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  1. Most of the time when I close the P2A Configuration Window some combination of "Respond To Radio" and "Change Frequencies" get selected weather I selected it or not. Also sometimes "Respond To Radio" unchecks itself. I'm running the most current stable release that I did a clean install on my removing any Pilot2ATC directories in "C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\ and re-installing from scratch.
  2. Where are the settings for the Voices tab in the configuration stored? If possible id like to save different versions of voice configs to represent different regions.
  3. Amazon Poly comes with a lot of voices from different regions. It would be nice to setup Pilot2ATC to use different voices in different regions.
  4. AFAIK the PA28 uses the in sim GNS530/430 and I don't believe that it supports loading saved flight plans directly into the GPS. You can load saved flight plans directly into the GPS with the PMS50 GNS530/430 mod. Or you can export from P2A in the MSFS file format and load it at the world map.
  5. I think they where a good choice to create the 1:1 earth game engine. I also think world fidelity was a priority over flight dynamics fidelity at first.It seems like they are bringing in more aviation people recently as the teams grow. I don' think there was any other studio who could have done it better.
  6. Will the aviaCDU work with a touchscreen monitor directly connected to the PC that is running the server?
  7. Just the Garmin Trainer itself. I'm using it on my laptop that cannot run any type of regular flight simulator.
  8. I've downloaded the free Garmin trainer software and have been messing around with a GDU 700P and GTN750 combo. One thing that does not seem to work is getting it to use the AP to follow a VOR radial. I can tune in the VOR, get its ID, I can set a radial with the CRS setting and it will show me the deviation from that CRS. However with the CDI set to VLOC and NAV mode on the AP it will not intercept or follow the VOR radial. Am I doing something wrong or is intercepting a VOR radial not supported in the Garmin PC Trainer? Thanks
  9. I'm thinking of replacing the controller in my CH Pro Pedals. Can someone make a recommendation on a three axis minimum USB HID joystick controller.
  10. Is there a way to to a factory re-calibration of CH Pro Pedals? I'm not getting the full 0-255 reading anytime I calibrate with Windows or CH manager. I know some other controllers have a factory/hardware calibration mode.
  11. To get my money one of the two (and I doubt it would be LM) would have to move to the client/server streaming model that MSFS is using to gain the same or better graphics fidelity and have a more moralistic flight model than anything out now. If this happened 3rd party and community content would follow. But its not going to happen because of cost. Worst case financially the MSFS/Asobo team is "buying" map data and cloud services at cost from the Bing Maps & Azure. Best case is that Microsoft as a whole subsidies Bing Maps & Azure to the MSFS/Asobo team. I cant see LR being able to afford what it would take to pull off was Microsoft has. I don't see LM trying to compete in this market.
  12. Hmmm. I wonder if FS4 (the one I "started" on as a kid) runs in DOSBox and can I get my HC controls running with it?
  13. Turn on the in sim Dev Mode FPS tool. If your "Limited by Main Thread" then that is your bottle neck. Your CPU at a whole is not at 100% but the Main thread of the sim is using up 100% of one core. The only time I see 99% GPU utilization is if the sim FPS tools shows "Limited by GPU" and no the main thread. I've busted out Performance Monitor a few times and saw that 1 or 2 threads in the sim are running at or close to 100% CPU utilization.
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