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  1. Realism all max, Accufeel and ActiveSky. Also depends on what plane. Virtualcols planes are hard to get straight onto runway with this setting.
  2. Stockholm not just looks terrible it also had 15 3D landmark buildings special made in FSX. They are now all gone it seems (maybe not Globe Arena) replaced by autogenbuildings and everything based on a very low resolution Bingmaps. What a disappointment.
  3. Great, thank you. Looking forward to it implemented.
  4. No need to delete index files. If you have addons unticked in scenery library when starting fsx UGCX wont read them. If you tick them UGCX read them after restart. With 390 addons in scenery library I cant have them all ticked in a 32 bit simulator.
  5. I get the same message. Use FSXSE/Steve's DX10 fixer with several hundreds of addons all unticked in scenery library. When going for a flight I tick only the necessary addons/airports but UGCX obviously still use the default Airports. Klicking reload scenery data doesn't change anything, still default Airport. So I must Close the sim and start it again to get the correct addonairport. Could this be fixed so I dont have to start/close/restart the sim every time?
  6. What's wrong with the Blackbox? I like it. This in FSXSE.
  7. Using DX10 with Steve's fixer gives me about 300mb more room than with DX9. I think this should apply to everyone.
  8. FSXWX free weather engine as realworld weather dont work anymore in FSX.
  9. Not true. This was done in 2015. https://steamcommunity.com/app/314160/discussions/0/496881136926977562/
  10. All this moaning is because people here have moved on to P3D or X-plane 11. And 3000 daily users for FSX isn't correct. It's 3000 being in the sim at the same time, for the whole day it's much more. And FSX crushes X-plane 11, DCS and Aerofly in daily users on Steam. I think FSX deserves a little more respect.
  11. My Traffic 6. Covers more than any other AI traffic addon.
  12. Numbers from P3D are not known but here is a comparison of FSXSE and the now so popular X-Plane11 from Steam in users playing at the same time for each sim. X-plane11 is still far behind FSXSE. Click on week for the latest numbers. https://steamdb.info/graph/?compare=269950,314160
  13. Really? Every small Airport I've been to so far who are empty in FSX now has buildings in FSW.
  14. https://steamcommunity.com/app/314160/discussions/0/496881136926977562/ Look under stability updates.
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