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  1. Hi Bozdog, where did you get the plug in and my switch panel, Radio Panel, Auto pilot and Yoke all work
  2. Hi Alex, Is there a possibility you will be able to include multiplayer aircraft from msfs2020? It currently does display AI
  3. Hi Alex, Just a quick note to let you know it is working, thank you very much for your patience
  4. I don't think so, I just installed FSX directly from my 2 DVD's. I have been "offline" for almost 10 years due to work related stuff, now I'm retired and want to get back into it. Do you know where I can get FSX SP2?
  5. Looks like I have the wrong version for FSX because I only see "Connect directly to local X-Plane"? I don't have the Steam version of FSX, I bought FSX when it was originally released. Where will I find the compatible Simconnect version?
  6. I have FSX, LNM and LNM Connect all loaded on same PC I start LNM, then LNM Connect then FSX. I run LNMC to get pc details and insert into LNM Tools ---> Flight Simulator Connection ---> Hostname the click connect. LNMC shows "[2019-11-09 18:42:35] Connection from Acer1MediaPC (" so I assume it is connected. I load aircraft performance file Aircraft ---> Open Aircraft Performance. I then use search function too find departure airport and destination airport. Click on Set departure point to select which parking I am at the departure airport. I then click on Calculate a radio NAVIAD flight plan Flight plan navigation profile is displayed and all looks fine including TOC and TOD I save flight plan and then go to FSX and open that same flight plan. I fly the plan, but I don't get to see my aircraft on map in LNM.
  7. Hi Alex, I actually setup the scenic flight in your manual "Build a VFR flight", loaded into FSX flew route but I could not get the airplane to appear on the map. In the window Simulator Aircraft in the Aircraft tab is says "Connected, waiting for update" but the window is empty
  8. Thanks Alex, still trying to get the hang of the setup. I'm not getting to see my aircraft of the map, I'm doing something wrong. LNM keeps say "waiting for data" even though it also states "connected"
  9. I want to use LNM 2.4.4 with FSX Deluxe Edition. How do I get LNM to import all of the aircraft performance (fuel usage etc.) from FSX without having to create each from scratch? LNM and FSX is on PC. Also is there a "simple" get started manual for the not so clued up ;-)
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