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  1. Probably not the best place to ask this question, but here goes. So TomatoShade does add aircraft dynamic reflections, which is a big plus over PTA. However I can’t seem to activated it. I uninstalled P3D restored original shaders, updated TomatoShade, used different presets, turned on dynamic lighting, etc. I can’t get TomatoShade to display those beautiful reflections on my PMDG (and all other) aircraft. Any insigths? cheers
  2. As Captain Joe says, Practice, Practice, Practice, nothing to it but to do it. :) Also, try finding a spot near the lower part of the cockpit window that usually works for you. A great thing to consider is using WCA, to correct for the wind drift and stay on the same track.
  3. Thanks guys, for all the replies. I didn’t think that PMDG simulated these options but now I try to go easier on the brakes. regards, David
  4. Hi mates, so recently I hot the PMDG 747 QOTS 2, and this is the first flight I did, but the plane doesn’t move fast!!! At maximum thrust it goes about 70kts!, and I can’t do anything to make it lift off, the weight is well below maximum and within limits, and everything seems normal, this happens with a break temperatur And high Tore pressure warning! But I have never done anything out of normal OP to it, Please Help me, David
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