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  1. I don't even know what is RealtyXP plugin and I don't use Zibo mod.
  2. Dear Pilots, I just bought the Active Sky XP and I have a problem with it. I flew from Bergamo to Debrecen yesterday and I realized this is actually not real weather. What is my problem? I live in Debrecen and the weather was very cloudy here yesterday in the afternoon. But in the X-Plane the weather was "Clear" during my arrival. I went to the window and I saw a big, much layered cloud in the sky. So the weather was cloudy. I couldn't see the Sun, just clouds everywhere. What should I do to fix this? Any suggestions? My settings are fitted to Real Weather mode, and I use Realism mode. I don't know what is the problem. I always see in the ASXP METAR: Clouds: None reported. Is that can be a problem? No real weather information given from server? Please help me. Thank you for reading! Regards,
  3. Dear Members, I just like to know how can I update the navdata base in Flight Factor A320 Ultimate. I tried in Navigraph control panel but the addon mappings couldn’t find it and manually I couldn’t choose it because wasn’t in the list. Any way? Please help! Thank you! Regards,
  4. I flew today at night but no lights in the cabin. If I turn on the “dome” only.
  5. Dear members, I just bought the plane and I did a testflight. Everything was ok. I need some advice how can I calculate the V1 V2 V3 speeds. I use simbrief with purchased license. Is the Simbrief calculate the V speeds in the flightplan? If yes, where can I find? One more question: How can I light up the cabin without using Dome lights? Because dome lights light up the cockpit too. Or this is like in real life? Please answer my question if you can, thanks! Best Regards,
  6. Thanks for the answer! The problem was that the plugin for the plane installed incorrectly. Now Works fine!
  7. Dear Members, I just bought the airplane and I can't activate it. This plane is the FF A320U. Load correctly but the plane looks like this: So looks like the activation is missing but no activation form here. I couldn't find where can I activate the aircraft. Any helps? Regards,
  8. No difference between the Steam X-Plane 11 and Digital XP11... These are same.
  9. My sotfware is updated to 11.10. I can't update to 11.20 via Steam.
  10. Thank you for the information! I tried it. OSM data is too outdated. Lot of places are missing in Barcelona, whole of the EU... Deleted. In big cities like Frankfurt the OSM data is good but the landscape is too bad.
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