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  1. Why does nobody talk about accurate crashes? Right now, it just pauses and you have no idea what happened If I were to crash on a flight, I'd like to see the crash play out and have some sort of reason of why it crashed. Aircraft overstressed? Like, did a wing fall off? Also, there's been times that I landed on my main gears, at landing speed, and still "crashed". Unfortunately, it just pauses and I have NO CLUE what happened. It would be nice if there was some sort of dialogue that lets me know precisely why I crashed
  2. That's a real bummer. I love FltPlanGo, it's such an easy way to track my flight on a tablet as well as quick access to airport information, weather, etc Essential to my simming experience... It'll be a shame if it goes away
  3. Coming from the PMDG NGX, I think it's a good model, if you are willing to cut it a little slack (meaning, don't expect PMDG quality, and save the flight every once in a while in case there is a CTD). MOST of my flights can be successfully completed without the CTD's or other issues (still having an issue with VNAV at TOC, but I just deal with it) I personally love the 787 IRL, and there is no other option for P3D, so I don't get too frustrated when I have to deal with these issues. I REALLY love the jump ahead feature. You can literally configure, take off, climb, and descend/land all within an hour ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. I love PMDG, but that is one feature that QW has that I really wish the NGX has. Honestly, probably the single feature that's stopped me from going back to the NGX since the purchase. Plus the crew sounds are really nice I say go for it, but be a little forgiving if something doesn't go right. It is a new product but an amazing aircraft with some really good features
  4. I know what you're talking about Daniel. Same thing happens to me (also, if I'm copying a leg from LSK3 to 1 for example). You just have to click it a couple times before it shows up in the scratchpad. A little annoying, but can work around it pretty easily. Really liking this plane, so I deal with the little annoyances
  5. Unfortunately only forward. Unless you save the flight and go back to that point
  6. It's so nice! It's really easy too. Just select the 'Info' button on the Display Select Panel, and you will see a menu on your DU with a 'Jump ahead' tab. This will take you to any waypoint (I highly suggest setting up your landing prior to this so VNAV is calculated). You can also see the FL of that waypoint so you get an idea of where you will end up. It messes with autopilot a bit (starts descending and speed is off, but it's not too bad to correct all of that). Honestly, probably my favorite feature of the aircraft There's something to be said about being able to fly from Seattle to Sydney in an hour *Edit... can't go backwards
  7. I for one think this would be a fantastic idea (I do actually work in SaaS). PMDG would definitely have more of my money if they did this I bought the NGX, because I knew I would fly it a lot. However, I have not bought the 747 or the 777's simply because of the cost and the fact that I wasn't sure how much I'd fly a heavy. If I could rent one out for a few bucks an hour, $10-20 a day, or whatever, I guarantee PMDG would have received at least an extra one or two hundred dollars from just me. Heck, I probably would have rented it a couple times, then bought it at full price anyway. I can't be the only one that would use a service like this. Seems like a new and substantial revenue stream for the good folks at PMDG, plus a way to get the product out to folks that are on the fence
  8. Not sure how interested you are in the 737, but flightdeck2sim has AMAZING tutorials on the 737-8/900 using the PMDG NGX. He's a RW pilot and 737 type trainer that uses real world procedures. Pretty fascinating
  9. The North America thing is kinda annoying, especially now that the QW787 is out with the jump ahead feature that makes it far too convenient to fly outside the US. I typically stick with NA as that is the area I'm familiar with, but will also be exploring a lot more now. But the conveniences far outweigh that IMHO if you mostly fly NA routes
  10. Hi Gary, I'm a big fan of FltPlanGo. I use it on every flight. It does not create flight plans (you must enter the route manually). However, you can connect your sim PC to your tablet and run the program on your tablet while watching your aircraft position. The tablet app can show waypoints, has procedures, weather, winds, airport info, charts, breadcrumbs, satellite view (see a random lake? easy to figure out what lake), instruments and way more, It's actually used for real-world flying, but works great with P3D. And it's free! I can't recommend it enough (I swear I'm not affiliated with them at all)
  11. Interesting. I've always justified the costs as compared to going to a bar or something instead (I have a lot of bars/restaurants near me). Spending $50-100 going out is no problem, especially if my girl is with me, so simming instead of going out actually seems fiscally responsible even considering the thousands I've already invested. Plus, "my hobby is flight sim" is far more rewarding and interesting than "I go to bars a lot" (I've certainly done both). I really do feel that there are plenty of times that I would have gone and grabbed a few drinks if I didn't stay home and fly. That's $50 a pop I save (adds up over the years)
  12. Do that. I do the same thing and it works great (coming from an enthusiast that hasn't had real-world ATC experience). Simbrief now has a downloader that will place the proper files into the specified folders. Load the plan in ProATC and PMDG and you're setup (don't even have to load in P3D/FSX, but you still can). It's a much better experience than default ATC and super easy once you figure everything out
  13. I have a GTX 1070 w/ 6700K also with a 65" 4k and it runs perfectly fine (with Active Sky, ORBX, ChasePlane, Pro-ATC/X and FltPlnGo server). I think you'll be fine as long as the computer itself is running well
  14. You really should look into that downloader, it's way better than I initially thought You set up paths to your P3D folder and for whatever plane you use (there are many formats). From there, you will just go into the P3D flight planner and load it. Same for your aircraft FMC file. It automatically loads whichever format needed and places them in the correct folder (that you specify). Pretty cool actually. I used to have to download extra files and put them in the P3D, PMDG, and ProATX-X folders individually. Now it's more or less automatic... very convenient
  15. Usually not. When I say "clean", I mean without 3rd party "bloatware". OEM's will typically load their own software and can really lead to performance issues and conflicts. As an IT professional, I can attest to the benefits of going with the least amount of extra programs possible. Also, you will want to go into startup programs and disable all the the programs you can/won't need to load up every time. I believe the Windows 10 recovery option will allow you to do this without buying a new version of Windows (although I haven't tried this specifically) Let's be honest though, you'll probably be fine (especially at the beginning) if you don't do that and just disable unused startup programs. It's just usually better practice in the long run when the PC gets more cluttered
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