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  1. If you use both Pilot2ATC and World Traffic 3, you likely have faced the same challenges I have trying to integrate them. I had been using P2A for a while when I first purchased WT3. It was a perfectly calm afternoon at Raleigh-Durham and without giving it a lot of thought asked the ground controller for taxi instructions to the "active" runway. I got clearance for takeoff and pulled out on the runway to began my departure. Just before rotation, here comes a 737 touching down on the other end of the runway and heading straight toward me! That's when I realized that P2A and WT3 have completely different perspectives on the concept of "active" runway. And here's another frustrating scenario. Raleigh-Durham has two general aviation ramps. The larger and more commonly used of the two, Landmark Aviation, is evidently considered the "secondary" GA ramp to P2A because the request "Taxi to General Aviation Parking" will always give me a route to the smaller ramp and never the Landmark ramp. So, how do I get P2A to recognize that second GA ramp? [Dave had to help me on that one 🙂 ] This video addresses these issues and generally showcases my two favorite add-ons for X-Plane 11. It was fun to make and I hope you enjoy it and maybe even learn something.
  2. Here is a little utility that creates an airport operations file for World Traffic 3. It requires an install of Python 3.7 to run. It builds on the fine work done by Markus Ferrer (markus@mfurrer.de). Many thanks Markus! # World Traffic Airport Operations File Importer # # This program starts with the ICAO of the airport you wish to create an AO file for # then scans your 'Custom Scenery' folder for the airport and if not found it will search the # 'Custom Scenery/Global Airports'. In no flow rules exist for the airport, a basic "skeleton" # AO file is generated and the program will simply terminate. # # Note: # The new file 'icao'.txt will be written to # 'X-Plane 11'/ClassicJetSimUtils/WorldTraffic/AirportOperations # # If an existing 'icao'.txt file is found, it will be renamed to a time-stamped version # (e.g. KSAN.txt --> KSAN_1562810149.87901.txt) before creating the file. This assures that # even if you run this program over and over, nothing will get lost. # # In addition to the flow rules extracted from the apt.dat file, # the Navigraph data that is included in the WT3 product is used to determine the various # "Supported Approaches" in the Runway table. Each approach name is preceded by a three-letter # code that describes the approach type. Scanning all the files in the # "ClassicJetSimUtils/NavigraphData" directory yielded 14 unique codes. A degree of quessing # produced the following table used to fill in the "Supported Approaches" portion of the Runway # table: # Code Approach Type WT3 Code Code Approach Type WT3 Code # -------------------------------- --------------------------------- # GLS ILS/DME 2 NDB Non-precision 1 # GPS RNAV 3 NDM Non-precision 1 # IGS ILS/DME 2 RNV RNAV 3 # ILS ILS/DME 2 SDF Non-precision 1 # LBC Non-precision 1 TAC Non-precision 1 # LDA Non-precision 1 VDM Non-precision 1 # LOC Non-precision 1 VOR Non-precision 1 # # # The following data structures are created in which to extract the information necessary to # build the airport operations file. # # flowRules - Built from apt.dat and consists of a list indexed by "Ops Index". This # structure is used to create the "OPERATIONS", "RUNWAY OPERATIONS" and the # "Runway" and "Supported AC Types" sections of the "RUNWAYS" tables. # # These structures were built from the ClassicJetSimUtils/NavigraphData files: # # APPRs - Contains the Approach Procedures. The first three letters of the procedure # name (e.g. "ILS08L") is used to create columns "1 2 3" of the # "Supported Approaches" portion of the "RUNWAYS" table. Columns "4 5 6" (CAT # II/III) were created by reading the "CAT_II_III.txt" file. Columns "7 8" are # always set to 0. The "Final Approach Angle" and "Final Approach Distance Nm" # portion of the "RUNWAYS" table are left blank. # # APPRs is also used to create the Navigraph "APPROACH SETTINGS" table. # # STARs - Contains the STAR procedures. # # SIDs - Contains the SID procedures. # # The "PCT GATES USED" table is created from the Percentage variable in aoi.ini. # # The "TIME BUFFERS" table gets the runway information from the flowRules structure and the # "TIME BUFFERS" comes from the TimeBuffers variable in aoi.ini. The same value is used for # all runways. This table will need to be modified if times are different for the different # runways. Not enough information is available to make this more useful. # # The "FLIGHTS PER DAY" table is left blank. # # NOTES: # No "Catch-All" rule was added because it could not be reasonably determined which runways to # use. If you find that the rules read from the apt.dat file are not adequate, you may need to # "close the gap" either with tighter rules or add your own catch-all rule. Most airport authors # who bother to include airport rules usually take care of this. # # Great care was taken to make sure no data gets lost because of running this program. Before # a new Airport Ops file is created, if an old one already exists, it gets renamed using a # unique time stamp. If you see AO files with really long numbers in their names, these are # backup files and can be deleted if your AO file looks good. # # Though this program tries hard to get everything right, there may still be the need to edit # the AO file by hand and fix anything it doesn't get right. One example is KATL. The # Navigraph data does not appear to contain any non-precision approach procedures for KATL. # This is because the approach plates for ILS approaches also cover the localizer non-precision # approach. Since the Navigraph data for ILS approaches do not mention this, there is no way in # a program to tell these approaches do this double duty. One of these is named "ILS OR LOC RWY 08L" # in the approach plate but the Navigraph procedure is simply named "ISL08L" therefore there is no # way to know this procedure also covers a non-precision approach. Thus the program leaves # column 1 of the "Supported Approaches" portion of the "RUNWAYS TABLE" set to 0 instead of 1. # Hand editing is required to fix this. Enjoy -mark http://snomhf.exofire.net/data/aoi_v1.0.zip
  3. Hi Dave, I just tested two other airports and they both exhibit the "infinite loop" issue I refer to. KLEB: Park at B3 and request taxi to runway 07. I verified in TaxiMnt that there are indeed HS push-pins at both 18 and 07. The interesting part with this one is I didn't even get any hold short instruction for either runway. The controller continues to issue the instruction over and over as soon as I do my readback. KCLT: Park at A8 and request taxi to runway 18L. Same thing as KLEB exactly. There appears to be a missing HS at D8 but since I'm instructed to taxi to D, I don't think that enters in because there is a HS point there. I'm sending you my airport in a message now. Thanks Dave! -mark
  4. Dave, Yes, there are definitely hold shorts at both those points. This airport has not been released yet. I'll send it to you via message. Thanks -mark
  5. I know I'm way late on this but just for the record, I have had not trouble with filing and flying flight plans with this build.
  6. I've been seeing this for a while and just discovered how to reproduce it faithfully. The following screenshot tells the story. If I request a taxi to a runway that DOES NOT involve me having to cross another active runway, everything works just fine. For example, taxiing to the GA runway 10, the instruction is correctly: R, J, K, hold short 10. All is well. But, if my request is a taxi to runway 04 (the main runway used by heavies), I have to first cross the GA active runway (10) in order to get to 04. Here's where the trouble starts. Since both these runways are active (and I believe this is the key), I have to hold short at 10 before I can get to the second hold short at 04. In this case, the controller will infinitely give me the instruction to hold short at 10. That is to say, when he gives me the instruction (white text) and I read back that instruction (green text), he immediately repeats the instruction and we will play this game until I give up and don't respond with my read back. It does not matter if I am driving to the first HS point or sit still. The worst part is, the controller apparently thinks I'm actually taking off from runway 10. I never get a clearance to cross and I end up saying "Ready to cross runway 10", he tells me "Cleared to takeoff runway 10, contact tower...". I hope I've made this clear. It's obviously not a serious problem but it certainly does not appear to work correctly. Just wanted to let you know. thanks -mark
  7. Putting "hold short" in the node works and produces a beautifully formatted map in TaxiMnt and does in fact make it's way through WED to the apt.dat file. I hadn't tried that before because Michael very emphatically told me I should not be doing that as WED uses "hot zones" created with the Departure and Arrival fields. When he said WED drops the name field from the node, he apparently was speaking of future versions. I've gone ahead and updated all the hold short node names so TaxiMnt agrees with WED. I suspect they won't reject my submission since the name is really just a comment field to them anyway. Thanks for clearing that up for me. Sorry to be such a bother but I want to get this right. I have a much clearer understanding of TaxiMnt now too. I thank you for that! -mark
  8. The fact that he picked up on "ga ramp zero" is because I actually said "ga 30" and he misunderstood me. But, if I "Request taxi to ga ramp 0", he always directs me to the secondary GA parking area. That's the part of this I don't understand. Yes, I knew I could request taxi to a particular gate, I was just confused (and still am) why I can request taxi to "ramp 0" and it knows I mean that secondary parking area. Luck?? I thought that might be coded somewhere and I could edit it to something more reasonable. It's not a big deal. I am just wanting this airport to be a "p2a role-model" that works well before I submit it to the gateway. Thanks for fielding all my dumb questions! -mark
