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  1. I tested fsuipc mouse macro on P3D v4.4 and Majestic Dash8 Pro and It's working. MCE scripts are able to start APU and control other buttons without the need to open 2D panels. It may also work on FSL A320. Roberto
  2. I am on FSX-SE, in my case the "Passing Transition level" announcement is made as soon as the plane start the descent (PMDG 737) Regards, Roberto
  3. Hi James, thanks for your replay. I am thrilled to be able to fly the DC6 with MCE and get rid of AFE. Let me know if I can be of any help. Ciao Roberto
  4. Hi James, Great to know that there is a possibility to use MCE with DC6. I am impressed with the what you have been able to achieve so far. I don't have a registered copy of FSUIPC yet, but I am absolutly interested in your work. Can you give me same more details? I know very little about LUA, but I think I should be able to managed it. By the way, are you on FSX or P3D? Internal commands may be different. Thanks for your offer in sharing your work. ciao Roberto
  5. I agree, It's fun to act on all the switch and levers especially when it's time to start the 4 enginees but I had to ask since I love MCE and I cannot fly anymore without my friend F/O. At least we can run the checklists together. Thanks for this great program. Regards Roberto Carideo
  6. hi, I can only achieve very low funcionality with PMDG DC6: gear, flaps and nav2 freq. Other commands like Battery, Landing Lights are executed but the related switches on the overhead just don't move. There's any plan to add in the future some support for this airplane? One more question, at startup F/O start screaming that the engines are on fire, of course this is not a problem, may be MCE does not recognize the airplane? In MCE "Reference" folder I cannot find any file related to the DC6, should I try to write and add one? thanks Roberto Carideo
  7. FS++ thanks for your replay and nice suggestion. But it makes things more complicated to achive my idea. let me explain what I had in mind using two great pieces of software: MCE and Chase Plane all together. Scenario: My PMDG DC6 is in cold and dark, it has a lot of switches, levers, rotaries all around the cabin. I am totally lost!!!!! But my FO in reality is my teacher.... He start telling me in sequence all the setup and check actions I have to fulfill to start up the plane. I can achieve the above writing a scrip like this: Using voxkey comands to control Chase Plane views to zoom where the action has to be done Using Notify= to receive instructions from my FO Using Pause= to give me the time to comply with the action Now instead of using the Pause= command (for which is difficult to define the correct waiting time) It would be nice to have a voice trigger. Yes, probably MCE il not designed for the above but It's like a LEGO it expands your creativity. I think that a script like this (even without Chase Plane) could help people to master a new plane quite easily and faster then reading manuals taking notes or spending time watching youtube videos expecially is they don't master English very well...like me!!!! Just an idea. Roberto Carideo
  8. Hello, I am a new MCE user, so far I really love the software. I am starting from the basic: editing already available scripts and writing a simple script to interface with PROATC-X. I have a question related to scripts: It is possible to add a command to pause a script until a specific "voice command" is issued? I now you can insert a PAUSE=xx, but I would like to share with my FO some of the activity to setup the plane, for example: The F/O speaks "Captain set the altimeter" the script goes in pause. ..... I set the Altimeter... then I speak "done" and the script resumes. thanks Roberto Carideo
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