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  1. Hi Everyone, I setup LINDA with my PMDG 737 and Qsim 787. All was working fine. I just restarted my sim and went to assign the QSIM 787 profile, and it keeps reverting to PMDG 737 NGXu. I've reinstalled all the modules but it keeps reverting to that aircraft. Any suggestions as to why it is doin this?
  2. kI guess i'll also play with overclocking. Running an i7-6700k.
  3. Alright I need some solid expert help here. I got V4.3. Im Running -GTX1080 -Intel I7 -27" UHD Display I feel like I have a pretty good setup and the AA in my sim is killing me. Jagged/Blurry edges especially on runways. To Use NI or Not? Im hearing so many mixed things. Played with all kinds of settings and cant for the life of me see any improvement. Ill even take the help of someone who want to teamviewer in. I just need a second set of eyes on this. Also from tower view, getting flashing/shimmering textures.
  4. Alright all update. Got a 27" 144hz 1440p display. Def running alot smoother but at 4xMSAA still gettig allot of jaggies. Any advice?
  5. Im gonna pickup a 1440p/144hz display tonight and try that out. One of them will go back :P. Just a matter of finding that perfect balance. I am leaning toward the 1440. I feel like since I am at a close distance, why use all my computing resources.
  6. Thanks everyone. I have some time sudnay to play around. Will report back.
  7. I am having the worst performance with my new 4K display. Running a GTX 1080 , i7-6700, 16gb ram. 4k 28" samsung display @ 60hz. P3D V4.2 First the larger 4k display did nothing for image quality. To get decent quality still running at 4xMSAA. Getting terribly low frame rates, 15-20 fps. Outside panning, not a smooth pan, when the camera is toward the rear of the A/C get down to about 5 fps. Very stuttery. I'm not sure what to do? Is it 4.2? I have a decent system, not sure why i have such terrible performance. I have tried 30hz, 60 hz as well as turning vsync off with no luck. Any advice would be appreciative. Do I go back down to a 144hz 24" display?
  8. I'm not sure what else to do. I have an GTX960. I dont know if I should just blow the Ninspector profile away and rebuild it? Anyone a master guru on this that can teamviewer into my PC later?
  9. It's definatly not the shaddow. Im traveling for work so no screenshot at the moment. Its the black bars on the pmdg wings that are jagged as well as some airport vehicles only. Also whn the aircraft is viewed from a tower view, the textures flash and look like they are being scrambled. Some airport textures show the same. Most of the FSX world is crisp and clear though. I am getting about 80fps wing view i flight although qhen on spot view and rotating canera it does jump/stuter a bit sometimes.
  10. Hello All, I am encountering issues with FSX-SE and PMDG textures. More specifically the black bars on the wings are super jagged but the rest of the textures are fine. I have followed Nick's guide to NI configuration. the rest of the FSX world looks amazing except the wing lectures, also when the aircraft is viewed from a tower view, I seem to have texture flashing for some airport textures as well. Antialiasing - Setting has been set to all settings including 16x Antialiasing - Transparency Supersampling = 4x Any other suggestions? I have also tried to enable AA in FSX and used the enhance option in NI with no luck. DX10 preview has been disabled and am using DX11.
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