  9. Hi Dave, I am currently rebuilding the airport KFAY. It has two GA parking lots on opposite sides of the airport. If I request parking to the "GA parking ramp", I am routed to the main ramp next to the tower. I was just trying some things and happened to "request taxi to GA 30" (GA 30 is the name of one of the ramp starts in the secondary GA parking lot) and the ground controller mistook what I said for "GA Ramp 0" and lo and behold directed me to the secondary GA parking! Though I was happy to discover what now to call this second parking, how does P2A get this "GA Ramp 0" string? I'm looking through apt.dat and see only one related line: "110 1 0.35 32.3400 GA Ramp". There is no "GA Ramp0" or anything like that as far as I can tell. Can you clear me up on this? Thanks -mark
  10. Hi Dave, I had a lengthy conversation with Michael (author of WED) at FSExpo about this. He told me that putting ANY instructions in a routing network node means absolutely nothing and in fact, WED will discard those names anyway when it creates the apt.dat. So, in the airport I'm currently working on (KFAY), I am following his and Jan's direction and when I view my routes in the TaxiMnt tool, it shows ALL my nodes green; none of my hold short or ils hold short nodes are showing up as anything but "Normal." However, when I request taxi instructions, I am told to hold short at the appropriate places so it appears that P2A is honoring my taxi network. I was hoping TaxiMnt and WED would be in agreement. Am I just being picky here? Should I not even be trying to use TaxiMnt? I have been painstakenly importing my airport EVERY time I make a change in WED in fear that P2A is not going to work right. Can you clear up to me exactly the purpose of the TaxiMnt tool? Is it just for people who don't want to use WED? I'd love to stop paying attention to it. I just want to make sure that airports I submit to the gateway work as well as I can make them for both P2A and WT3. Thanks Dave -mark
  11. Hi Dave, Thanks for clearing up that issue. I'm still confused about this though as Jan Vogel's excellent construction of KATL imports perfectly into P2A (both Hold Shorts and ILS Hold Shorts)! I was looking at how he did it and it appears that the Taxi Maintenance tool recognizes the first node of a Critical Zone as an ILS point and the first node of a Hot Zone as a HS point. Jan does not have "Hold Short" in any of his node names and it still works! When I try to duplicate what he has done, all my "special" nodes get imported as Hold Short nodes. I know this must be the right idea because TM is recognizing my nodes even though I DO NOT have "Hold Short" in the name and it is recognizing that first node of the Hot Zone. Do you understand how he is doing that? I'm trying to contact him to ask him that question but haven't been successful as of yet. I really want to understand all this because I believe it is essential that all airport authors make a special effort to assure that WW3 and P2A work well with the airports that get submitted to the Gateway as I see these two add-ons essential to X-Plane going forward. Are you coming to the Flightsim Expo next week? Hope to get to meet you. Also hope to get a better understanding of these kinds of issues! Regards -mark
  12. I'm hoping for some guidance here. I'm working on updating an airport and I want to make sure it works as well as possible with both WW3 and P2A. I've successfully designated a hold-short taxiway node that shows up correctly that way in the Taxiway Maintenance tool by appending the string "Hold Short" to the node's name in WED as explained on page 128 of the P2A User's Manual. I'm wanting to do the same procedure for all my ILS_Hold_Short nodes but the manual does not mention doing that. I've tried appending "ILS", "ILS Hold Short", "ILS_Hold_Short", "ILS Precesion", etc. Nothing is working! Everything I enter that contains the string "Hold Short" in any form shows up in TM as a hold short point. How do I create ILS Precision points? Can you help? Thanks much! -mark
  13. Hi Dave, I didn't notice that there was a new update! Thanks so much for that. Unfortunately it doesn't address either of these issues. It might be my imagination but it does seem that the chatter density is a little bit less but certainly nowhere near the 80 second setting. And no, I'm not trying to use the plugin at the same time. I did try the plugin to see if the delay variables worked any differently. The behavior is EXACTLY the same (except ATIS works correctly). I let Mark know about it. Thank you so much for the AI traffic button update. The random controller voices update is great too!! -mark
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