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  1. somebody does have a fix for the anti-aliasing issue I can see videos that people have posted and some don't have a problem I cant log into the org forum to see what the fix is this is all I can get, Follow these steps: 1. Make sure set Antialiasing in-game graphic setting to FXAA. 2. Go to X-Plane 12\Resources\ settings.txt from the google search, oh yeah by the way I know this is beta but if somebody has a issue and knows how to fix it share it so we have to what weeks for a update its simple but you guys know that. Happy Flying
  2. Hello fellow pilot I'm having a issue with the anti-aliasing not working in XP12 with all the setting maxed out in XP12 and I tried to override the XP12 setting by using the NVIDIA control panel but it doesn't take the jiggered lines out I have the latest NVIDIA drivers installed 516.94 and have a Gigabyte 2060GTX 6GB, Intel i9 9900K and 32MG of 3600Mhz ram. any help of information would be great thanks
  3. i'm having a issue with not being able to turn the anti-aliasing thru the XP12 program and my NVIDIA control panel my spec are GTX 2060 6GB, 32MB 3600, Intel I9 99K and all latest drivers installed anybody having this problem also? thanks
  4. i wonder if its going to be on steam at the same time as the X-Plane website? any ideas
  5. i wonder if the ATC voices will have a accent for the different parts of the world your flying in and not the computer sounding voices of other simulators?
  6. i was wondering if the included 747 will have the same quality as a PMDG 3rd party add-on, I'm sure most of us don't have a answer to this yet but the MSFS looks pretty darn good
  7. does anybody know when they will be sending out invitations again?
  8. what do you think is a better motherboard the AORUS Z390 Master or the Gigabyte Z390 Designare for gaming there very close in price there are alot of options out there thanks
  9. what kind of experimental aircraft would you like to see in the new MSFS for me it would be the epic E1000 and the epic Victory i currently use the Aerobask aircraft in XP11 and there alot of fun to fly
  10. thanks for your kind words the future is not for anybody to see but i know one thing we will all be flying in the MSFS world in the future ✈️
  11. i update dated my computer ram specs from 16GB 2133 to 32GB 3600mhz and my video card from EVGA 1060 GTX 6GB to the Gigabyte 2060 RTX and have a Z390 Master motherboard with the intel i9 9900K updated my dxdiag file mybe this time i will get lucky and let me stress lucky not holding my breath but you never know
  12. there is no official information for what i can see but just from the information from some simmers that where selected, some interesting information is on Reddit, i searched the forum called Microsoft Flight Simulator
  13. thank for the information, upgrading to 32gb ram and my video card maybe i will get selected for the testing when i can update my computer specs
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