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  1. Hey, a few years ago I purchased the great Q400 cadet training program for on demand view on Vimeo. The new Xplane Q400 Release made me want to rewatch them, but after logging into Vimeo, the videos are no longer there? Where can I get them? I also can´t find the videos on my Purchase Orders page in the Airline2Sim website. But I still have the Vimeo Purchase confirmation email. Pease help. Thank you, Felix
  2. My rig is quite slow, maybe it's just that. I have now upgraded to the Pro Version, so I had to uninstall/reinstall. I quickly tested and didn't manage to break the sound. I'll see how it goes on a real flight.
  3. Nope, I tested with Medium/High Efis Quality, different timers, different refresh rates. I can still trigger the crash by turning on the wx radar.
  4. I found out what triggers the crash: It happens a few seconds after I switch the wx radar on. The MFD also stops displaying the radar 'beam' and radar data. Switching the radar off again does not reverse the effect. I should note this is the Pilot version. I will now test with different settings in the system tab of the MJC Control Panel. Does anyone know how to get access to the Majestic forum? I try to register there but an 'invitation code' is required. Thanks, Felix
  5. Hi, I had this for the 2nd time in a week now, with the Q400. At some point during flight, the P3D Sound Subsystem Crashes: The current sound is being played back ad infinitum. The first time I didn't even notice until landing. I can no longer toggle sound on/off any more. I no longer hear switches, nor changes in engine/propeller sound. The checkbox checks and unchecks, but the current sound just keeps playing. Does anyone know what might be causing this? Any tips how I could find out? Thanks, Felix
  6. Ok thank you. Oh, and downscc, you mention addon GPS that uses up-to-date navdata? I am currently looking for GPS addons and my conclusion is somehow that you can either go with the old FS9 GPS and have updated data, or you can go RealityXP or F1 GPS and have nav data from 2009 and obscure/illegal/expensive/undocumented ways to get these up-to-date. So.. are there really GPS addons that are 'better' than the default GPS and use the navdata from fsaerodata/navigraph?
  7. What is the conceptual difference between https://www.fsaerodata.com/ and http://www.aero.sors.fr/navaids3.html? To me, it looks like the two have the same purpose?
  8. Ok I fiddled around and found a workaround by swapping out 1 and 0 in the SimObjects\Airplanes\RealAir Legacy\panel\Config\Options.xml file. I think that for some reason the config app fails to update that file in my case. As an example, to set Cold and Dark, change this: <Value>(G:Var1) 0 == if{ 0 (&gt;L:coldAndDark,bool) }</Value> to <Value>(G:Var1) 0 == if{ 1 (&gt;L:coldAndDark,bool) }</Value> In case you're more interested, and want to learn what the reverse polish notation is, here y go https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc526953.aspx
  9. Hmm would be nice to see some screenshots for that solution. Anyways, thank you, these are great pics.
  10. This is the Legacy V2, correct? I have the V1 and would love to get this GPS stack working with it.
  11. Might be, but I don't have the V2. I remember having a similar problem in FSX:SE so I'm not sure if a hypothetical upgrade (which afaiu is not possible because you cannot buy any more Realair products) would fix the issue.
  12. When loading the Legacy V1 in P3D 4.2 the config panel settings don't seem to be respected. For example, if it doesn't matter if I select "Cold and Dark" or "Ready" in the config panel, the plane is loaded with Prop off and Avionics on. I even have the feeling that it loads with Props on which then rapidly goes off. I also tested other config options, like "GPS On/Off", which also has no effect. The changes I make are well saved to the files in P3dv4/Realair/legacyfsx/ Does anyone else have this issue? Any Idea how to fix? Thank you, Felix
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