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  1. Flightgear? I agree they must be busy with Vulkan so they had to postpone seasonal textures etc. I can't imagine that they won't come up with shaders for such in some years. I also hope my Samsung Odyssey controllers get fixed while waiting for VR/Vulkan on Linux.
  2. Tony I don't think there's one single x-plane addon that needs a constant connection. What should that be, can you name some? Many use a first start activation and I have no problem with that. I think I had once a ubisoft game that always wanted a connection but it was so bad I've trashed it. I don't use steam for xplane but maybe might do for the next version. I wouldn't buy xplane addons from steam as I've heard some to use steam drm, hence you could not move away from steam later on. Steam, alike xplane.org etc. charge a hefty 25% which is to much but they have the traffic.
  3. I got interested in Aerofly with Vulkan but wait for Linux now as I've heard the flightmodel etc. to be more like a arcade game. In Aerofly RC I've tried to fly 3D but the flightmodel is completely unrealistic even after downloading this: https://www.aerofly-sim.de/download/download-aeroflyrc7/rc7-pitts-realfeel But yes the future looks bright, we should be able to leave the flickering DX legacy flightsims behind.
  4. I triple boot Ubuntu/osx86/win10 without problems and use 99% Linux.
  5. While I did a fresh Ubuntu 18.04 install some weeks ago to clean out cruft, I can't remember anything special. Maybe I've installed with synaptic OpenAL and Fmod. If you run X-Plane in a terminal you get error messages about things you need to install.
  6. That's no problem, many developers use Linux. Looking back using Ubuntu saved me some money. I might have bought 2-3 addons, but wouldn't buy them today anymore. @Bjoern Yes I remember to have run xplane from a NTFS partition but sim loading is longer. I would rather try to read Linux filesystems from Windows. Never tried that, but as it's opensource, unlike NTFS or VFAT, it could be better. Let us know.
  7. I use it every day and only boot Win10 for VR, which I hope soon to get OpenXR. Here's a benchmark, scroll down to xplane: https://openbenchmarking.org/result/1806226-AR-WINLINUX713
  8. Sure I triple boot all os, but for testing distros I quickly fire it up in virtualbox. I like Ubuntu 18.04 with unite extension.
  9. ps: do I need special gloves, software etc. for the hands VR use? (Samsung Odyssey here)
  10. Vulkan sounds tempting. When could I move/update to Linux, if I buy this from steam now? Samsung Odyssey is supported?
  11. Does it use MoltenVK/khronos on macOS? Looking forward to Linux support.
  12. I don't hear the ATC chatter when I let AI fly in VR. Why? Thanks
  13. Yet another update: http://sgier.com/images/pc24/4.jpg
  14. I've ordered a Samsung Odyssey to have readable instruments. Also with Vulkan we should get a nice FPS boost, hopefully in Xplane 10.3.
  15. Stumbled across this, really cool: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3onW_gSjp2o
  16. Not bad but could use work. I like more the default rain in FSW.
  17. So what's it like? Is this for cockpit builders only?
  18. Microsoft also joined OpenXR: https://www.khronos.org/openxr Looking forward for reviews of Odyssey, Vive Pro, Pimax 8K. Oh well anything, as I'll get later this year a VR device.
  19. Tesla in space is spectacular. But that adds another debris. Even more cool would be to orbit Tesla's roadster around Mars, until a manned mars crew gives it a little boost towards sun where it would burn up.
  20. Looking forward for Linux and Blender support. Thanks.
  21. Personally I don't expect Vulkan before XP12, which is some years away. But we simply don't know when. Have a look here: https://developer.x-plane.com/2016/03/what-vulkan-means-to-developers/
  22. Any estimation on the expected release date? (I'm using Ubuntu)
  23. Installer? ZIP are the best installers for X-Plane.
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