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  1. Does anyone know if the G500/G600 is able to be used with the LJ25?
  2. Ya I find it weird that it's not showing up. Unlike you though I am unable to get the GTN to work in any plane.
  3. When you guys go into the F1UpdateTool do you see p3d V4 listed? I do not.
  4. I believe this is the Cinematic Feature. You can turn it off in the options.
  5. On a completely unrelated note is it possible to block all posts from certain members?
  6. To be fair PMDG already has the engines/some fuselage models already done for it as it a Frankenstein of two 744's
  7. I am a software developer. Currently working with mostly iOS.
  8. I had major issues with Windows 10 installing drivers after every restart. Ended up disabling it in registry.
  9. Thanks Flic, Patleo I will give it a shot when I get home. I also like seeing cities as I overfly them. There is so much light pollution in real world that it feels kinda sureal flying when it is 100% dark outside. Sam
  10. Hey, I have been really impressed with this preset but I am having some issues with night lighting. This is an example of a city I am overflying and it just seems really dim to me. Is there anyway to make it brighter? http://imgur.com/a/dKZdi
  11. Predrag I am a huge fan of your work to make this sim look fantastic. I have just one question about the PTA preset as I am not used to what each setting does. If I wanted to make the top of the clouds a little less bright/have a bit more contrast what setting would I change? Thanks for all your hard work. Sam
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