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  1. FREE

    So you have permission from Austin to not support Linux or what?
  2. As Ben said Vulkan will be switched on in a year or so, but with those code restructurings we see OpenGL performance improvements before that. I will get a Linux compatible VR once this is done.
  3. Some planes have terrain/water like from sgiercom, some Carenado and others I forgot which.
  4. I bought it because there's no demo. But while cheap, it's as broken as it gets. Impossible to fly. Without Vulkan and VR I would be very surprised if it would have any future. Windows is obsolete and FSX(W) even more.
  5. Hi I got FSW working on Ubuntu with wine staging once. But after selecting aircraft it crashed and I cannot start anymore. It silently quits. Do I need to reset something? I vaguely remember alike on FSX a long time ago. Deleted all user FSW files but no luck. The same fsw still works ok on Win10 Thanks
  6. Bought but not impressed at all. Departing there are lakes missing, mountains look like fsx and I couldn't even figure my current location as the map is broken as well. cheap but not sure if i keep it. Back on Ubuntu now.Back on Ubuntu now.
  7. Hi should I buy or stick with xplane? Are only a handful GA airplanes included? At least it covers the whole world with airports and scenery? Has the FSX flickering been removed? At least it should run smoothly with my specs below? Intel® Core™ i7-4770K CPU @ 3.50GHz × 8 GeForce GTX 1070/PCIe/SSE2 16GB ram I was ready to buy this morning as it's cheap, but some comments made me ask back. Thanks
  8. ok thanks for the feeback. I'll ask if they could install xplane while I go shopping. if it runs, I take it else not.
  9. macbooks are cheap? I think about something alike: https://produkte.migros.ch/hp-15-ay036nz-notebook it simply must run xp11 at lowest settings. Thanks
  10. HI while traveling I'm looking for a real cheap laptop. Would a i3 with a integrated Intel 520 be ok to run xp11 in low settings? How much ram i need? Basically I only need to test stuff not fly a lot. Thanks
  11. What is BEMT? As for CPU FSX only used one or two cores. So by moving stuff to GPU they not really improved stuff, unless they support multicore CPUs like XP. 64bit is a must but they should also gone Vulkan or at least DX12 for VR. So if they're to lazy to support VR, I'll be to lazy to buy stuff.
  12. DX11...dates also from 2009. I'll have a look at the demo. If it flickers like FSX, I'll trash it right away. For VR they should go with Vulkan or at least dx12.
  13. Defeat steam? The problem is that you need to install 10 years old stuff.
  14. DX11 with at least a GTX970...that smacks alot like FSX. DX11 is how old, 5 years? They should have gone with Vulkan also for VR. I'll try the demo to see if the FSX flickering has gone. At least the images look much less cartoonish with real reflections like xplane.
  15. Hi why name this forum section like this, when much more devices are HTC Vive: http://www.roadtovr.com/htc-vive-sales-units-oculus-rift-comparison-compared-tim-sweeney/ Plese remove Oculus from title, thanks