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  1. I've ordered a Samsung Odyssey to have readable instruments. Also with Vulkan we should get a nice FPS boost, hopefully in Xplane 10.3.
  2. mike4

    X-Aviation has announced the Socata TBM900

    Stumbled across this, really cool: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3onW_gSjp2o
  3. mike4

    Seriously amazing rain

    Not bad but could use work. I like more the default rain in FSW.
  4. So what's it like? Is this for cockpit builders only?
  5. Thanks. How/where to download the free version?
  6. mike4

    11.20VR2 released !

    Microsoft also joined OpenXR: https://www.khronos.org/openxr Looking forward for reviews of Odyssey, Vive Pro, Pimax 8K. Oh well anything, as I'll get later this year a VR device.
  7. mike4

    Congratulations SpaceX !!

    Tesla in space is spectacular. But that adds another debris. Even more cool would be to orbit Tesla's roadster around Mars, until a manned mars crew gives it a little boost towards sun where it would burn up.
  8. mike4

    IPACS Latest News Blog

    Looking forward for Linux and Blender support. Thanks.
  9. mike4

    XPlane 11 Vulcan

    Personally I don't expect Vulkan before XP12, which is some years away. But we simply don't know when. Have a look here: https://developer.x-plane.com/2016/03/what-vulkan-means-to-developers/
  10. Any estimation on the expected release date? (I'm using Ubuntu)
  11. Installer? ZIP are the best installers for X-Plane.
  12. mike4

    Some advice on VR

    It's coming thanks to Valve: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=LCA-2018-Steam-VR-HMDs Tony, if it doesn't put you inside the plane, what VR should that be?
  13. mike4

    P.180 Avanti II available again

    So you have permission from Austin to not support Linux or what?
  14. As Ben said Vulkan will be switched on in a year or so, but with those code restructurings we see OpenGL performance improvements before that. I will get a Linux compatible VR once this is done.
  15. Some planes have terrain/water like from sgiercom, some Carenado and others I forgot which.