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  1. hi, have you solved the issue? Because i have the same problem. If you solved it, how do you solved it? Greetings edvn25
  2. Thanks, that solved my problem.
  3. Hello User, In P3d, I see, that the waves in P3d v4 look really strange. Has someone a solution? greetings edvn25
  4. Hello everybody, I see, taht at many airprt are double ILS antenna at the approach. These two are most the Add-on-objects and the standart P3d v4 antenna(look at the screenshots). Have anyone any idea, how I can remove the standart P3d ILS antenna? regards, edvn25
  5. Hello all, when I fly in P3d v4, my MFD is only show <<Saitek X52 Pro Flight Control System>>. When I push the MFD Buttons, nothing happens I have add the LogiFlighsimX.exe to the Exe.xml but the Text is still display. Have someone any idea? Greetings edvn25
  6. Logitech upload a P3d v4 plugin http://support.logitech.com/de_at/product/x52-pro-space-flight-simulator-controller/downloads# But another question: at my mfd there is only the Text : Saitek X52 Pro Flight Control System and when I press the Buttons, nothing happens. Have anyone an idea? greetings edvn25
  7. I removed the the Software from the controller and from the computer, reset the controller and restart the computer, but nothing happens, the problem still there.
  8. Hello at all I dont know, it is a joystick software problem or an other problem. Look at this video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/t1883s5e5679ehy/P3D1.mp4?dl=0 (better quality when you download it) You can see, there is no input fom the Joystick but FSUIPC recognize an input signal. I dont know what i can do, and with this problem i cannot fly normal because around every minute the thrust rise up to 50% at taxi or pushback or enginestart. can someone help me please? greetings edvn25
  9. I did not think, that is normal. When you recognise, there are flat clouds. Do you change something in the settings? Are the flat clouds until the takeoff?
  10. Problem solved! complete new installation help, thanks for the answer edvn25
  11. Hello, I can't hear any engine sounds or cockpit sound since update on p3d4.1. In other words, I sit without any noise in the cockpit, everything is mute. This affects both, the standard and the addon aircraft. for example the standard p3d v4.1 aircraft f-22 or Lockheed Elektra. It also occures on add-on airplanes, however, here the cockpit noise can be heard e.g. AS crj700 / 900 is but outside nothing to be heard. In the PMDG 737 ngx is inside and outside something to hear, but however here also no Engine sound. It sounds like the airplane at the gate without running engines. The only exception I noticed so far is the A320-x from FSLabs. Here you can hear everything. Has anyone here the same problem, or know what it is? Everything Else works and sounds fine (ATC ...) Thank you for your answers, edvn25
  12. @McLaren Thanks for the answer, but no, i use Win10 and with the Update, it works like before. Also to add: When I start AS16 the first time you can see the AS16 Interface for one second, but than the interface disappears.
  13. Hello everybody, At the last special offer I bought AS16+ASCA. But when I open AS16, ASCA open autmatically too. Both run than in the background and are not visble, only in the Task manager (not in the Taskbar!) When I secondly started AS16 only the ASCA Interface is shown, the AS16 interface is not visible. When I close ASCA and start AS16 again, nothing happend. AS16 only run in the Background. Can someone help me? Thanks for the answer, edvn25
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