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  1. Is the FMC still in beta? i´m awaiting it to be complete before purchasing, and honestly i prefer to pay full price in this case, the dev deserves it.
  2. Hello. I have also the Realsimgear GTN. To lock the GTN750 window once it is in the Realsimgear unit, move your cursor carefully to the edges of the display, until the cursor turns into an arrow (the usual arrow that lets you change the size of a window by dragging the cursor). While the cursor is in arrow form, it will let you right click and select the lock window option.
  3. Ok, i´ve send the logs and also what versions of prepar3d/LINDA/ module i´m using. Let me know if you need anything else.
  4. Hello. I´ve been using my MCP combo with LINDA for a long time without any issue, for me is an absolute must for virtual flying. Somehow, after i´ve added a second tactile monitor to my setup, the MCP combo has ceased to respond. The weird thing is that LINDA´s setup MCP combo menu says that everything is ok. I can even load a plane in prepar3D and LINDA will load it´s module correctly and the MCP combo will show the correct values corresponding to the module in the digital display, even changing those values if i move, let´s say, the heading bug in the virtual cockpit to show the correct number. The problem is, The buttons and dials on my MCP combo do nothing, regardless of what module i am using. If i open the LINDA console, this is the message i get over and over again: [E] *** LUA Error: ...dules\linda/aircrafts/FLYSIM Learjet 35A/actions.lua:19: attempt to perform arithmetic on a nil value This, of corse, is with the Flysimware learjet module, but same happens with the rest. Any hint about what is happening? Regards.
  5. The plane is the Flysimware Learjet 35. It has a little configuration program where you can set the plane to have different GPS sets (GTN, GNS, one or two units...). I had it with one GTN750, and if the unit in particular is already installed in your computer the GPS selected by you will appear automatically in the virtual cockpit and also as a popup window. Followed your advice and using the GTN setup menu i selected the pop out window option. Everything seemed fine there, but just in case i put there again the same options, just changing it´s size to 1:1, and clicked ok. And voila! suddenly the pop out window works flawlessly, so i guess something was iffy with the original setup. Many thanks for pointing me where to look 😀 Regards.
  6. Hello. I'm having a little problem with my GTN750. In the virtual cockpit of my plane the GTN works flawlessly, but when popped out in a window i cannot click certain buttons, particularly some located on the left area of the device. In the home menu, for example, if i click on the charts button the pop out window closes inmediatly. Same happens if i click on the back button of the map, or if i click the Q, A or cancel button when the keyboard is displayed. It makes tipyng waipoints impossible in the popped out windows. I use the GTN in a second monitor, so the pop out window is a must for me. Anyone has had this problem? any help will be welcome. Regards.
  7. Well, it seems the GTN and the plane work well after all. I was a bit rusty it seems and forgot certain switch necessary for the AP to activate 😳. Just did a short flight and everything worked allright.
  8. https://www.dropbox.com/h?preview=InkedGTN750_LI.jpg This is what i'm seeing in the options menu of my GTN
  9. Hello. This afternoon i've started a flight with the Flysimware Learjet 35, wich i have with the GTN750. Some months ago i flew this same plane with the GTN without any hitch, but today the plane was unable to follow the magenta line, even when the autopilot was on and nav mode as well. I've popped up the option menu of the GTN in case it wasn't coupled with the automatic pilot, and then realized that all options in the panel instrument menu except "master device" and "connect GPS to HSI" were grayed out and with red locks next to them. A red text says that the red locks are "locked device settings", and i can´t remove those locks by any means. "connect GPS to autopilot" is one of those locked options, and that i guess is the reason why the plane is unable to fly in nav mode. How can i get rid of those locks? and why are there those locks to start with? I´ve had the GNS 530, 430 and GTN750 for a long time and i´ve never met those till now. Any hint about how to regain control of those locked options will be welcome. I´ve tried reinstalling both the GTN and the plane but nothing has changed so far 😥
  10. Great shots as usual. Do you have FTX global base installed as well? Orbx Sedona looks amazing, but i´m not sure if FTX global base is required for Sedona to show all of it´s autogen.
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