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  1. Have not been running ai aircraft apart from the ones' already in X-Plane 11 as did not want to spend time messing about with manual configurations, just don't have the patience and have been waiting for something like this from Just Flight, will certainly be on the 'must have' list when it is released. Regards Nigel.
  2. Hi chaps and very many thanks for all your answers to my query, firstly I never usually look at what my frame rates are as long as a simulation runs well but on reading a post whereby one person claimed he was getting 60fps I decided to look at mine and this is why I have put the post in just in case I am missing something on the settings. From Mmerrelles post he wrote: I honestly thought that it was my GPU that was the problem and could not understand why but after reading the explanations I can see that the cpu is most likely the problem through bottlenecking. I will of course try other suggestions made here but from my very first post I had written: I know that 2 computers are never going to be the same but I decided to see what frame rates I would get if I put the sliders down to the left and found that with hardly any scenery showing I only managed 45fps. This is where I could not get my head round, with basically no scenery at all and even taking a flight in France with just the default scenery there was only about 45fps with settings as shown above in the last of my screenshots with all sliders set to the left. When I set the sliders to full right I only dropped between 5 -6fps! so it looks like I need to find what programmes are taking up my cpu in the background. By the way, how do I reduce the number of traffic on the roads in X Plane 11? Had a look at the graphic settings and unless my eyes are getting really bad I cannot see anything which allows me to adjust the traffic. Once again, very many thanks for all your help and advice, greatly appreciated. Regards Nigel.
  3. Hello Bjoern, just tried that but unfortunately made no difference, still the same frame counts as above but many thanks for your suggestion. Regards Nigel.
  4. Hi Paraffin, have done as you suggested and taken out all the plug-ins then fire up X Plane 11. Two screenshots the first is in the Cessna 172, took off from Wickenby Liincs as there is very little scenery there so should really have got a decent amount of frame rates but only got around 38fps. Also, this is now the graphic setup that I was using. My screen resolution is running at 1920X1080 Only a very small improvement overall on frame rates, any ideas? Regards Nigel.
  5. I took delivery on a new computer about 2 months ago and have been flying in X Plane 11 quite happily but somehow I do not think I am getting the performance that I should. My frame rates are around between 25 - 30 fps even over London but on reading in one post on another forum one person was getting in the region of 60fps. I know that 2 computers are never going to be the same but I decided to see what frame rates I would get if I put the sliders down to the left and found that with hardly any scenery showing I only managed 45fps. My system briefly is an i7-9700K @ 3.60GHz (not overclocked) RTX 2070 Graphic Card (not overclocked) and 32GB RAM. Also have a 1TB SSD for X Plane 11 I am running Orbx True Earth with only a few plug-ins and at the moment just 2 payware airports Southampton and Barton and one payware aircraft being the DA62, the rest of the time I fly the default a/c. Could some-one please advise me whether or not my fps at 25 - 30fps is what it should be with these settings. Finally have also included log file when starting X Plane 11 Any help or advice appreciated. Regards Nigel. .
  6. Nigel

    MSSTDFMT.DLL Problems

    Hi Lenny777 good to hear that you got it OK, took me a few minutes to locate it as there were so many of the dll blighters though being in alphabetical order helped enormously. Regards Nigel. .
  7. Nigel

    MSSTDFMT.DLL Problems

    Ray, vgbaron, very many thanks for your help and quick response to my problem, I downloaded the dll from the site given by vgbaron and then registered it through DOS. Radar Contact is now up and running and presently I am working my way through the manual. By all accounts, this appears to be a fantastic ATC add-on and will definitely keep me on my toes when flying!! Presently using FSX and although I have X Plane 11 I will be looking towards P3d to run as well sometime in 2019 and really pleased to know that RC works in that sim. Again, many thanks for your help. Regards Nigel.
  8. Firstly many thanks for releasing Radar Contact as freeware this is very much appreciated. Even though I have read right through all the problems associated with msstdfmt.dll I cannot get Radar Contact to work. I have even re-installed it over the original installation but to no effect, I have also looked in Windows for the dll but it is not there so hoping that someone would be able to suggest how I can obtain this file in order to run RCv4. I have looked on the Microsoft site to see if there is one to download as I mistrust other sites but unfortunately Microsoft do not have it (that I could see). Does this dll come with RC4 and if so do I need to re-download it just in case the download missed something. Any help would be appreciated. Incidentally, I tried all methods given in past posts. I am running Win10 64bit and the dll file is in neither folder of system 32 or SysWOW 64. Regards Nigel.
  9. Nigel


    Hi Glenn, no problems. Have been enjoying most of all flying over abandoned WW11 Airfields in Lincolnshire as well as my home. Ortho certainly gives you a much better opportunity to fly VFR and do visual navigation without using any nav aids. The towns and villages are all there as well as the roads. Fantastic!! Regards Nigel.
  10. Nigel


    Hi Glenn, many thanks for your help and advice, Orth4XP now working. My fault as I did not know that elevation data was required and also I had to create a folder for Elevation_data and put that into the Ortho folder. This has made a significant improvement to my scenery and very pleased with it. Again, many thanks. Regards Nigel.
  11. Just to let you chaps know, as yet I have had no further feedback from Jennifer at X Plane regarding this issue, they had requested copy of my Preferences Folder as well as my Graphic Settings but nothing further as of yet. Maybe they cannot replicate this problem and that is why I have not as yet heard anything. The issue still remains though I still use the workaround by setting my graphics to windowed mode then back to full screen which is no big problem. Regards Nigel.
  12. Nigel


    Hi Glenn, very many thanks and will give it a go sometime this week when time allows. Regards Nigel.
  13. Nigel


    Hi Glen, OK I downloaded the area that I require (UK) but how do I use them in relation to Orth4XP. I am totally new to this platform and this has been my first attempt at using Ortho4XP so would very much appreciate a step by step guide on how to use elevation Data in Ortho4XP. That is maybe from step one after selecting the Tile I wish to use and also whether to use Batch Mode or go through steps 1 - 3. Please bear in mind that I am getting on in years and may need simple instructions!! Many thanks in advance. Regards Nigel.
  14. Having trouble using Ortho4XP, have made sure I have downloaded the latest version and tried to make one tile for Lincoln area to see how good it is but not having any joy at all. Have watched You Tube videos on using it and also from here, I am hoping that someone could tell me where this is going wrong. Firstly tried batch build with build masks and build overlays checked but stops at: Done. The zip archive will now be extracted in the Elevation_Data.Dir In the DOS Directory it reads FileNotFoundError [Errno 2] No such file or directory ..\\tmp\\ Equally when trying to build just one tile for Lincolnshire I go through: Step 1 Build Vector Data; that works Step 2 Build base mesh that works Step 2.5 Build masks it then says you must first construct the mesh. Can anyone help as I am really becoming frustrated at not being able to do this! Regards Nigel.
  15. Just to let you know a bug report has been sent. Should I receive any feedback or result I will let you know. Regards Nigel.