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  1. Hey fellow pilots, im am using P3Dv5 with ASP3D, ASCA and Envtex. Sometimes i want to test some of the Visuals of Enhanced Atmospheric. 1. Now afaik if you switch EA on it automaticly disables ASCA. Regardless if it is running or not. Does this still show me proper EA or is there some sort of leftovers of ASCA stuff? Do i need to put ASCA and Envtex to a state of default (like the restore button) and than activate EA in order to have a proper setup. Or can i simply switch EA on and in later sessions off again to show me my proper ASCA-Envtex setup, without restoring. 2. How does Envtex performs with EA enabled. So there wont be any sky textures anymore nor any Clouds(ENVTEX) ??? But my Water and Airport Textures are still there Right ? thank you guys Cheers...
  2. simicro uuuuuuuuwwwwwiiiiiiiiiii, i am back in business. I deleted the P3d cfg and the shaders. then i made a fresh install of my nvidia drivers. ET VOILA https://imgur.com/a/S1Gst6s thank you.
  3. ok i tried it. still same. here a picture of New York City https://imgur.com/a/zDYJjuf it depends on what bank i am . something really strange. i didnt do anything to p3d. nothing at all.
  4. thanks for the answer simicro, i will give it a try and report. after a longer search of the web maybe it has something to do with the camera settings .. we will see.
  5. just found out that the same thing is at Istanbul . the bosporus bridges in the air. seems to be something with bridges. https://imgur.com/a/eGX1OlE i uninstalled Orbx Vector to recheck but no success. the 2 f22 screenshots are without vector. can someone help me. does anyone has the same issue ? thanks Querflieger
  6. Hello SimFriends, Since a few days i noticed a strange graphical issue at my home Airport EDDM. I will post some Screenshots that i made. I flew for the test with a random A/C Raptor F22 I Figured it out as rising highway barriers and airport fences when i change my view angle. dont know whether if it is something with afcad bgl. ORBX vector. or scenery Airport addon. It is strange and i am helpless at this point. https://imgur.com/a/Iodze9s in the far distance there is also a tower rising which i believe is the S-bahn(train) tunnel in the middle of the airport. as i said when i zoom in it disappers or gets in its right possition. on one picture if you look close enough you can see that the Highway barrier next to us is way up instead next to the way. https://imgur.com/a/x3kqk18 Here a some maybe relevant addons i use. Pilots MESH . ORBX products . Taxi2gate EDDM. Chaseplane Greetings from Munich Querflieger.
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