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  1. Hello I recently obtained the Taxi2Gate OTHH scenery and I love it. However I noticed that the AI is in the old OTBD airport (they're sort of floating in air, since they're isn't much there) I have pretty much all WOAI aircraft and I was wondering if they're is a easy way to get all airlines that go to OTBD to go to OTHH? I don't have an experience in editing anything FSX related. Thanks!
  2. Developers can hopefully develop side by side? Readme's can be provided with the download. each addon can have it's own folder, in the folder will be the compiled addon as well as the read me, other than what i suggested earlier.
  3. Yeah exactly! You can have admins on the workshop who can verify addons before they get uploaded, that way fighting piracy is a lot better.
  4. Here's an indea: DLC and freeware addons should integrated side by side. What I mean by this is payware addons can be distributed as DLC, where as freeware addons can be distributed using steam's workshop system. for those of you who don't know what workshop is, it's basically a system to help distribute user created content for free. Workshop system has been implemented for Counter Strike: Global Offensive as well as Garry's mod and have been a huge success. All you have to do is browse for content and click the 'subscribe' button and things will automatically download and install. So Paywhere addons like PMDG, Aerosoft can be sold as DLC, where as Freeware addons like Thomas Ruth's A300 can be distributed in the workshop. Aircraft repaints can also be distributed on the workshop (for both paywere and freeware since they're free). Addons can be compiled to one specifc file and placed in an 'addons' directory. DTG should make an update that would make FSX:SE support this file type leading to easy download/installs. What do you guys think? Also for those of you who want to know which addons are working fine, here: http://steamcommunity.com/app/314160/discussions/1/626329820762751955/
  5. Yeah I mod CS:S and CS:GO too, it's just that I've never had a external programe hook itself to steam games, and from what I hear that will get you banned. Which Is what I want to avoid the most. Say if there is support for FSUIPC for the steam version, can external programes connect to that and not get users banned? for whatever programe they use?
  6. Hello everyone, I'm new here I just purchased FSX:SE last night however I haven't installed it as it's a backup like most of you are doing. I have a question regarding VAC ban. Won't installing external DLL's or exe's get you banned? I ask of this becuase I use a lot of custom content.. another question is that I'm part of Qatar Airways Virtual. Now in order to send PIREP's info and stuff like that QAV uses the XACARS system or SmartCARS as it's known. XACARS/SmartCARS hooks itself to FSX and gathers info about Altitude, speed etc. As far as i know, VAC will ban anything that hooks on to steam games and such. So if I use XACARS/SmartCARS will it get me banned? Since it's an external programe that latches on to FSX? Thank you! AJ
  7. If I upgrade to win 7 64bit and get maybe 6 - 8GB RAM, will it make a big difference?
  8. You mean the default scenery? Yeah that has jetways. I have a Inter Core 2 Duo 3.5GHz 4GB RAM ATI Radeon HD 4670 Win7 Ulti 32bit. Would it run properly?
  9. Advanced Animations is on. Is there a way to make the jetways movable? By code?
  10. Hello, I installed the OTHH scenery made by Christophe Bouville. I can't seem to get the jetways to work. It's for FSX. The jetways don't move or do anything. where as for others they do seem to work (I think). I messed with my fsx settings but to no avail. Any help? Thanks.
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