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  1. alanrco

    Not Worth My Money!

    Thank you Steve! Somiller seems to be a bit impatient and rude. I've spent the last few days of my busy life trying to solve the problems. It appears that my new computer is faulty. I ran the Windows memory test tool and it failed. I also installed the Jetstream on a friend's computer and it ran fine. The offending computer has been returned for testing. I apologise for my initial rant, just a moment of anger over the time wasted. I'm not sorry for the caps, but here goes. I ALWAYS REPLY TO A THREAD WHEN THERE ARE REPLIES FROM MEMBERS! As I do with all forums I belong to. Thank you people for your replies and suggestions. Alan PS Somiller, I'm not lonely
  2. I've just purchased the Jetstream into a new install of FSX on a new computer. Have added the excellent Aerosoft Consolidated Catalina and some UK airports all of which work well and cost considerably less than PMDG stuff. Attempted to run the tutorial for the Jetstream (what tutorial?) as shown in the load files. Large Graphical glitches occurred Across the outside scenery. I exited the flight and FSX gave a fatal error message and closed. Tried reinstalling the Jetstream same thing happened. Tried changing location etc. No good, crashes FSX every time. Just need to know how I get my money back? Absolutely no problems with this fast PC except this plane. BTW can find no manuals for it either! Will definitely avoid this company in future. BTW service pack 1 and 2 installed. There is a link for service pack for the Jetstream but that just brings up 'file not found' on the PMDG site. Alan
  3. alanrco

    Getting serious 😄

    Thanks for the welcome guys (gals?) Thinking about a new PC atm as mine is showing its age. Will change to X-Plane 11 as this seems to be the best around. Just hope PMDG patch the DC-6 Cloudmaster to work properly for version 11. Just the type of plane I would like to master any time soon. Alan
  4. Been a casual simmer for years having only limited time to devote to flight sims. Now I'm retired the world and 45000ft above is my oyster! Alan