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  1. Is there any option for a pay support? Perhaps with a pro license? I have had an ongoing problem with the Reality XP GTN750 saying "rebooting" and never rebooting. I was hoping the software update would fix it. Sadly, I cannot update. Stuck on The new software will not install. The one-time fee of $50 for this product and unlimited updates is insane. It should cost way more. There needs to be some incentive to continue developing and supporting existing users. How long has the G500/600 been on the site? Four years? If there was financial incentive for the development, I'd bet it would be done by now.
  2. Nope. No response from anyone. I would be happy to pay far more for a product that had some actual support.
  3. Same here. I'm having a problem with the GTN750 saying "rebooting" and never rebooting. I was hoping the software update would fix it. Sadly, I cannot update. Stuck on
  4. I am having a similar issue. Frequently after I shut down (engines, battery, etc.) and restart the plane, the 650 stays dark and the 750 says "rebooting". I'm using the latest version of XP12 and the latest 750 software which I believe is 2.6. Any thoughts on that error? Scott
  5. Hello. You have been teasing the Garmin G500/600 on your site for three-years. When do you think it will actually become available?
  6. Yes. I'm very much looking forward to the g600 as well. Any update would be appreciated.
  7. Thank you Jean-Luc, The link you provided says only Australia and New Zealand. I'm looking for nav data for the USA. Does RXP have any commercial customers using your GTN/GNS in their simulators? In those situations, I'm assuming they have a need for keeping the navigation databases fairly current. How are they doing the updates? Other users have pointed out that RXP uses the same databases as the "real" equipment. Based on your previous response, I'm a bit reluctant to purchase the latest Garmin database for the 430. Has anyone else tried that? Thank you
  8. Thank you for the information. Looks like Garmin sells the GNS 430w database for $149 on their site: https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/shop-by-accessories/maps/avdb/gns-430w-530w-americas-north-garmin-navigation-database/prod571354_J500WA-AMRN.html?cdncache=false&serial=7&authToken=07eff56b-67ae-455a-91da-f5ce00e4e4ed&bust=1514468306&returnURL=https://fly.garmin.com/fly-garmin/continue-shopping?deviceID%3D407674%26avdbID%3D2302 The Part Number: J500WA-AMRN Could RXP please verify this will work with the Reality-XP GNS 430w V2? Is there anything else I'll need to purchase? Will it download the "worldwide.bin" file? I have no problem spending $150 for software so long as it will work with the RXP GNS products. This has the added benefit of complying with any potential Garmin copyright issues. Thank you.
  9. Thank you Jean-Luc Looks like my Reality-XP GNS is currently using "worldwide.bin" as the navigation database. I was able to find a Garmin trainer using a database from last year and I'd like to use that with your GNS/GTN equipment. That is far more recent than the one that came with it. The Garmin download included: bmap.bin card nav_db2.bin nav_db2_grm.bin safetaxi.bin Can I get rid of worldwide.bin? Should I change one of the nav to avtn_WW_db.bin? Any assistance would be appreciated.
  10. Hello Everyone I'm currently using the Reality-XP GTN and GNS products in my sim. With the recent "pop-out" feature enabled, they have been wonderful to use. Looking through this topic, there seems to be an ongoing challenge with the database updates. The data seems to be out there but the "mods" of this site seem to be removing posts and/or disabling links to prohibit people from downloading material that potentially violates Garmin's copyright. If the data is publicly available on Garmin's site and users are not selling it, I do not see the issue but I understand their concern. In any case, does anyone sell databases that will work with the RXP GTN/GNS equipment? I think most users would be willing to pay something for the data and would certainly benefit for databases that aren't a decade or so old. It looks like Garmin will not sell them without a valid serial number from a "real" unit. Perhaps this is a revenue stream for RXP. If a database can not be purchased, could someone please provide a link or at least what I can Google to download the Garmin trainer? I just downloaded one from Garmin's site where the database was from 2007. Any assistance would be appreciated for this ongoing issue. Scotto
  11. RXP, I apologize, I didn't use the correct Windows term in my previous post. I was referring to the Windows 10 Title Bar. When the GTN 650/750 is selected, the white title bar appears. Take a look at this picture. The 650's title bar appears when the screen is touched and covers the bottom of the GTN 750 stacked above. Otherwise, it looks perfect. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/39g75sqiocmklow/AACHuD5LbSMg6n8TZ2mudwPaa?dl=0 I understand it may not be possible but it would be great if we could somehow prevent the title bar from appearing. Thank you.
  12. First, thank you for the pop-out windows! It really was the finishing touch on my simulator. The Reality-XP products are exceptionally well done. Is there any way to suppress the Windows 10 menu bar at the top of the pop-out windows? I'm using the 650/750 and the menu bar appears each time the particular gauge is touched. It would be great if we could somehow stop that from happening. Thank you.
  13. Hello Jean-Luc and thank you for the update. Will this update allow the user to "pop-out" the windows in X-Plane 11.10? That would be really nice. If not in this one, will it be in the next? It looks like X-Plane is very close to the Release Candidate of XP 11.1. Also, have you ever considered offering the ability to exchange information with ForeFlight and the iPad? Like the real thing, the user could build a flight plan in ForeFlight and then transfer it to the 750. You should charge for this additional interface. Thank you again for all the great work on these products!
  14. Thank you Jean-Luc but I'm not sure I understand your response. My problem is when I tap (or mouse click) the display area of the 430/530, the entire unit vanishes. This is not an issue with your 650/750 units. Would it be possible to treat the 430/530 like you do the 650? I realize some users may want to hide them but it sure would be nice to be able to disable the "feature". With my sim, I have dedicated monitors for the "panel" so there is no need to ever hide them. I doubt I'm the only one. Also, with this latest update (worked on the last one), there is no way to power-off the 430/530's. In settings, I have it set to "avionics bus" but that doesn't matter. When I turn off the avionics, the 435/530 stays on but all the avionics on the X-Plane panel do go out. So, I know it's working. Finally, really excited to see the pop-out panels with X-Plane 11.1. If you could get a beta out there, I'd love to play with it prior to the release. Thank you for all the great work on these products over the years!
  15. Thank you for the update to the 430/530. One continuing issue I just noticed was tapping the "screen" of each navigator causes them to vanish. I was hoping this would have been fixed in the update as it's really distracting particularly when shooting approaches. Is there a setting I can change to make this go away? Thank you,
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