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  1. Depends on your priorities. If single core performance is is more important than overall price vs multi-core performance then Intel might be the way to go. I have a R5 2600x on a X570 board that I built just before MSFS was announced. I'm sticking with this motherboard, chip-set, and memory setup until. Zen4/Ryzen 5000 and Alder Lake are both out with DDR5 memory. In the meantime any CPU upgrades I will definitely wait for Zen3/Ryzen 4000 chips to come out. But if I was buying a whole system today I would go Intel based on the better single thread performance.
  2. Looks like everyone who did RTX 3080 Tests will have to redo them if the sim optimization boots CPU performance. Downloading now.
  3. You might be able to plug a set of phone headphones with a mic into the mic port on your computer (if you have one) to get the computer to show you have a mic.
  4. Click the [?] button to bring up the menu. Find what you want to say. Then click [Say It].
  5. To expensive for my tastes I just bought a 2060S in January and I would have to upgrade my PSU as well to go with anything more than two 6 or one 8 pin PCIe connector. In MSFS I get 30-40 in GA aircraft and 20-30 with Jets, High-End Presets, at 1080p. I'm not to happy about the 3080 only having 10GB of memory so I will not consider an upgrade until a 3080 Super/Ti/??? comes out with hopefully 16GB or more memory.
  6. I'm content with my RTX 2060 Super performance for now. I'll be waiting for a RTX 3080 Super/Ti/??? with hopefully 16GB of RAM. To be a bit more future proof. I can't justify the cost of the 2090.
  7. Only thing I have seen on the desktop PC side that is outpacing PCIe 3.0 is a handful of SSDs.
  8. If I had to venture a guess. we will get DX12 in 2-3 years in a 2.x release. To many fixes and promised features to implement right now to make that change. Also a few more years of more GPU's fully supporting DX12 will help.
  9. Ryzen 2600x, 2060S, 32GB One of my CPU's sits at about 80% however in Performance Monitor when I look at individual threads for MSFS two stick out an near 100% utilization. I'm assuming one is the main thread, not sure what the other is. Boost clock speed for 1-2 cores IMHO is what I believe the limiting factor is CPU wise. A few things I think will help performance. A CPU with a high boost clock, moving the sim to DX12, and more optimized code.
  10. I found it strange they only put 8GB in the 3080. The 2060, 2070, & 2080 super all have 8. The 2080 ti has 11. There is the 3070 also with 8 then the 3080 with only 10 and then a huge jump to 24 with the 3090. It does not seem right that the 2080 would not have at least 12 or 16 to future proof it a bit. I'm glad I'm not planning a build now. Hopefully in a year or so a 2080 with 12gb+ ram will be avaliable for around $800.
  11. I was surprised that the 3080 did not come with 12 or 16 GB as the 2080 TI had 11. My 2080 Super already has 8. I'm happy with my current system so I will be waiting for a "3080 Super" that has 12+GB memory.
  12. I got Pilot2ATC connected to the sim but because its a SimConnect app the frame rate drops from 45 to 17. MS/Asobo are actively working the SimConnect issue. The SimConnect issue is effecting the VATSIM plugin as well and MS/Asobo announced it as a major partnership. So I'm hoping that will get fixed sooner rather than later.
  13. Pretty much. I also like to fly VFR around my area where practicing basics like patterns.0
  14. That is about what I had in ortho4xp files amd i don't have anything else to do with that space.
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