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  1. video after 57seconds not that impressive😆it looked like xplane mobile graphics👍
  2. show the real time of your location😆i was checking out the scenery after my download/install earlier and shocked to see a working church tower, bravo devs👍the hands move but no tick tock sound😁 any other little cool things like this inside the sim?
  3. your gpu is very very weak, i would not sim/game on that.👌👍
  4. LiveTraffic install of Aircraft is a PITA🤮👎
  5. the last 2 pics look off to me, weird😁first looks ok
  6. are u ppl really going to buy another 737? i am so bored of these addons😉😂 same thing, different dev👎 will the circuit breakers work atleast or just auto flight from A to B😅
  7. with all the free goodies microsoft is throwing at us with msfs, i find scenery paywares for msfs a waste of $$$....msfs looks already fantastic👍
  8. i love xp12 the way it is, don't care really for satellite scenery....i just want great realistic payware/addons👍i find xp12 more fun to fly then the other sim😉
  9. wait 4 a video review, their p3d md11 was garbage💩👍
  10. another beauty for xp12👍 i noticed that most msfs payware are lacking realism compared to xp12 like circuit breakers simulated and some other goodies. msfs has the satellite bing bling but xp12 is really hitting it out of the park with aircraft realism.
  11. don't expect a new (built from the ground up) p3d version soon. V6 will have the same textures like V5 and will require all our ORBX/REX addons to make it pretty👍😂
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