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  1. I have the same problem in the Realair aircraft. I just downloaded my GTN last week and haven't found a fix yet.
  2. I have learned that with Carenado you have to hit the DIR button then hit the LSK on whatever waypoint you want to head to with the VNAV already on and it should descend if close enough.
  3. Whenever I switch screens then go back to the maddog after looking at a chart page I get a CTD whenever using the pop up fms or clicking any button the fms. It has happened 3 or 4 times now.
  4. Your name gave me a good laugh! First time I have seen it on here but yes I have been waiting for the 421 ever since they announced it. I was hoping they would do one for about a year now, seems like they did this before with the 441 as in it took months for it to finally hit the market.
  5. Greetings mate! Have you submitted a ticket to Carenado? I don't think any Carenado staff help out on this forum.
  6. Greetings mate, Not an expert but I believe those aircraft are not able to be updated no matter what you try and do.
  7. Mine hasn't worked since I bought this product last year.
  8. Just wondering if I'm the only here but for some reason after a certain amount of time my DHC2 will not work properly and I will have to reinstall it. I purchased the aircraft when it first came out and used it for a while and everything worked great but after not using it then going back and flying it again (months later) no engine gauges work and or oil/cylinder gauges. I'm experiencing the same thing right now, I reinstalled it probably about a month ago and flew it around a few times then I came back to it today and it's doing the same thing. I have not reinstalled P3D (3.4) however I am having issues with the child window problem. Is there a fix or do I just have to reinstall everytime?
  9. You can expect the typical yearly raises as well as promotions for working hard. I fueled Fedex at my most recent FBO job and the guys there have the system down pretty well it seems like everybody has the same task assigned each time a plane pulls up. In my last post I mentioned fueling airlines and I found it easy because I enjoyed it so much because sometimes I had to juggle more than one plane in making sure they got the fuel on board before they pushed which was challenging and kept the job interesting.
  10. I’ve worked at two different airports in the past 3 years as a line guy at an FBO and I also have a bachelors degree however airlines, cargo and GA do not exactly care about that. Most FBO’s have high turn over and what little work I’ve done with the airlines Southwest seems like the place to work. I suggest either doing cargo or a company that JUST fuels airlines because of how easy it is. Pay is not great but most offer benefits.
  11. If the engine gauges are flashing red due to you using full power they will die a few minutes after take off.
  12. Okay so I just tried all that it and so far it's working. If anything else happens I'll be sure and post about it. Thank you very much.
  13. Yesterday my P3D was working great then today whenever I tried to open it the typical Prepar3d blue box shows up but after that it is a black screen. When I hit escape I get the options as if I was already loaded in a scenario and when I navigate from there I always end up at the same black screen. I have not tried to add or modify any aircraft or scenery in the last 24 hours. So far I have tried to repair and I deleted and did a fresh reinstall. Any help would be appreciated.
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