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  1. I was on a flight from KOZW to KORD. I asked to land at runway 10L: Everything went fine all the way to clearing the runway and I announced I was clear of the active. The tower welcomed me to Ohare and handed me off to ground 118.05 I then asked Ground for directions to GA parking: Ohare Ground November Seven Whiskey Alpha Request Taxi to General Aviation Parking At this point, I got the white text telling me the route to GA parking but NO SOUND. This happens quite a lot and I end up having to disconnect P2A and restarting it which recovers the sound. Log has been included. Thanks -mark Log can be downloaded here (p2aNoSound.zip): https://snomhf.exofire.net/data
  2. I get this often. I am flying VFR with not fp into KLGA. I'm 25nm out so I lookup KLGA's Approach freq and put it 124.95. In the COM1 window of P2A I confirm that it says KLGA App so I make my call: LAGUARDIA Approach November Seven Whiskey Alpha Twenty Miles East at Four Thousand Five Hundred Inbound for Landing Controller comes back with: November Seven Whiskey Alpha good afternoon. Squwk One Two Zero Zero Expect runway One Five Right Expect to enter on a Right downwind for Runway One Five Right at LOGAN INTERNATIONAL. Pattern altitude is One Thousand feet Clearly there is major confusion here. This happens often. I was flying out of Logan so I guess they think I am coming back there even though I'm on LGA Approach freq. Log can be dowloaded here: https://snomhf.exofire.net/data/wrongRwy Oops!! I just realized I forgot to tell the controller which airport (I'm used to addressing the tower). I guess this makes sense then although a Laguardia controller should NOT be controlling Logan. Oh well, a minor bug. Sorry about that.
  3. This request just grants you permission to enter the airspace. Getting vectors from the controller depends on whether you have flight following. If you a flying under a vfr flight plan then you automatically have FF otherwise only if you requested it. It could be you are wanting to just fly through the airspace to get somewhere else. I made a video that illustrates this if you are interested: https://youtu.be/Fn2oslDoRyw
  4. I just use N,S,E,W and have not had a problem. In your example I would say: Approach, November Seven Whiskey Alpha, 30 miles South at five thousand five hundred. Request permission to enter bravo airspace. Since I am talking to Boston Approach, I don't specify "KBOS Airspace" because I have found you'd have to spell it out to them: Kilo Bravo Oscar Sierra I'm far too lazy to do that so I leave it off. This might be the source of your problem. Good luck
  5. P2A works perfectly with 11.50
  6. Fiddler, As Dave says, you can get up to 19 AI aircraft to show up by assigning X-Plane's AI but be sure you use the worldtraffic AI (stick plane) and not "normal" AI as they will steal your frame rate horribly otherwise. I never use more than eight AI as any more than that, you will suffer terrible frame rate drop. Actually six to eight is very adequate.
  7. Sidney, I have made a number of videos. You're welcome to check them out. I'll link the three that seem to meet your request. I have many others too. Here is one on Class C to Class C VFR: Here is another on Class E to Class D This is my most popular one on general VFR using Pilot2ATC
  8. Though I don't have plans to leap to MS20 anytime soon, it is great to know there is an upgrade path. Without P2A, there would be no way I'd do that. Thank you Dave for keeping this great addon relevant! -mark
  9. Many thanks to Dave for squashing some small bugs to make this possible. Hope you enjoy! -mark
  10. No criticism for MSFS intended. I wasn't even thinking about that. Here's the point... How many weather addons can you name? How many AI Traffic addons can you name? How many head tracking programs can you name? etc, etc, etc! How many voice ATC programs can you name? ONE!
  11. Dirk, I believe the only time I don't get Ground to hand me over is if I take the wrong route to the HS or take an early ramp (midfiled). There is a grammar rule "ready for departure runway <Runway>" but that's not much better I guess.
  12. I don't understand why voice ATC is not more popular. That silly menu-driven text ATC stuff is a joke! People seem to really like that system but I definitely don't understand why. At this point, I would have no interest in flying any sim without P2A! And Dave is the best support I have encountered. If and when I jump to MS20 I would not hesitate to pay for this program again! Thank you Dave! -mark
  13. I get lots of cases where ATC suddenly falls silent and stops responding to me. Sometimes I am successful at clicking Connect and Connect again to reconnect. Many times that does not work. I have sent you email with a log of my most recent flight where I had some success getting comms going again but later was unable to. The other night, I had filed a FP, cleared it with CrDr, got taxi instructions from Ground, taxied to the HS and was handed off to tower. I contacted tower: November Seven Whiskey Alpha, ready for departure runway 27L. Silence! I reconnected. Still silence. I tried the opposite runway just for the heck of it: November Seven Whiskey Alpha, ready for departure runway 09R. He immediately came back saying "The active runway is 27L." However, when I repeated with the correct runway, again silence. I then tried using the phrase builder (?+) and constructed the exact phrase. Silence! I have the log for the above (not the same one I sent you in email). I decided to send you my most recent attempts so as not to confuse things too much. I can send the earlier one if you wish. It's not like I haven't been doing this for a long time; usually with great success. Seems lately I'm having quite the streak of bad luck. I can see where I can confuse ATC and they don't respond but to have them absolutely going silent I don't understand. Hope you can help me. Thanks -mark ---------------->>>>>> Here are the relevant lines from the log file for the above events: Recognized Speech: November Seven Whiskey Alpha Ready for Takeoff Zero Departure Runway Two Seven Left 03:05:19 UnInterruptAudio in OnPilotEndSpeaking 08/13/2020 03:05:19 AudioInterrupts: 0 in UnInterruptAudio 03:05:19 WaveOutPlayer Playing in UnInterruptAudio 03:05:19 Stopped Listening HandleTakeoffRequest 03:05:19 Error in HandleTakeoffRequest. 08/13/2020 03:05:19 System.OverflowException: Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow. at P2A_2018.simAIAcft.get_Altitude() at P2A_2018.simAIAcft.OnFinal(Single Distance, Runway Rwy, Int32 MaxAGL) at P2A_2018.modSimGlobal.cdf846dd189143a8205ac25ab908bfac7.ccf0ab565e08e2d48e549ed676790b47c(simAIAcft cff0df7af1722ca3c91ea0d5229f39abd) at System.Linq.Enumerable.WhereSelectListIterator`2.MoveNext() at System.Collections.Generic.List`1..ctor(IEnumerable`1 collection) at System.Linq.Enumerable.ToList[TSource](IEnumerable`1 source) at P2A_2018.modSimGlobal.UpdateAITrafficOnFinal(Runway Rwy) at P2A_2018.P2AStateMachine.IsFinalClear(Runway Rwy) at P2A_2018.Controller.c31ff64bb66dd4122a3a8ed2072900314(String& c10d14a58376e8a5fedf6f0955109c8c6, SpeechInteraction c9408508583fe6860a9cb8bcb2e3c1245, String& c2d61cf92c662496fc273eb7fc03570f3) InterruptAudio in OnPilotSpeaking 08/13/2020 03:05:27 AudioInterrupts: 1 in InterruptAudio 03:05:27 WaveOutPlayer Paused in InterruptAudio 03:05:27
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