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  1. as @Reader has said perhaps the files have been moved or there are duplicate entries. which of course you want to find out about. Scenery-Config-Editor is a basic program but it makes scenery file management much easier than in FSX itself - the setting of file paths is much easier. the first thing you need though is a plan. then you need to spend a bit of time getting to know how Scenery-Config-Editor works. you also need to be very clear how your scenery should be layered. layering scenery is not as difficult as it might seem. basically your layers should be like this. airfield files new general scenery [states, areas] FSX base files i have all my general scenery below 'Addon Scenery' and i do not use the addon folders except for files which are common scenery for the sim. above 'Addon Scenery' i place all airfields and extras files. i do not allow scenery to be placed by any installation programs - i always install to a folder i want the scenery to go to. i have all my USA scenery alphabeticalised above 'Addon Scenery' and all Australian scenery alphabeticalised above that. in Scenery-Config-Editor [ https://www.softpedia.com/get/Others/Miscellaneous/Scenery-Config-Editor.shtml ] we can group scenery as we like, setting and unsetting areas as required for flying. Scenery-Config-Editor has a few quirks so save as you go. BUT - don't forget the plan. where do you want scenery to go both on the disk and in the sim. AND it can be a huge job, so do it bit by bit.
  2. thanks Alex. i get it now. i am using 2.6.4 zoom in - boundaries disappear - less detail, ctrl+-, boundaries appear. joe
  3. gday. airspace boundaries for onlline network and navigraph disappear after 80 nm zoom in. how do i change this? thanks
  4. in LNM 2.6.4.beta windows 10 google maps sat and def are pixellating from 60nm zooming in - ter is readable to .2 - .12 nm open and other maps from 160nm, sometimes no detail at all us maps are pixellating from 160nm zooming in. have i missed a setting?
  5. it would be nice to have a dialog box for /View/Airspaces. at present, each time we make a selection the menu closes and we must start again.
  6. thanks Alex. i have noticed when online VATSIM aircraft are sometimes missing or not mapped until Little Navmap redraws the map [locally, at an airport and enroute] for example an aircraft will stay at one place until map refresh. i will see it taxi and line up and then not until it is airborne and away from the field. i will use your suggested technique and see. joe
  7. that's it! thank you. i was reading the DX10 Anti Aliasing section but still unsure which button to push. another happy customer. joe
  8. gday. i have have flashing 'lights' on the ground in daytime. night time seems not to be affected. the effect is [with movement over the ground] like large bright street lights or large fireflys as the aircraft moves over the ground. i suspect, associated with this is a moire effect in day time of thin straight edges, like light poles, even when stationary on the ground. what settings do i need to adjust? thanks joe
  9. thanks Alex, that clears things up. now, don't scold about reading the manual. we DO read the manual - all the time - but we are trying to reconcile what we are reading with what we know and this is muddled by what we think should be, or expect. remember that you have this all in your head whereas we need to read and understand it [sometimes muddled, as i said]. and sometimes, we just need to talk to you about it to make sense of things. thanks hugely for your fantastic program. joe
  10. thanks Alex. my thinking is: 200 liters total fuel available 30 reserve, 11 taxi i am expecting 200 liters at the top of flight plan decreasing as we fly the legs. i note that you say but the toolhelp refers to minimum fuel for 30 minutes [i am using 45 min reserve fuel] i'm also reading https://www.skybrary.aero/index.php/Fuel_-_Flight_Planning_Definitions and going through section 34. Aircraft Performance . joe
  11. --------------------------------------------- i expect this number to be 200 https://www.dropbox.com/s/pvzmrjvd8y7nxwx/Cessna Skyhawk 172SP Green VH-KVJ.lnmperf?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/6cm7fwq9ygcwfvd/IFR Bankstown (YSBK) to Maitland (YMND).pln?dl=0
  12. hello. i can't get my fuel plan to begin with the 200 liters [c172] in my aircraft performance profile. it's just simple 1 hour flight, times, distances show correctly in the flight plan but the fuel column does not begin with the 200 liters, full tanks. i do i fix this? regards joe
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