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  1. To get my money one of the two (and I doubt it would be LM) would have to move to the client/server streaming model that MSFS is using to gain the same or better graphics fidelity and have a more moralistic flight model than anything out now. If this happened 3rd party and community content would follow. But its not going to happen because of cost. Worst case financially the MSFS/Asobo team is "buying" map data and cloud services at cost from the Bing Maps & Azure. Best case is that Microsoft as a whole subsidies Bing Maps & Azure to the MSFS/Asobo team. I cant see LR being able to afford what it would take to pull off was Microsoft has. I don't see LM trying to compete in this market.
  2. Hmmm. I wonder if FS4 (the one I "started" on as a kid) runs in DOSBox and can I get my HC controls running with it?
  3. Turn on the in sim Dev Mode FPS tool. If your "Limited by Main Thread" then that is your bottle neck. Your CPU at a whole is not at 100% but the Main thread of the sim is using up 100% of one core. The only time I see 99% GPU utilization is if the sim FPS tools shows "Limited by GPU" and no the main thread. I've busted out Performance Monitor a few times and saw that 1 or 2 threads in the sim are running at or close to 100% CPU utilization.
  4. I got some new potentiometer for my CH Pro Pedals. But have not had time to swap them out. Ill post here when I do with my results. The existing ones I have to set a dead zone of at least 15% for them not to induce random inputs to the sim.
  5. When running in the minimized mode the Windows title bar is still visible and takes up screen space. It would be great if we had the option to remove the Windows title bar.
  6. I set a max FPS setting globally in Nvidia control panel to match my monitor refresh rate.
  7. If you are splitting up your chatter files by country code do you have to use a two letter country code or can a one letter region code be used? Map of one letter region codes from Wikipedia article referenced in the PIlot2ATC documentation:
  8. Primarily VFR. The fact that I can fly VFR using VFR sectionals without a moving maps feature was groundbreaking for me. I do fly IFR with piston props and small jets. But not as much. I fly significantly more in MSFS than I did with previous sims because of the increased ability to fly VFR more realistically.
  9. The fact that my following comment can be said I think says a lot about how far space travel technology has come: The whole thing seemed a little low rent to me.
  10. Is there any way to use Terminal Area Charts in Pilot2ATC? If not can this be added to the requested feature list? Thanks.
  11. I don't use any Google imported scenery because of this.
  12. This is something of an academic question as I have no technical issues with FUSIPC and do have a paid license for it. However is there a specific reason why Pilot2ATC works through FUSIPC instead of directly with SimConnect?
  13. For departure if there is no ATIS I simply set to pressure until it reads what the airport elevation is. Or you could just press the "B" key.
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