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  1. Hi everyone, For people coming from P3D who have their processor with HT disabled. Do you think if I enable HT on MSFS I will have a lot more FPS? I would like to have your opinion on it, I have an i9 9900K OC 5Ghz Manuel
  2. Microsoft said they would contact major third party developers such as PMDG, or FlyTampa or ORBX to include their products on the new simulator. I'll say we should wait a bit and see what they tell us, FS2020 is still in WIP and I do not think that the SDK was released because the sim is still in techAlpha. Be patient and enjoy your addons on P3Dv4 ...😊
  3. I made a small comparison with P3DV4 with the cityscene of ORBX of Barcelona and the new simulation MSFS2020 is amazing !! Manuel
  4. Here is the answer from one of the FSDG developers: - " We have not been able to solve this issue with PMDG aircraft yet. There seems to be something PMDG-specific that causes this to happen." We run around in circles and nobody knows the real problem because I tried with several types of maillgage and even disabled vectors, same problem
  5. even with the mesh at 5m I have this problem
  6. I know but what's odd is that with the QW787 or FSLA320 I have no crash when landing, everything is normal, it with the PMDG aircraft that there is this problem. I will provide a video for example
  7. Hello, This is the first time I post a topic on this forum, and it is to send you a problem of elevation on the airports of FMEE, FMCZ. Indeed, several incidents have been reported at the FSDG developer regarding the runway elevation problem only on PMDG aircraft, in this case B777-300, B737-800. The developer to confirm that it was not a beug of their scenes but a problem on PMDG planes. To describe the problem, I appear to hit an invisible wall just as the aircraft enters the runway threshold and lands hard on the runway (always a crash if detection is enabled). Papi lights for landing profile are as expected (two red, two white) I am using P3D v4.3 and have Orbx Global installed and mesh in 5m P3D configuration. If you have a solution to this problem, I will be very grateful
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