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  1. I will pre-order this no matter what, kickstarter or not. Good luck with development and the way forward.
  2. The update log history for all updates can be found here https://p2atc.com/index.php/public-beta
  3. You have the exact same motherboard as me, didn´t see any reason to do ddr5 after reading reviews. I have an ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II cooler. It needs a bracket to be compatible with the 1700 socket but it´s relatively cheap and does the job well. I´m not overclocking anything since I´m happy with my frames. Everything else is on air. Very happy with the setup, my 2600k lasted for almost 11 years, hope this one lasts a long time too, enjoy your new pc! Jon
  4. I paired my 3090 with a 12600k a couple of days ago. Had an old 2600k from 2011 that was still going strong but had a hard time with dense sceneries in xp11, p3d and msfs, often going down to 14-16 or even worse occasionally. Now I'm sitting happy with V sync on and 97% stable 30 fps in 4k with pretty much everything maxed in msfs (Flybywire), and pretty high settings in xp 11(FlyJsim stuff) and p3d(fslabs/pmdg). Have a lot of games on steam and all of them that were giving me trouble before are now smooth, I cap everything at 60 on my pc since it seems to solve some problems with older games. And yes, I had a couple of months of the 2600k paired with the 3090 which is of course complete overkill :) But I got it secondhand some months ago (because reasons) for a slight discount, didn´t want to pass the opportunity by since I was always going to buy the new Alder lake when it came out so I went for it. As far as I´m concerned it´s a great purchase, especially for mainly single threaded gaming/simming. Cheers/ Jon
  5. Would be a dream to have "Fulcrum" quality throttle, preferably modular. I like my Honeycomb quadrant but I sim a lot and love quality hardware like this.
  6. I debated for a long time weather I could justify buying this add-on. Today after about 6 months of pulling the trigger I don´t regret one penny. This is an excellent product and, at least personally for me, for the obscene amount of time I have enjoyed simming with it the price doesn´t seem so high anymore. My 2c.
  7. Good advice, thank you kindly. I have been simming since mfs 3.0 all the way up to p3dv5 but never bothered with traffic add ons, just used basic inbuilt AI traffic and ATC when they first offered it in mfs 2002 . After I somewhat recently got my ppl and doing some real life flying I realized I wanted a more lifelike, precise and fleshed out so to speak ATC and better and more detailed AI traffic to simulate real life flying better. Look forward to test it out.
  8. Seems Vox and AIG is the way for me then, thank you for this info.
  9. Do ATC programs likce p2atc or vox and others talk to and instruct other planes in ai packages or do they only know about you?
  10. Wow....I would love this. My favorite sim plane along with the 732. Love the Civa but it´s limited in dynamic complex traffic heavy approaches and departures and I just don´t like the generic fmc. Wonder if any upgrades are coming for the 732 and 721/2 post q400, which is looking mighty good in and of itself. Jon
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