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  1. https://imgur.com/a/TDc828S Hello I'm having issues with textures inside my sim I have posted this on the FTX forums as well with no luck so this is my best bet. Windows 10 7700k 1060 ti P3Dv4.3 On SSD Orbx FTX Global Orbx OpenLC Europe
  2. Hi scott thanks for the response i'll take a look.
  3. Hello can't get any clouds working using v4.1 heres a screenshot of my sim and what i see https://imgur.com/a/dyz9F
  4. Can confirm it's working in the uk!
  5. You're obviously some type of Wizard thanks:D Would ORBX/Terra Flora Be worth it?
  6. Hello HUSSAR and everyone in this topic, thanks for the help i managed to get some kind of volume back by deleting the p3d cfg file. one last little problem though the trees in the sim look a little bright and not realistic here is a small album of insim screenshots and my settings. would getting ORBX Trees/Terra Flora help with this issue? https://imgur.com/a/WqVdP pta preset (pta2-preset-thopat-2_2) I7-7700K GTX1060 6gb 16gb DDR4 1300Mhz P3D running on SSD
  7. If i buy REX 4 Enhanced Edition would it be compatible with active sky and my sim?
  8. Not long, did a total reinstall to v4.1 from v4 and the sim doesn't look how it used to. i have most visual addons to try make the games look as real as possible but looks like i'm having a fair few issues with that.
  9. Using ASV4+ASCA And my clouds still look awful anything that I'm doing wrong or is there anything i can buy to make them better? https://imgur.com/a/reAIk (P3Dv4.1) Cameron.B
  10. Does anyone know how to repait e.g. a KLM 737 Livery the file used is a .PTP i have no idea how to open it/access the content inside? Any help please Cameron Bondar
  11. "ProgramData" is a hidden folder.
  12. "ProgramData" is a hidden folder.
  13. Hello noob question but i can't tell if i'm being stupid or i cant find my Scenery.cfg in > D:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 any help please ? Thanks, Cameron.
  14. Hello noob question but i cant find my Scenery.cfg in > D:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 any help please ? Thanks, Cameron.
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