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  1. I assume all course content is inaccessible to everyone still?
  2. I was getting so annoyed with this. Glad I found the explanation. What is the quickest way to stop this from happening? Can I non start SF3D and have the in-sync engine disabled?
  3. Mark helped resolve this. Turns out the port number specified in FS Labs had changed from default 8080 (not sure how - perhaps it had a conflict and changed automatically?). As soon as I changed the port, it started working. Also informed you can change the port in aviaServer if needed in the config file: <setting name="Port_FSL_Server" serializeAs="String"> <value>8080</value> </setting>
  4. Hi, I did a few weeks back but didn't get a response. Will try again. Thanks
  5. Has anyone been able to get the A320 CDU to work with FS Labs A320? I have no issue with PMDG or Aerosoft A320 but when I try with FS Labs, it looks like it makes a connection but displays a black webpage (this is on same PC or iPad). Can't see anything in the manual saying it needs to be configured? The FSLabs default web-based MCDU works fine. Thanks Steve
  6. I was just about to ask the same question 😀 It looks like the link is missing.
  7. Thanks for the link reecemj. I think the issue for me with using batch files to copy different versions is those cfg files are not static whilst I'm getting this all set up. Looks like I will have to make a choice! I will try chaseplane this weekend and see i can get to grips with it or revert back.
  8. Hi, I have FSX:SE with EzDok v2 and in the process of migrating across to P3D v3 running Chaseplane, however no matter what settings I change in chaseplane, it persists in messing up the cameras.cfg file on FSX:SE. I wanted to make the transition when ready but seems I am being forced to choose one or the other for both Sims. Am I missing a setting or is this the case Thanks Steve
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