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  1. Good advice, thank you kindly. I have been simming since mfs 3.0 all the way up to p3dv5 but never bothered with traffic add ons, just used basic inbuilt AI traffic and ATC when they first offered it in mfs 2002 . After I somewhat recently got my ppl and doing some real life flying I realized I wanted a more lifelike, precise and fleshed out so to speak ATC and better and more detailed AI traffic to simulate real life flying better. Look forward to test it out.
  2. Seems Vox and AIG is the way for me then, thank you for this info.
  3. Do ATC programs likce p2atc or vox and others talk to and instruct other planes in ai packages or do they only know about you?
  4. Wow....I would love this. My favorite sim plane along with the 732. Love the Civa but it´s limited in dynamic complex traffic heavy approaches and departures and I just don´t like the generic fmc. Wonder if any upgrades are coming for the 732 and 721/2 post q400, which is looking mighty good in and of itself. Jon
  5. Yes, it´s a no hazzle deal, ask for it, get it.
  6. Why not just try it, you can get a refund if requested within 14 days of purchase. For me the sim is smoother and I have been able to up some settings, quite content with it and it will only get better when A2A, fslabs, pmdg planes start to roll in.
  7. Reverse for me, went from 40" to 65" and I love it. Sit about 40 inches from the screen. Of course, if one has eye problems that may or may not be an optimal solution but works great for me, big screens are the best!
  8. This is excellent, just what I needed for my new bought Flysimware 35A. Thanks for sharing, appreciate it!
  9. Boeing has denied this already in a press statement. I could bother to try to find it and provide the link, but I´m too lazy.
  10. Excellent, thanks pracines for pointing out the drivers and also the tip on running it back and forth, will test it out. Jon
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