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  1. Very many thanks for all of your help and advice, sorry for the lateness in replying but have been fairly busy. Tried numerous times but still had the problems of vision being fuzzy so after a lot of thought reluctantly sent it back. Really gutted but could not see a way forward with the Rift S, being in the cockpit with VR is a game changer, was given the option of another Rift S but TBH, I didn't want to go through all that again. Have decided to wait and see what other options there may be in VR in the coming year. Again, many thanks for all your help. Regards Nigel.
  2. Many thanks for the above, have tried the Oculus Traytool but still only getting 20 fps in X Plane 11 and stutters when flying from East Midlands, also having huge problems with out of focus, ran another game Dirt Rally and no problems there. Just a bit lost on what to do. Regards Nigel.
  3. Just hope that some-one can advise me, using X Plane 11 as well as Dirt Rally I have found that the Rift S graphics much poorer than I have seen on You Tube (through the lens). Out of focus/fuzzy and have difficulty in reading some of the cockpit dials as well as distance but the main problem and I think this is called screen door (please correct me if I'm wrong) but the display is rather like putting your eyes right up to a TV screen, like looking out of a mesh screen. Absolutely love VR but this is my first experience and nothing like the videos of the Rift S through the lens I have watched. Does VR visibly show a meshy screen as you look through the headset and if so, how do I reduce it? Also how do I improve the graphics as my frame rate is down to 20fps. I have an i7-900K Nvidia RTX 2070 32GB RAM ROG Gaming Motherboard Visual Effects High HDR (one down from the max setting) 833MB Texures Antialaising X2 SSAA+FXAA No Shadows Number of World Object High Reflection Detail Off No AI with only draw parked aircraft I am not sure whether it may be my eyes as have tried with and without glasses, I have very good long distance sight but need glasses when reading text or a book, I also have downloaded the Oculus Tray and just set Default Super Sampling to 1.5, have not noticed any difference that I can see. Being on a pension and paying £399.99 it is a lot to me however, I am hoping that some-body may be able to describe what I should or should not expect from it but the feeling of being in the cockpit is mind blowing, BTW Could the Rift S be at fault? Many thanks in advance Regards Nigel.
  4. Hi Dave, have sent you an e-mail Regards Nigel.
  5. Hope some-one can advise or help me, I have X ATC Chatter and installed all files into various folders and made sure they were all unblocked by batching them all in each folder. Changed the player for sounds to Windows Media List then started Pilot2ATC, when selected Ground only one track played and repeated itself again and again, the same happens when I change frequency, only one track plays and repeats all the time and will not go to the next track. If some-one could advise I would be very grateful. Regards Nigel.
  6. Hi Dave, sorry for the delay, will send you the log. Regards Nigel.
  7. Every time I try to contact ground/tower or radar it takes a number of calls before I get a response and even then I get the voice saying aircraft calling repeat with call sign which I do but even after a few transmissions I am lucky if they reply and have to restart Pilot2ATC due to no response after calling a number of times. When I am able to transmit and before reading back the instructions the co-pilot answers even though I have unchecked the box in the configuration menu, just do not know why the co-pilot still responds to the radio? I have even set up boost on my microphone in case I am coming through very quiet and have tested it under windows configuration and know that it is working properly. Would be very grateful for any help to resolve this, I did uninstall Pilot2ATC and re-installed it hoping that the problem might clear but still having trouble contacting and keeping ATC interested in me!! Many thanks in advance. Regards Nigel.
  8. Hello Spit40, for me it is a bit of a jungle knowing which one to go for. I have thought about the Rift 'S' as that appears to be quite good. I mainly fly X-Plane 11 as well as Dirt Rally and rFactor1 racing but with the forthcoming release of the Vive cosmos the price is putting me well and truly off. My budget is set for around £400 and no more as being a pensioner I do not want to stretch my finances any further than that as earlier this year bought a new computer from Scan i7-900K and have 32GB RAM and a GTX 2070. If you have any ideas on VR for me that would be very helpful though tend to think that in time, the Valve Index will come down in price in line with other competitors. Maybe it's just me but the price tag of £699 is waaay too much to consider no matter how good it is. Regards Nigel.
