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  1. BMW:s airports are fine but in this case these two from .to combined are better. Genova Cristoforo Colombo airport (LIMJ) - Italy » Microsoft Flight Simulator Genova - Cristoforo Colombo International Airport- LIMJ (Italy) » Microsoft Flight Simulator
  2. Rome, Lisbon, Belgrade, London Stansted, Oslo. Venice, Napoli, Cagliari, Tel Aviv, Schiphol. Have no idea if somebody is working on them.
  3. Download nvidiaProfileinspector and set it there. Not ingame.
  4. Totally untrue. Navblue database is updated every month and has been since 5-6 months ago.
  5. This can be used for help to enter the inbuilt flightplanners flightplan into the FMS. Flight Plan Display • Microsoft Flight Simulator
  6. There are 2 threads about this issue at FBW github. Jumping back to the first waypoint in flightplan. Happened to me when approaching EGKK (freeware version) yesterday.
  7. I was in FSXSE with Steve's DX10 fixer until the 18th of August with 400 addons and it worked great with almost no Ooms or CTDs. And I had every plane that I wanted. Saw no reason to change sim until MSFS appeared.
  8. Somethings not right with FSDTs LSZH. Only payware airport I've had CTDs with. Not everytime but most of the times when arriving.
  9. So everybody that uses MSFS has super specs? The benchmarks are from the initial release and show terrain lod to be double as demanding as the second most demanding graphic setting. Since then lod radius is turned down as discussed in this thread so now fps are fine with superspecs. What will happen when you add heavy aircraft, heavy scenery, heavyairports etc. Nobody had that at initial release.
  10. You've got to consider terrain lod is terrible for performance. https://www.game-debate.com/news/29393/microsoft-flight-simulator-most-important-graphics-options-every-video-setting-benchmarked
  11. The biggest problem inSim is that people don,t understand that their settings are too high for their system. Always been that way in all sims. This is by far the most demanding flightsim so far, no system can handle it fully.
  12. On your computer: Start/Settings/System/Scale and layout. Set 100% and after you've checked the Flight crew settings you can go back to 125% or 150%.
  13. In airports with no jetways you call for Ramp (stairs) instead.
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