that and it even that wasn't working on the PMDG site.
  11. Me too. I can't access it and I'm having problems with my Boeing 747-400 QOTS II in P3D v4.
  12. Thank you Matt, I tried your suggestions. I entered all the address fields correctly and even tried a different browser but still PayPal would not work. I went ahead and used my Debit/Credit Card and it was successful. I have now downloaded PTA 2.5.1 successfully.
  13. I too have problems. Unable to make payment through my PayPal account. It just boots me out when I try to submit my payment.
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