  9. Came across this as am buying a VR Headset next month after a long time watching various reviews on You Tube however, I came across the new HTC Vive Cosmos but at the price, it is very expensive in comparison to other makes, $699 or £699 I have chosen to go for the Oculus Rift 'S' but even this has made to stop and think. I do not know much about VR apart from what I have read so what are your views on this? Regards Nigel.
  10. Many thanks for making the cheat sheet available, it has helped me a lot. Regards Nigel.
  11. Hi Dirk, spent some time trying to find where I had read it and found that I was mistaken, sorry. Radar Contact does work with another programme (a competitor) but do not think that it would be right to mention the name of the programme on here. Regards Nigel.
  12. Hi Scott, There is a lot to learn with this programme but once you become familiar with it, it becomes easier. BTW, I believe that Pilot2ATC will work with Radar Contact, sure I read about it somewhere though at the moment do not have FSX installed since buying a new computer. Regards Nigel.
  13. As the title says, I had been looking for an alternative ATC for some time and use Radar Contact with FSX but in X-Plane 11 had been looking for a more immersive experience. Downloaded Pilot2ATC after reading that it allowed a ten day trial period. Once the trial finished I was sold on it, granted there is a heck of a lot to learn to get the best from this software and also found ways to improve listening to the controllers thanks to Dave where another user had difficulty on hearing instructions, also have added more TTS voices thanks to another thread on here. Turning to the controllers, I find it really helpful in that there are many scripts to help when using ATC, back in the Seventies I used to fly Gliders and kept my hand in on light aircraft, mainly the Auster and Tiger Moth as well as others, but in those days it was not a requirement to have radios on board light aircraft so never did get much practice on the RT, now with my brain getting to 68 it is not as sharp as it used to be (never was anyway but not letting on on that)!😉 So the 'Say It' a gods send without the worry of using ATC and getting what I want to say all wrapped round my tongue and coming out like proverbial garbage!! So Dave, if you happen to chance on my post would just like to say that this programme has made a huge difference to my flight simming and also will start using it on FSX once I have mastered the art of proper ATC communications so many thanks for producing a brilliant interactive ATC. Regards Nigel.
  14. Have not been running ai aircraft apart from the ones' already in X-Plane 11 as did not want to spend time messing about with manual configurations, just don't have the patience and have been waiting for something like this from Just Flight, will certainly be on the 'must have' list when it is released. Regards Nigel.
  15. Hi chaps and very many thanks for all your answers to my query, firstly I never usually look at what my frame rates are as long as a simulation runs well but on reading a post whereby one person claimed he was getting 60fps I decided to look at mine and this is why I have put the post in just in case I am missing something on the settings. From Mmerrelles post he wrote: I honestly thought that it was my GPU that was the problem and could not understand why but after reading the explanations I can see that the cpu is most likely the problem through bottlenecking. I will of course try other suggestions made here but from my very first post I had written: I know that 2 computers are never going to be the same but I decided to see what frame rates I would get if I put the sliders down to the left and found that with hardly any scenery showing I only managed 45fps. This is where I could not get my head round, with basically no scenery at all and even taking a flight in France with just the default scenery there was only about 45fps with settings as shown above in the last of my screenshots with all sliders set to the left. When I set the sliders to full right I only dropped between 5 -6fps! so it looks like I need to find what programmes are taking up my cpu in the background. By the way, how do I reduce the number of traffic on the roads in X Plane 11? Had a look at the graphic settings and unless my eyes are getting really bad I cannot see anything which allows me to adjust the traffic. Once again, very many thanks for all your help and advice, greatly appreciated. Regards Nigel.
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