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  1. pedrototh

    Linda Source Code

    Thanks ScotFlieger! I will study the code and see what I can do.
  2. pedrototh

    Linda Source Code

    Hello guys, how are you? I'm starting to develop a new custom hardware (personal) do P3D, and I'm thinking to use LINDA to control everything. I saw that all the scripts are made in LUA, and I'm starting to understand it. But, I have a question here. That configurator utility, is it open source? Can I have the source code? Best regards
  3. pedrototh

    Problem with Linda + P3D + FCU-COmbo

    Hello guys. After some tries I just get the fcu combo works. It displays the info about the speed, alt an so, but the buttons don’t work, just the light button. Any toughts?
  4. Hello guys, how are you? Weel, I just bought a VRinsight FCU-COmbo, and I'm losing my head tryng to make this work. I think that something so expensive must be easyer to install. My isso is that the FCU dos not work on P3d. Here goes some info: P3D version 3.4.22 Linda 3.0.5 Aerosoft module 4.4 v3 FSUIPC 4.973, with the original registration key. Well, I did the MCP configuration on linda based on the manual, He finds the FSUIPC normaly. I first run linda as admin. I change the aircraft to Aerosoft Airbus, and sync. I open the P3D, with a default aircraft. I change the aircraft to any Airbus from Aerosoft. I go back to linda and change again the aircraft to aerosoft, but, and here cames the problem, when I click on SYNC, linda says LINDA not sync-ed to the FLT SIm. Anybody can save me? BEst Regards!