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  1. I purchased the Just Flight Beechcraft Duchess on FSX:SE and I can't seem to get the pilot gone from the tail tie down. This is my second flight with the plane, and he was missing on the first one, but I can't get him gone for this one! I push SHIFT + E + 4 and the pilot animates the wing chock and the front wheel chock, but then nothing on the tail? He doesn't go away! Any ideas? Thanks!
  2. I guess the title explains it all. When I have a flight plan loaded up, either VFR or IFR, and I want to review my flight plan on the FSX kneepad, going to the nav log causes the sim to crash to desktop. This only happens when I have a flight plan loaded. It does not occur when I have not loaded a flight plan. I have tried deleting the fsx.cfg file, and the same thing keeps happening. I'm tired of this happening, and I'm about to try and go back to a clean install, but I want to avoid that so I don't have to re-install my added planes and sceneries. Thank you for your help and ideas.
  3. So those arrows are the glide slope? OHHHH. Ok. Thank you! For takeoffs, the manual I have says one step of flaps, 12 degrees, before takeoff, but I can only manage a takeoff at full speed (two of the engine dials are red) with no flaps.
  4. It did, but the manual does not include information on how to change the Radio Magnetic Indicator to anything for landing. I did find a before takeoff checklist, so maybe that will help.
  5. Hello, I recently purchased the VirtualCol Do328 from SimMarket ("purchased" as part of a free promotional), and I cannot figure out how to land using the ILS system with it. I tune NAV1 to the corresponding frequency, but how do I change the gauges to get the right one to see the glideslope and other indicators? I"m also having a problem with takeoff procedures, and making sure my plane gets in the air (do I have too much flaps or not enough, etc.). THanks for your thoughts and help!
  6. I downloaded a free AI Traffic .zip, and when I unzipped it there were only three text files in there. Do I need to compile these into a .bgl file or what do I do with them? Thanks!
  7. Greetings! I purchased the "Around the World in 80 Flights" DLC from First Class Simulations. Among the various issues I have with it, chief among them is the performance of the model. I can hardly get to 14,000 feet and maintain any sort of speed (about 80-100). How do I work the engine controls to get more performance out of those two props? Also, the autopilot is buggy sometimes, and won't maintain a solid pitch or altitude. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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