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  1. Well, that's not really the point of the thread. Sure I can dial back the setting to achieve better performance. But what I am looking at while I have both a 1080ti and a 2080ti is to what extent the 2080ti is better than the 1080ti in bad weather. Its already been pretty well established that if you are not running a 4K monitor the CPU on your system will bottle neck before a 1080ti in fair weather with high setting across the board. But that is not necessarily the case with overcast, Dawn or Dusk scenarios. Then with the same settings a 1080ti GPU is likely to become the bottle neck. There are lots of threads that anecdotally suggest for a 1080p resolution there is generally no performance gain from 1080ti to 2080ti except in overcast conditions or at dawn and dusk. So I want to test that while I have both cards. And If there is, is it significant enough to make the upgrade worth it. The value I would put on the upgrade is CAD$450 because I paid CAD$1200 for the 2080ti and I anticipate getting at least CAD $750 for my 1080ti. It all then comes down to what you get for your CAD$450. I can say that I already know that the 2080ti I got despite being stuck at 1350Mhz delivered as good performance as my 1080ti at 1950Mhz. I suppose just for in the meantime I could run the clear sky scenario on my 1080ti set to 1350mhz just for the sake of a right comparison. RMA status indicates a shipping date in the middle of next week. So I am not likely to get the card before the week after that. 😞
  2. Yeah, that Honeycomb looks the way to go if you like to fly Boeing and I do. I'll definitely treat myself to that setup at some point soon. It seems like a lot of good stuff for $450. Just add rudder peddles. No doubt they are working on their own. By shares in that company because when Microsoft Flight Simulator goes to market they are going through the roof! Only I don't like the design of the thing. It's way to frilly or busy. I prefer a cleaner look.
  3. Sorry, There was a drama! I got the 2080ti used and it didn't take long for me to figure that something was up! It's been RMA'ed. Asus has it right now. So far its the worst buying used hardware experience I've had in many years. The seller has been very good about it though and we worked something out. So long as I get a good GPU back from ASUS its all good. Should have it by the end of next week at the latest. I'll have to start again though because in the course of figuring out what was wrong with the GPU, I updated the driver, I did a complete Windows 10 update, I updated My Mother board bios etc. So its best to just ignore the videos. I'll us the same scenario and I'll try to make it more apples to apples but I'm having a problem with the Prepar3D record/playback feature under the analysis tab. I posted it here but no replies: Maybe @Rob_Ainscough can shed some light on it If anyone is interested in the issue with the card. This is exactly it: Right now I am fiddling with my new Samsung Odyssey+ 😁
  4. It's only a matter of time before we see a post from someone that reads "I got an email from Microsoft saying that I have been removed from the Alpha because I broke the NDA and all I said was that I got accepted as an Alpha tester 😞" 🤣
  5. I've used ESET NOD32 anti-virus since 2013. It's the suggestion of Nick Needham in his FSX Bible and Haswell build from that same year. it doesn't seem to have any adverse effect on performance at all. Of course things might have changed since then. These thing don't stand still for long. I did run my FS system antivirus free for a few months but I occasionally got the impression that something was going on! I've been updating my system and overclock lately and reinstalled it. Initial scan showed no treats so I was just being paranoid. Still it seems to have had no impact on the system at all so its staying for peace of mind. They have a free trial for 30 days or so.
  6. I have often used the P3D Recording/Playback function to carry out benchmark comparisons between hardware changes and overclocks. I'd use FRAPS to display FPS and ShadowPlay to make a video of the recorded playback and compare them side by side to see if there was any observable difference with 2 different Graphics cards for example. However I've just being doing that very thing for the first time in a while and I noticed that the FPS is substantially different while recording than it is during playback. So while I am recording using Record under the analysis tab I see about 30fps compared to 20fps I see during the playback. I am sure that it wasn't this way before. Comments please.
  7. I did and I would get a Samsung Odyssey+. I expect the Reverb is a bit better but Microsoft and Samsung are practically giving them away. For now anyway.
  8. So for a system with 6 cores for example a i7 8086k with HT on, is AM=340 a good starting point?
  9. Oh look. A flame war! 🤣
  10. If I was on Prepar3D V3 at this point in the cycle I'd wait for V5
  11. Well I tried CYBERMONDAY but the cart says 'that code has expired'. I guess they didn't have a sale.
  12. FSDT KORD especially after the HF2 is the best looking international airport in my P3D collection. Performance it great. As to how accurate it is and how accurate the AFCAD is you'll have to wait for one of the cono surs to reply. It does have lots of original bells and whistles though. But having said that FSDT live update constantly delivers new work. I like my DD scenery, NYC X and Miami but have never bought one of their airport. I get the impression they are not quite in the same league as FST in that regard. Don't forget you can download it and try if for 10 mins. before you buy it! 10 mins doesn't seem like much but you can load it multiple times for 10mins giving you plenty of time to evaluate if you want to purchase it.
  13. If we called it by its correct name MIcrosoft Flight Simulator outsiders would know what we where talking about thus destroying our status as experts. That's why we and other elitist groups have to develop their own secret hand shake. Cough I mean specialist vocabulary like P3D easily mistaken for P3D etc.Otherwise, we'd never get the worm feeling of hubris in our bellies.
  14. Just as an aside I was going to do the clear sky flight again at dusk but I decided I want to cut to the chase. For the record at dawn at the gate the GPU jumped to the 90's compared to 70's at noon. Opening frame rate of 36-37fps was the same in both cases the CPU Core0 pushing 100% Now It's time to pull the 1080ti and put the 2080ti back in its place 😁
  15. OK, this is the same time same day only Active Sky is producing the historic weather. Not that the GPU is not the bottle neck. The one thing I notices was that the CPU Core0 seemed to be around 70% when the frame rate was around 20fps so I am hoping that if the 2080ti has sufficient overhead to get core zero back up in high 90''s we might see 30fps in 2080ti equivalent video of the 20fps in the 1080ti video. Video 2. Active Sky historic weather 1080ti:
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