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  1. Reverse for me, went from 40" to 65" and I love it. Sit about 40 inches from the screen. Of course, if one has eye problems that may or may not be an optimal solution but works great for me, big screens are the best!
  2. This is excellent, just what I needed for my new bought Flysimware 35A. Thanks for sharing, appreciate it!
  3. Boeing has denied this already in a press statement. I could bother to try to find it and provide the link, but I´m too lazy.
  4. Excellent, thanks pracines for pointing out the drivers and also the tip on running it back and forth, will test it out. Jon
  5. It´s all Johns/Jons in this post :) Well, that was one thing I was considering, taking the thing apart and see what I can do, but I am hoping that some kind of ability to define a null-zone will save me from prying the thing up. Thanks for the info, I´ll keep it in mind if there's no software solution to this problem. Jon
  6. That is actually a joystick that I plan on getting soon, getting tired of the heavy detents of my CH fighterstick, so I am glad to hear you are happy with the LE3D and I agree, elevator trim at your fingertips is important. I am a PPL myself and trained in the 172S but I don't think I will be getting a yoke anytime soon, a joystick is good enough for me. Hopeful though that something can be done about the saitek quadrant, thanks for the info. Jon
  7. Hello and help! I just started using the Saitek Throttle quadrant and quite like it. The only problem is that when I am flying the Flyjsim 737v3 the throttles and speedbrake continuously micro-oscillate in any setting. This is especially bothersome with the speedbrake which gives of these constant metal to metal clicks because somehow the analog sensor seems to be "unstable" and gives off "noise" that produces these micro-oscillations. The only "Control Sensitivity" adjustments that you can make seem to be with the joystick and nothing seems to be available for the Saitek throttle quadrant and adding a response curve does not help the problem. Does anyone know if there is a way to edit the "null zone" setting with the Saitek throttle quadrant so that it ignores these micro-oscillations and stop these darned clicks? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Jon
  8. Agree with the "short pauses" plus the 30% downgrade in performance. Not exactly stutters but annoying nonetheless. Am about to reinstall and start from scratch as I have tried everything I can think of. Will post on the p3d forum when done.
  9. about 30% loss of framerates for me
  10. The simulator does not set the resolution automatically. Nothing happens just by dragging the simulator to a new screen. You must first drag it to the 4k screen and then change the resolution of the simulator internally to match that of the monitor/screen you are using, ie 3840x2160.
  11. Have there been any recent news since the level-D 757 "beta" or whatever state is was supposed to be in popped up 1 or 2 years ago on some flight sim event?
  12. You absolutely do not need these sync features. I sim on a 65 inch samsung TV that has neither and have used many monitors before it that did not have it. These sync features are mainly aimed at users who play fast paced action games but for flight simulator, nope. Just focus on getting a good monitor that you like.
  13. do you have any mesh enabled? Toposim, freemesh, fsgenesis etc etc? At least for me with Orbx enabled and using some kind of mesh the latter part of 19 at BIAR dissapears (along with many other runway problems in Iceland). Remove the mesh and the problem disappears. There are workarounds to this I have found out that require some meddling about but I'm to lazy to implement them and just threw away the mesh and all problems go away. Im happy enough with what Orbx have done for Iceland that Im okay with skipping the mesh, but maybe I´ll dive into sorting it out later.
  14. I use a samsung 8500 65 inch tv as a PC monitor and for P3D 4.1. It looks wonderful, and I really enjoy the combination of this size and 4k resolution. I use an old 2600k processor overclocked to 4.2 Ghz and a 1080Ti with most settings set pretty high. To be fair I don´t use any special airport scenery as I don´t really care about that but I do use orbx general enhancements. I set the fps to 30, vsync on and it holds in most situations on the pmdg 747. Amazing how the 2600k holds up, it´s still going strong for me.
  15. This is very puzzling to me. Oh well, good for you. Im running 4k on a 65 inch samsung too but I couldnt even come close o your numbers with a 1080ti. I used to be on a 30 inch 2560x1600 and now upgraded to a 65inch tv. I absolutely love using it for flight sim. Wish I could settle for 1080p like you would have cost me a lot less to setup lol.
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