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  1. i agree, love the new clouds👍i hated the old volcanic crappy looking clouds, haven't seen any yet and i hope i don't.
  2. after sim updates(fsx/p3d/msfs/etc.) u need to wait for the payware to get updated, is this your first sim?
  3. both sims still need alot of work/updates with clouds👍
  4. because it works great 4 me, amazing plugin
  5. did u follow this setup Step-by-Step - LiveTraffic (gitbook.io)
  6. 😁 Beerz is my cars name(Subaru BRZ 2022...Bee-R-Z) but i do like beer👍😊 have a great day JCOMM👍
  7. Just Flight Traffic Global Update for XP12 will release soon and it's pretty amazing in XP11(no fps loss on my pc)👍👌 email reply from JF Support: JF Support , said 4 days ago Hi, Thanks for your ticket. You still have activations left for Traffic Global (X-Plane 11 Windows) so havent hit any limit yet. The key should still be valid so if you're getting any errors in XP11 (note its not XP12 compatible yet) let us know. We're hoping to have an update for it so it will run in XP12 soon. Kind regards, Simon
  8. file a bug report, xp12 is EA/Beta👌😊👍 optimizations will come in future updates
  9. had a backup vanilla xp12 folder and it worked now.👌😁it's good but too many trees in the middle of roads in my city...is this correctable? can i edit these sceneries?
  10. i executed the batch file, i'll test it more later, could be my xp12 folder. it's ok i'm not using xp12 until it's final. i have xp11, p3dv 4/5 and msfs to enjoy 4 now.
  11. devs should wait for final release, getting errors after installing. X-Plane 12 has over 200bugs as mentioned earlier this week in the dev blog, devs need to wait and not rush more buggy software into XP12👍
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