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  1. Jmg22511

    Slow Takeoffs

    Thanks but I fixed the problem. I didn’t startup with the trike and change it to the 777 as the manual suggests. If I do that everything works. John G
  2. Jmg22511

    Slow Takeoffs

    My Takeoff Roll is so slow it’s unusable. Light plane full thrust 10000 ft runway I’m only at 120 kts at the end
  3. Jmg22511

    G600 for X-Plane & FSX/P3D

    Any chance the g600 will simulate xm weather? It could be possible by downloading real weather from online and overlaying it on the map.
  4. Jmg22511

    Just Flight Arrow/Turbo Arrow install?

    Thank you Scott for the info. I’m getting checked out on the arrow in real life that has a 530 so this will be perfect. John
  5. Jmg22511

    Just Flight Arrow/Turbo Arrow install?

    Could you explain exactly got the gns v2 in the arrow cockpit thank you, john
  6. Jmg22511

    Just Flight Arrow/Turbo Arrow install?

    Does anyone have a panel configuration for the just Flight piper arrow?
  7. I was just wondering if the autopilot speed ref mode and flc mode are modeled (correctly) in the Cheyenne. Thanks, John
  8. Jmg22511

    Premiere 1

    I am excited Carenado is making the Beechcraft Premiere 1, the fastest civilian single pilot certified jet. I hope they spend more work on the FMS and add as many features as possible that are contained in the real Collins FMS-3000. John
  9. Jmg22511

    S550 with ISG FMS

    Hi Jaken, Thanks for your great work. Please send me the mods to I am a real s550 pilot and am dying to get my hands on these mods!
  10. Hi guys, Love the conquest II. Any chance you could create a version 2 that could just add Gtn 750 and 650 integration (under the 750 in the virtual cockpit). Would also love glass Artificial Horizon and HSI or at least the ability to insert Angel Sims "Universal" glass artificial horizon, HSI (EFI-500) and HSI control panel underneath the gauge. Have seen these gauges in real Conquests! Thanks, John
  11. Jmg22511

    Conquest IiTaxi

    Hi, You had emailed me something to fix in the cfg file to get smoother taxi for the conquest and I lost the email. Could you print that info? Thanks, John
  12. Jmg22511

    Conquest Approach Advice

    Hi Joe, I am so enjoying the Conquest II. Would love to see a version 2 where a GTN 750 and 650 could be installed and an option for a glass PFD and HSI. It is the perfect plane to fly around SoCal in the Pilotedge area. I'm amazed for a 1980's aircraft at the speed, cabin room and short field performance. It basically beats any King air in all three of those categories (For those of you who haven't tried pilotedge, try it! It is the addon that brings the most realism to FSX). I am continually having trouble on approach being too low. I am using full flaps (Is that normally used). Do you have any approach tips/tricks? I also seem to have rudder pull to the left. Is this normal? Thanks, John
  13. I'm still not getting any traffic with VoxAtc And UT2 SP2. I ran the indexer and then UT bridge. When I run UT Bridge I don't see anything happening, is there support to be a dialouge box or anything? Thanks, John
  14. For the citation X, the radar returns could at least be on the PFD as it doesn't cover anything, it's just under the arc. Would you be interested in trying that? Like I said I would be more than happy to compensate you for your work (at least buy you the Citation x). Eaglesoft is snobbish when you ask for additional features. The click spots could still be added in the virtual cockpit over the radar controls even if the knobs don't move, could they not? Let me know what you think. In the meantime I will try what you suggested and see if it works at all. John
  15. Dear Roland, I was wondering if you would be interested in creating the ASN radar gauge for Eaglesofts Citation X 2.0. I would be happy to compensate you for your work via PayPal. The X displays Wx Radar both on the PFD and MFD. on the PFD a button on the display control panel that says "PFD wx" is pressed and the HSI is turned to arc mode (which is simulated) and the returns are just placed under the compass arc (seems like that would be pretty easy to do). For the MFD there is also a button on the display controller that says "MFD wx" and it overlays the returns on the mfd. on the left hand side of the mfd, the top "box" displays either "weather off or on" and the tilt angle. The virtual cockpit has the controls on the pedestal for the radar they just aren't functional (on, stby, off, tilt control, gain, etc) which would make great click spots. Please send me a pm. Thanks for your work, John.