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  1. The basic engine is largely irrelevant, as long as it's sufficiently flexible, in that the performance is entirely down to the people who code the flight dynamics. I know that certain sims like to push their flight dynamics models, which of course means that everyone who spends 17 seconds reading about it becomes an expert on aerodynamics and can say with confidence that theirs is the best. In reality I expect that those people wouldn't know the lift formula if it slapped them in the face. Then you have the number jockeys, who like to complain if the performance in the sim isn't within a gnats fart of the POH, when in reality you'd be lucky to get within a country mile of them in a beat up old Piper Warrior with flaking paint. So in summary, don't get worked up about it. The only times active airflow predictions come into real play are during out-of-envelope excursions, and I would hazard a guess that there doesn't exist a simulator which can accurately model the chaos-based physics of such events. Even the finest airliner simulators come with the caveat that 'beyond the envelope this sim is basically guesswork.'
  2. Where did he claim he was Chief Flying Instructor?
  3. Also of note is that he hasn’t provided a link for a chair. He’s provided a link for a plastic tray which clips to a chair. It’s beyond ridiculous.
  4. Can you make me a build list for an adjustable, foldable seat such as the one in the link for £249? It looks like tube aluminium so you can start by getting prices for that. Or you can start with the hinges. I think we're about to see who's stupid.......
  5. Either they just don't care, or the code must be an absolute disaster.
  6. No wonder Microsoft never bother to actually fix anything, why bother when the bootlickers will call it GOTY regardless.
  7. An interesting viewpoint that getting what you paid for is 'sounding a little entitled.' When you buy a new toaster which subsequently doesn't work, does the store tell you that you 'sound a little entitled' when you call to complain?
  8. Who said, or even suggested, that Aerosoft invented video tutorials?
  9. Having a different outlook on the general state of the simulator is a different opinion. Calling someone a 'whiner' because that person just wants what was (and still is) promised to them in marketing material, and not some massively inferior product - is regrettably stupid.
  10. I wonder why..... Perhaps it's because you get people like this guy, who obviously haven't actually watched the update themselves, ignore the fact that they actually said this would be sorted months ago, and continue to suggest you're whining. Microsoft is so lucky. It has so many stupid people defending their appalling practices. To this day they're showing false advertising in pretty much every trailer and advert, and people still defend it. Amazing.
  11. It's amazing that they ignore various glaring issues whilst thinking anyone cares about community screenshots. Great prioritisation.
  12. Can you please give me one example in this forum of where that's even remotely the case? I'm not asking rhetorically. Please show me a single example. All I've seen is people asking for basic functionality of a full priced commercial product, and for updates not to actively make the sim worse.
  13. Shoe me any main-studio released software this year that has anywhere near the bugs, issues, and backwards steps that MSFS has. You won't find one. Three months in and the developers are actively making some things worse. We're not talking about a destitute airfield in rural Siberia having an accidental texture problem after a patch. We're talking about shafting an autopilot in a flight simulator.
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