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  1. Like I have said in many other posts. Either fish or cut bait. There is a better term but inappropriate for this forum. I won’t use that saying. Seriously people. Guess what. There is p3dv4 or 5. Great sims. There is also xplane 11. Another great sim. Stop the complaining. There has been way too much hype over this sim. No wonder there are all these toxic posts. You all have free will. Use it and go fly what makes you happy and stop complaining . If you want to stay with msfs (like me) maybe be part of the solution instead of the problem. All these toxic posts make me hate this space. It’s crazy. I have been simming for over 20 years. There is a ton of potential here. Most of you wanted the next best sim. This one shows promise. My guess is that no matter what a developer does it will not be good enough. I am however invested in the success of this sim. I can’t wait for the future.
  2. Lol. Xbox. Please. His comments are those of someone who has too much time on their hands. Of course it will come to Xbox but the whole team is not working on the Xbox version. I don’t get the pure narrow minded people on these forums. The sky is falling the sky is falling. Just enjoy what you have. I’m sure most on here for the most part have all three games anyway. I for one am having a blast with msfs. I am also having some issues with sim connect. Who cares. It will be fixed just like all the other issues. My money is in this platform. Now off to enjoy my msfs.
  3. I am stocking up on popcorn. My day will consist of flying the 787 on autopilot In MSFS while I chomp down on some popcorn and watch the fireworks on these websites. I find it all funny. Wait I need butter. Bbl. Off to the store to get butter. Proceed with the flogging
  4. I would buy directly from MSFS store. I want a one stop shop like steam that keeps all my purchases in one place. Over time I forget what I have purchased. I have installers everywhere. If I am wrong with updates and the msfs store I apologize. However if they allow and give updates in one place I am all for it. I may even be open to pay a few bucks more. Probably the only add on manufacturer I would keep separate will be orbx. Just because I like the way they handle their store.
  5. As I read through all of the good and bad comments all I was thinking was everyone here will be purchasing this simulator. Why? Because we love planes and flight sims. So why all the speculation? Just sit back and enjoy the journey through Microsoft's updates weekly. I for one cant wait to see what they have in store for us down the road.
  6. So..... Here is the thing. I have access to the forums with all the tech alpha conversations etc. However never received an email. I guess only time will tell if I am in or not. Guess I have to wait to see if the alpha shows up in my Xbox insider app. Crossing fingers.
  7. Silly question. Where can you find the email you registered with. Thanks
  8. Ok. So they are opening chances again. What about those of us that have been registered from day 1. Sorry, I just dont get it.
  9. I keep on thinking I will get an email from microsoft that simply states " it's not you its me." Like a bad breakup letter. Only to have full knowledge it's my system stats.
  10. Another day is almost gone. 2 more days left. Then I will wallow away in self pity by eating my favorite junk food.
  11. This is tough. 3 more left days of waiting and praying. Not sure I can handle it anymore. F5, f5,f5. Oh no my f5 is broken. Ugh. I dont get it though. I was also day 1 registered. Kinda stinks.
  12. If you mean "Tip", check the xbox insider hub and look at the ms2020 page for a download if you did not receive an email. I did that all last week. No dice here. May be worth a shot trying again this week. You never know. 😜
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